Slane Girl

I’ve been struggling with this all day.  Should I say anything about the appalling photos posted on Twitter or should I not?  Is it any of my business?  Since the whole world has by now seen this story, it seems to me that it hardly makes any difference if I mention it on this little website, so here we go.

In case you haven’t heard this story, it concerns a young girl at the Eminem concert in Slane, photographed giving blow-jobs to a couple of gobshites.

Appalling, you might say, and as a parent, I agree.  I’m appalled.  Who in their right mind would want to see pictures of their under-age daughter smeared all over Twitter going down on a couple of prancing, sneering knackers?  Jesus Christ, you’d want to catch the miserable fuckers and pull their entrails out through their noses.

Obviously the girl wasn’t in her sane senses and yet the chatter of the day had nothing to do with the sneering pricks who allowed the kid to demean herself, for whatever reason.  I don’t know if the girl was out of her head, or if she was simply stupid, but personally I had the urge to punch the face off this wanker and all the other fools around him.

slanegirl 003

What was most  horrifying to me was not the behaviour of the young girl even though, as a father, I’m shocked, though not in a traditional down-with-that-sort-of-thing way.   No.  What really shocked me was the campaign of vilification against a young girl by people on Twitter, especially given that the cheerleaders of the hate campaign were women.

Here’s the breakdown, as I see it.

Was the girl stupid?  Certainly.

Should the parents take control? Undoubtedly.

Are the guys a bunch of absolute fuck-heads?  Without question.  Look at the picture if you’re in any doubt.

Has a crime been committed? Yes, if the girl is under 17.

Did the uploader of the uncensored picture commit a crime? Yes, if the girl is under-age.

Does anyone have the right to condemn this girl?  Certainly not.

Who has clean hands?

Despite throwing off the strictures of the Catholic church, it seems that Ireland has retained the age-old tradition of slut-shaming, and even worse, it seems that women, despite having shaken off the shackles of religious oppression, are the very first to point the finger at other women.

Maybe nothing changes.


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  1. You’ve summed it up. You would think every has the right to throw stones in the glass house. She still her parents baby .

  2. Very well said my sentiments exactly who knows wit she was on or given. Reading some horrible posts about this on Facebook ppl r very quick to judge. A bunch of fuck heads is rite I don’t think she was in her rite mind! Sum1s baby girl :(

  3. I agree,the poor girl’s life will be a total nightmare! But to be fair the guy posing obviously does not have to much upstairs ,along with the camera man and the people who re shared the photo! This is not entertainment, I just hope the young girl can move forward!

  4. I completely agree with you on the nastiness and misogyny in evidence on Twitter. That being said, I fail to see why the males involved are ‘knackers’, ‘gobshites’, ‘wankers’ and ‘fuck-heads’ but nobody has the ‘right to condemn this girl’. Surely either both genders can be ‘condemned’ or neither can.

    By the same token, we both seem to agree that sharing the pictures of the girl is beyond distasteful yet you think it is reasonable the share a cropped picture showing the young lad’s face. Do you know that he is overage?

  5. I believe in good faith that he is. If you have information to the contrary, let me know and I’ll remove the picture immediately.

  6. Gwic – I don’t think it matters whether or not is is off age… he can still be prosecuted for having ‘sexual encounters’ with a minor.

  7. You are a fucking idiot. You seriously blame the guys for LETTING her do that? hahaha you are so beyond ridiculous, she made her OWN choice…so this girl is not responsible for her own actions but the guys are responsible for themselves AND that girl, along with all the people around her? So EVERYONE is guilty EXCEPT the little slut who blew 2 random guys in public? get fucking real you imbecile.

  8. “Does anyone have the right to condemn this girl? Certainly not.”

    So you have the right to condemn the guys as gobshites, knackers, fuck-heads and miserable fuckers but others have no right to condemn the girl?

  9. 1000%! There is something wrong with us in this age that we can allow our ‘liberty’ to infringe upon others in this way. To allow what we call ‘freedom of expression’ to be used like an age old witch burning exercise. I think it’s time controls were introduced to this internet thing.

  10. Séamus — absolutely not. It has nothing to do with the internet and everything to do with self-righteous witch-burning fools like the previous commenters. We simply need to challenge them at every opportunity.

  11. I agree completely. Someone is bound to recognise that lad, and I hope they come forward so that the Gardaí charge him , It might change his smile to the other side of his face. I also agree with your description of these lads,

  12. While I agree with a lot of what you say, I think you miss a vital point that all people, especially kids need to be aware of.

