Park and Ride

Now this is what I call brilliant.

To highlight the blatant prostitution trade on Limerick’s Catherine Street, some genius came up with the idea to cover the parking signs with fakes like this one.

Limerick red light district sign


Reaction to the event has been mixed, with the newspapers resorting to their usual flaccid, off-the-shelf clichés, while local residents and business people think it’s hilarious.  They’ve been trying for years to stop the harassment of passers-by from groups of  prostitutes hanging around the street corners.

Personally, I find the pimps more intimidating.  I don’t know where they’re from but they seem to have a Balkan look about them.  Bulgarian, Albanian perhaps.  Or Romanian.   I don’t know.

The Limerick Leader provides us with the quote of the year from the Limerick city traffic engineer responsible for signage: Is there some kind of activity going up there that someone is trying to bring to the attention of?

Eh, right.  Meanwhile, the Irish Examiner introduced a new character into the canon of tired old clichés alongside One Man, A Local Woman and Outraged Residents.

According to this magnificent organ in an article entitled Red Light District Sign Angers Locals, Furious Businesswoman tore down one of the signs, in a public act of ostrich-like denial.  Given that the lady is question isn’t identified and given that most of the local business people think this is a splendid kick up the arse for the authorities, one can only conclude that this must be that overbearing lady most of them try to avoid at all costs.  In this case, at least the Leader is accurate in its description of the fake-poster-damager.

Down with that sort of thing and never mind the fact that every night, trafficked teenaged girls are accosting people trying to walk the streets in peace, while others are hanging out windows shouting at every man who passes.

And in case you think I’m saying prostitution needs to be stamped out, I’m not.  In my opinion, prohibition has never worked and will never work.  I think the only pragmatic answer is a regulated approach similar to the Australian and New Zealand system.

Make it legal, regulate it, bust the pimps and traffickers and let the people inhabit their city in peace.

Here’s what I said about it in the past.  You can agree or you can disagree, but that’s my honest view on the matter.

Meanwhile, the police and the city council are investigating somebody who highlights the problem, while certain businesswomen would prefer to maintain a state of denial, possibly because it doesn’t affect their own business hours.

Limerick City Council in a statement said: “Limerick City Council has investigated the matter and can confirm that the council’s Environment Department had no knowledge of or involvement in the erection or removal of the sign in question.”




32 thoughts on “Park and Ride

  1. I actually almost burst my hole laughing when I saw that on the Limerick Leader web-site..
    Very funny & witty, plus fast thinking who ever though of it & put that sticker over the parking sign…

    On the issue of prostitution, I feel that it should be legalised

  2. A little Freudian that comment from Limerick City Council referring to the erection of the sign in question.

    I feel sad for this little post which is being neglected while the Slane saga is getting oodles of attention.

    Yours faithfully, etc…

  3. Fair point Jerry, as Orwell said in his essays, better not to write than to write nonsense.

  4. Johntraw, did Orwell say that in all of his essays?

    “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear” – George Orwell, 1984.

  5. 1300 people killed in Syria in chemical attack, report from Limerick, me parking., Sorry but you should not add little cynical as you are the owner of the site, and I traced it.

  6. Bock.
    Did you actually post the following without thinking.

    “Make it legal, regulate it, bust the pimps and traffickers and let the people inhabit their city in peace.

  7. I think that the economic idea to make money from this site over rules everything. There is a good saying in the wold of the blog, do not day something that you would not say to someones that you would not say to someone s face, the fact that the this person had Klaus Kinski as his image as Bock the Robber . Kinski the rapist is his daugher
    makes you wonder.

  8. Makes you wonder what, Padersine? Come on. Out with it.

    As you’d know if you knew anything, Kinski was removed from the logo the instant the news of his activities broke. So take your slimy innuendos and shove them.

    I’m guessing you’re either Furious Businesswoman or her bitch. Which is it?

