Pride Week Competition at Dolans – Win VIP Tickets to Nile Rodgers

You know what, Bock, said Mick.  This Pride week is looking good.

It always is, I said.  I hope they’ve booked the religious lunatics again for the parade.

Of course they have.  No Gay Pride march is complete without protesters.

Down with that sort of thing.

Careful now.

Wait a minute!  Mick leapt from his seat. How about this for an idea?

What, Mick?  What?

My keenly-honed business brain has produced yet another world-beating business idea.

What, Mick?  What?

Religious lunatics.  How about if we hold a lookalike competition in Dolans next Saturday at the Pride party?

What, Freddy Mercury?  Madonna?  Kylie?  Judy Garland?  Jackie Healy-Rae?

No.  The biggest gay icon of all time.  Vladimir Put-In.

Great idea, Mick, I assured him.  Will you offer a prize?

I’ll do better than that.  I’ll enter myself, eh, so to speak.

Thanks for that picture in my head, Mick.  What’s the prize?  

Well, he reflected as he oiled his chest and leapt aboard a powerful horse with a shotgun, a fishing rod and an axe , I suppose they’d be happy with two VIP tickets to Chic, wouldn’t they?

Feck it, Mick, I said.  For that sort of prize, I might have a go myself.

Eh, no Ted, he replied.

I found that very hurtful.

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3 thoughts on “Pride Week Competition at Dolans – Win VIP Tickets to Nile Rodgers

  1. If Mick is ‘cherry picking’ for the parade you could always trot down to Lisdoonvarna and display your talents there Bock :)

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