    We now live in a society that has social media, and a camera in every pocket! If you want to remain private, do things in private! If she is going to do something like that, at a public event, then there is going to be consequences.

    No-one comes out of it looking well but I think to try and pass the blame to the person taking the picture is a bit harsh, it’s not like they were hiding

  13. the age of consent is no longer that straightforward, she is 16 and therefore it is not yet a crime until the boys ages (both of them) are known.

    You post his picture in good faith, the OP of the original picture did not know the girls age so therefore why are they committing an offence and not you? (for the record neither are actually committing offences. Its a public place and no coercion or force was used nor is any of the parties depicting children or reasonable believed to be minors.

    Other than that, she sucked off two guys at the entrance to a toilet in front of 100,000 people. WTF did she think would happen?

    But I do agree that all involved are equally too blame and when all is said and done, we have all dont stupid shameful stuff in our youth.

  14. If individuals are going to use something, be it the internet or a gun or anything, to hurt other human beings then I am afraid I would condone controls.

  15. The post is about the storm of hatred against the girl. I didn’t notice anything similar directed against any of the lads. Did you?

  16. If people can not use something responsibly then it should be taken away from them. I used to be anti censorship but it is out of control now.

  17. Extend that logic and you’ll have to silence all forms of speech, unless you consider it to be simply a matter of curbing the extent.

  18. I know! I am a performance poet! but these instances of Bullying recently have started changing my perspective! I think we need to protect people who cannot protect themselves.

  19. Are people forgetting the fundamental issue – SHE’S A CHILD and the world is very different place at that age… If the guy is under age then he deserves the same sympathy as the girl and they are both in the same shit… if he’s not 17 or under then he deserves the description – bunch of absolute fuck-heads. I read somewhere that she was only 16 (according to her instagram account) A young child that will grow up very quickly :(

    where was her adult supervisor? (which I’m sure was a condition on the concert ticket)

  20. I’m still at a loss to understand your justification of attacking the guys and at the same time thinking people who criticize the girl are indefensible.

  21. It wasn’t a camara man but a women who uploaded it shame on her!!! She said she did it cause if she didn’t someone else would….what kind of answer is that!!!

  22. Dead right. As everyone knows, all 16-year-olds at a concert have their parents with them. That’s what makes going to a gig such fun.

  23. 1. A girl that’s that loaded was taken advantage of by a pair of older dudes, 2. Society and the mentality of that age group has made it seem like doing that type of thing is cool and will get a girl liked, 3. Putting those shots up on social media for the world to see classifies those two arseholes as ignorant, disgusting perverts who like young girls and enjoy ridiculing them for their own enjoyment. People can go on and bitch about her but at the end of the day she’s 16 and she’s locked. Yes she did a stupid thing but she doesnt need it to be broadcast across the internet!!If the guys are older they should be responsible and respectful enough not to take advantage of a younger girl, then take photos to show the world!!

  24. I think it is ridiculous to prop up your argument that an act of mysogyny is taking place by claiming the majority is coming from women – this is a classic defence of the patriarchy.

    We do not know if the people shown in these images feel pride or shame or apathy. Nor what their state of mind was. And stop saying ‘she made a mistake’ – being certain it’s an action she would regret is a pc version of slut shaming.

  25. “I’m not attacking them. I’m simply directing vulgar abuse at them, as any outraged father might.”


  26. I completly agree with the sentiment you try to convey however it is spoiled with contradictions.

    Also, when the highest ranking judges within our judicial system are summarising to juries in trials for crimes much greater in terms of sentencing than partaking / facilitating underage sexual acts the bottom line is “Consumption of alcohol and/or intake of narcotics of any form should play no part in the decision or guilt as the person chose to consume said intoxicants of their own free sober will therefore shall be fully responsible for any and all consequences arising from the aftermath.

    If this point stands in law then i believe it carries through to circumstances in everyday life.

  27. Drivel — I said nothing about misogyny. I didn’t say the girl made a mistake. I didn’t say it was an act she would regret and I didn’t say the majority of criticism came from women.

    Are you able to read at all?

    (Note, that’s misogyny, not mysogyny).