  9. Jaysus, there’s some awful clowns visiting your site since last I looked in. Are you now being blamed for Klaus Kinski’s crimes? Are we now going to invent a new Godwin’s law? Gowl’s Win Law. The longer an internet debate wages on, the more likely is that some idiot is going to blame someone else for being Klaus Kinski. Great laugh though. Morons eventually become tiresome but, for now, they’re quite entertaining.
    Great post as usual.

  10. I’m afraid there are some shocking clowns, but it seems a certain Furious Businesswoman has recognised herself in this post, despite the fact that nothing here identifies her. Apart from being furious, obviously.

    If the cap fits.

    Having seen the childish comments earlier, I’m not surprised that other traders in the area run for the hills when they see this individual coming. Could you imagine putting up with this level of stupidity day in and day out?

  11. I’m sorry. I’m a bit lost. Did someone suggest that because of your previous logo that you’re a child rapist? How on zods green earth does that make any sense at all,at all? Never mind them Bock. Here, are you still going around shoplifting in your flasher coat masquerading as Zorro btw?

  12. Padersine suggested that to distract attention from a genuine fool who doesn’t want us talking about the problem of prostitution on Catherine Street. Actually, for all I know, Padersine and Furious Businesswoman are one and the same character.

  13. Is Furious Business woman a rival lady, who performs her services with a more eager and agressive nature?

  14. Some one posted referencing the tainted logo thinking it was still in effect? sounds a bit rushed and/or the result of ‘go on and comment on that site directive ‘ from a ‘friend’ . Still the insinuation that this blogger does what they do purely for financial gain suggests a new reader to this site. A lazy, defamatory, swipe, and by the wonky spelling perhaps other issues today influenced the pressing of the enter key? On topic there is the subject of certain activities on the street that at present do not seem to be contained by civic order. The false sign provoked commentary on the level of progress on this and was not a comment on any threat to the imagined identity of the so-called ‘fashion quarter’. Relating to the street this will be an ongoing issue so its best that the distinction between commentary and fact is maintained.

  15. No. I think Furious Businesswoman is simply a member of that particular undereducated, over-inflated, fake-tanned, hatchet-faced clan who seem to be so prevalent in city-centre businesses. There are many of them and they all behave in the same way.

  16. As Padersine say- there is good saying in the wold of the blog. Do not day something…

    Haven’t laughed so much since grandma…

  17. Unfortunately the local business people, or maybe just Furious Businesswoman, seem to have run out of comments.

    No great surprise I suppose, when you’re dealing with idiots.

  18. Wonder why the Guards are doing nothing to protect these trafficked women and tackling their hard nosed “minders”?
    Why are the the guards standing idly by?
    Hmm…. makes you wonder!

  19. Could it be because people with businesses operating 9 to 5 have a different agenda? Maybe the daytime shopkeepers would prefer if this thing was never mentioned.

  20. The Guards have a responsibility to deal with crime, the views of the shopkeepers are irrelevant. Besides the hideousness of the trafficking problem, citizens passing along Catherine St. at night are subject to considerable harassment and nothing is being done.
    Why have the Garda authorities decided that they will just accept the situation and take no action?
    What is going on?

  21. Shopkeepers are citizens too Jim. The Guards have a responsibility to deal with crime if it affects them. Of course their views are relevant.

  22. Very good indeed. And the uproar over it is pathetic.

    The men that pay for sex in the town are demonised, while the fat-bellied and tank-topped pimps that swagger around Thomas Street and Catherine Street carry an air of being beyond the law. And the prostitutes haven’t appeared to decline in numbers in all the years – why is this?

    Legalise it and tax it. Eliminate the pimp. Everyone wins.

  23. Well you certainly seem to be attracting some internet kerb crawlers yourself with the recent posts Bock.

    Anyway, putting furious ‘business’ woman to one side, I see that one of the local judges viewed it as an opportunity to collect revenue for Doras Luimní ( Looks like it won’t be legalised anytime soon methinks.

    Maybe the sign should read ‘Red Face District : 9am – 6pm’.

  24. Yeah. And some of them are not the brightest, judging by their comments. You’d wonder how these people manage to run any sort of business. I wouldn’t send them out for a bag of chips.

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