  28. Seriously the girl was putting it about all day at slane.
    In fairness thats her choice.
    But she also chose to do all of these acts in a public place as did the fella.
    16/17 years olds in this day and age know the consequences of doin any act in public the consequence is both twitter and facebook.
    But this girl was not forced to do any of these acts nor was she forced to do them in public.
    So it begs me to wonder where her morals and self respect for herself was that day!
    I dont expect the fella to have any morals or respect for her as he thought he was the big lad in the pic in front of all the boys.
    The decision lay with both of them regarding their sexual acts all that day.
    So the backlash of these photos lay with them both.
    I dont believe this has anything to do with religious attitudes in ireland, the backlash is from people that have seen these pics and see neither of these two involved As having any self respect for themselves or the people around them watching, so why would the public have any respect for them both after seeing these pics.
    Its utterly disgusting in my view to see wats meant to be a private sexual act but its all part of the world we now live in.

  29. Its all the girls fault. It was her choice to do what she did. Being drunk is no excuse.When I was 16 I wasn’t that stupid to have sex in front of thousands of people. She obviously has no respect for herself and probably doesn’t care if the pictures are up. It is stupid that you can put all the blame on the two fellas. They were drunk too and they were hardly going to ask the girl if she was of age for sex. She looks old enough and the fella with the green bottoms doesn’t look much older. The main point is the both of the broke the law by having sex in a public place. The three of them are as bad as each other. No one wants to see that shit. Go get a room you filthy knackers.

  30. People surprise me! Everyone assumes that everyone has the responsibility and the sense of ‘Adults’ whatever that means. One look at our broken society should show clearly that people, especially young people, are twisted and have no idea what they’re doing. People should not be shamed because of their mistakes they need to be helped, they are misdirected and I don’t blame them for that, I blame us all because we all inherited this mess from the last generation and we all allow it continue unabated.

  31. I wouldn’t pretend to have the necessary skills required for a debate on the matter and based on your biased and flawed assessment I wouldn’t expect you to either. You seem to be fond of accusing people of not been able to read or debate, yet you yourself have an incredibly flawed approach and poor self awareness.

  32. ‘I’m not attacking them. I’m simply directing vulgar abuse at them, as any outraged father might.’

    Bock, your logic is twisted. Your justification could be used by all those posting nasty comments about the girl. Both you and they should take a look at yourselves before bullying others.

    You are being sexist.

  33. Apart from the authorities apparently confirming she is only 16, I have also seen a post from a guy who claimed that he talked to some of the security men who dealt with the incident. They allegedly told him that the girl had some developmental difficulties. IF this is true, then people on the internet have been in fact abusing a girl with a mental disability :( Btw I agree totally with your post.

  34. So glad this is under investigation now by the Gardai,as a Parent I am appalled by the amount of hatred generated especially towards the young girl. Clearly neither were in their right senses but what kind of Creepy pervert takes photos,or the ones who stand by and say nothing,do nothing and re-posts this poison on the Internet without thinking about the consequences of their actions for all concerned,including their families. Hopefully it will raise awareness of Self protection in public and on the Internet and people will be more careful about the use of Camera phones,if it was a girl that posted the first picture,that’s even more deplorable. Where was Security/Stewards… Hope this under age girl will weather the storm and find the support and strength she needs with her Family

  35. As I said, I lack the required skills. However, your comment perfectly illustrates my point. You avoid any relevant engagement by criticizing people and you’re opinions on the matter barely stand up to any real scrutiny. At least I will admit I’m flawed

  36. For gods sake leave this CHILD alone..Stop commenting and let her and her family deal with the issue as best they can…This could lead to all sorts of Major problems for her and i would hate to see her become another bullying victim, which it seems is happening…All these sites regarding this issue should be removed..I just hope shes ok…But i would love to punch the smug bastard in the face..

  37. You know what Daire? It’s not about you, and it’s not about me. That’s what all the small-minded little haters fail to understand.

    It’s about a misguided poor girl whose life will in all likelihood be destroyed by all this shit flung at her. Meanwhile, the lads will just surf on their enhanced reputation, regardless of any imagined attacks the likes of me might make against them.

    That’s the difference between boys and girls in our fucked-up society.

  38. Firstly I would like to say I think this is absolutely disgusting and all 3 party’s involved – the girl, the lads and the photographer should have a little more self respect.

    BUT – I don’t think you realise that this is how society has gone.
    When I was going to teenage discos people would have been doing exactly what she’s doing on couches, around outside the disco and on the buses there/back… And it’s the same on nights out now as an adult.. Iv seen way too many ‘intimate’ acts performed in nightclubs or in carpark around them, and that’s a fact.

    Now my opinion on this beheavoir is that it is disgusting and that the girl is a complete slut and the lads are absolute idiots taking advantage of her. If she’s claiming she was drunk/high she shouldn’t have drank/taken so much, if she’s going to partake in adult socialising she would want to cop on and act like one. And the lads, they probably thought it was great, but they are the ones butt naked in public, We don’t need to see that please.. Cop on.

    The parents – I can’t really blame them, I know girls like this and their parents just don’t know their daughters are acting in this way, when teenagers come to a certain age they demand, and in most cases earn, their parents trust.. And I’m sure mammy and daddy warned her to ‘be good’ that morning.

    Also I think the girl who took that photo and uploaded it must have no brains whatsoever.. That’s porn like.. Obviously!

    But I think arrests and what not are a bit overboard.

    I’m cringing for her but it serves her right the criticism she’s getting from public because her actions were appalling, however it being on her personal accounts (shocker: no privacy settings!) is a bit much.

  39. I think the whole situation is so sad, I feel so sorry for that poor child, yes she was stupid & so were they, but my goodness she does not deserve the backlash that has been put on her today. I really hope & pray that nothing else bad comes out of this, there for the grace of god goes anybodys child. As a mother of two sons, I would be so ashamed if that was my son, so I really he hope he is as much ashamed as that girl. We are very quick to give our opinion when really it is none of our business,

  40. I appreciate your comment. I share your frustration that while the males will receive applause, the female will be vilified. I sincerely hope this incident doesn’t negatively influence her future.

  41. I know as a father you’re trying to support this young girl but I think the best support people can give her is to remove any mention of her from there blogs, websites, twitters, facebooks etc. This comes up second in google. I don’t know the pages are gone from facebook about her now, so maybe the less there is about it the quicker it will die down publicly.

  42. Good comments but just to point out if she’s 17 its legal that’s the age of consent. Call him a sc7mbag etc. Its all fair and

  43. True he took advantage of her and she could not, at least I hope possibly have been in a frame of mind to give valid consent. It’s not child abuse but abuse without doubt

  44. As a young girl living in the society of today I have to say that girl deserves everything she gets. We all know weather your 16 or 36 sober or ossfied that you do not drop to your knees in the middle of a concert as big as that amd start performing such acts. Even though she was probably locked you always still have a sense of right and wrong, judgement does be clouded but not that much to do something like that. People are saying it was a mistake .. a mistake one have been doing it in private ONCE and getting caught but the girl done it TWICE in public with TWO different guys and then also let one guy go down on her. She had to have known that someone weather a girl or guy was going to take a picture.

    As for the guys not getting any backlash thats just the horrible truth of today .. the girl gets named while the guy praised!

  45. I see lots about underage abuse but haven’t seen anyone ask as to who supplied the underage girl with alcohol because surely that person is the one responsible for any abuse that then arose out of her inebriation? Where were this underage child’s parents? Who did they entrust with her care?

  46. As more news comes to light, you will see that the girl attempted to report this as sexual assault before the pictures exposing her willingness were revealed. There are also videos on various popular sites that attest to this, though I have the suspicion that the apologists for this girl will attempt to have them removed. In the world, as some of those present have already pointed out, there are laws. Laws are universal in the fact that no one is above them and all must answer to various degrees if they are caught breaking them. Many here have already pointed out a convenient fact for their case, which is that this girl is not of required age by UK law to be filmed participating in a sexual act. However, as those legal eagles have moved hastily to publicize this particular breach of the peace, perhaps they would also like to adhere as enthusiastically to Defamation of Character, Slander, and filing a false report, falsely accusing an innocent party, and wasting police time. Some of these are punishable with custodial sentences.

    Ultimately, what really matters is that a lot of people don’t want to see this girl suffer, and you are imagining, perhaps accurately, that she is currently suffering a certain amount due to her error of judgement. Many people have debts, broken marriages, unwanted children, and a million other things due to bad judgement, and some of them have ended up in jail for less. Yet all of your sympathy is for this one reasonably attractive teenage girl, what could be the motivation for this gross imbalance in perspective? Why all the white knights to this one promiscuous princesses rescue? What events could have possibly transpired in the lives of the people defending this girl to give them an especially sensitive understanding and empathy for her situation?

    I don’t want to erase this girls entire life story over a crazy weekend on ecstasy, but before everyone goes around trying to proselytize to brick walls, I think a line from a movie I saw when I really was a kid might be pertinent. “I don’t blame people for their mistakes. But I do ask that they pay for them” – John Hammond, Jurassic Park.

  47. As more news comes to light, you will see that the girl attempted to report this as sexual assault before the pictures exposing her willingness were revealed. There are also videos on various popular sites that attest to this, though I have the suspicion that the apologists for this girl will attempt to have them removed. In the world, as some of those present have already pointed out, there are laws. Laws are universal in the fact that no one is above them and all must answer to various degrees if they are caught breaking them. Many here have already pointed out a convenient fact for their case, which is that this girl is not of required age by UK law to be filmed participating in a sexual act. However, as those legal eagles have moved hastily to publicize this particular breach of the peace, perhaps they would also like to adhere as enthusiastically to Defamation of Character, Slander, and filing a false report, falsely accusing an innocent party, and wasting police time. Some of these are punishable with custodial sentences.

    Ultimately, what really matters is that a lot of people don’t want to see this girl suffer, and you are imagining, perhaps accurately, that she is currently suffering a certain amount due to her error of judgement. Many people have debts, broken marriages, unwanted children, and a million other things due to bad judgement, and some of them have ended up in jail for less. Yet all of your sympathy is for this one reasonably attractive teenage girl, what could be the motivation for this gross imbalance in perspective? Why all the white knights to this one promiscuous princesses rescue? What events could have possibly transpired in the lives of the people defending this girl to give them an especially sensitive understanding and empathy for her situation?

    So no, I don’t agree with Bock at all, but he’s welcome to his opinion and given enough time someone might be found to be correct, or maybe no one ever will.

    I don’t want to erase this girls entire life story over a crazy weekend on ecstasy, but before everyone goes around trying to proselytize to brick walls, I think a line from a movie I saw when I really was a kid might be pertinent. “I don’t blame people for their mistakes. But I do ask that they pay for them” – John Hammond, Jurassic Park.

  48. Well I am delighted to see someone has finally said something about the absolute arseholes posting the pics and generally being complete morons!! I don’t agree with what she had done nor do I agree with the horrible abuse she has been given. What is wrong with our society, we feel the need to destroy people’s lives across the Internet! No one thinks about the long term effects this will have on this poor girl or the many others that have been victim to the worldwide Internet abuse!

  49. The guys can be fuckheads and morons and jerks and assholes AND the girl can be a stupid little slut. At the same time.

  50. What it demonstrates beyond the obvious is the complete lack of self respect, self worth and caring the younger generations are growing up with or without? Where were this girls friends? Why didn’t the people rather than take pictures get her out of the place? I’m not so naive to think that girls and boys don’t have sex at a much younger age these days, but in public? The real people to blame here are society, the parents. And the person who published the shots should be taken down a dark alley and taught a few life lessons. As for the guy with the ridiculous hat, who here as a father doesn’t wanted to punch his lights out!

    Do the people who cheered, took photos and videos, realise the damage they have caused? I’m afraid no, they don’t, and that is a very scary thought.

  51. The older I get the more confused I become.
    We have gone from an age of sexual oppression to telling our young people that it is their body their choice, once you feel happy and the experience is pleasurable then all is well.
    Then we act all suprised and outraged when they behave exactly in the way which we have said is ok.
    I dont agree with you Bock that these guys are any more or less wrong that the girl,
    If the female of the species want the same sexual freedoms that the male has always enjoyed then they have to take the same responsability.
    By the way thats a crock anyway, there can never be sexual equality while females get pregnant and males dont. stating the obvious I know.
    I hope i am wrong on this next point but from what I hear from parents who supervise early teen discos it would appear that this type of behaviour is not that uncommon.

  52. May I suggest that in your obsession with pc thought and comment you have become a ludicrous caricature of left/liberal hand wringing All three individuals in this sad vignette of the state of contemporary moral health were equally culpable in this scenario. It is still legally allowed to direct criticism of some sort at another citizens behaviour, EVEN if that citizen DOES happen to be a woman….
    Perhaps if you directed your ire at the liberal consensus which has consistently encouraged the “if it feels good do it” culture of instant throwaway gratification, which has permitted a society which openly sexualises every aspect of life…if you directed your anger at what has permitted this situation to arise, rather than lamely attacking the pathetic young males involved, you’d be nearer the mark. It’s the cultural obsession with entirely amoral hedonism which should be the target of your angst…

  53. Look, nobody is right in this but she was a bit more than stupid to do this so publicly. Why should she be defended? She broke several laws. As did everyone else involved. If she’s not doing it there’s no picture.

  54. Dickhead is 16, slapper is 16 = no problem.
    Dickhead is 17, slapper is 17 = no problem.
    Dickhead is 17, slapper is 16 = “child abuse”.

    # 66: “The guys can be fuckheads and morons and jerks and assholes AND the girl can be a stupid little slut. At the same time.”.

    I read through 66 posts to finally find some sense.

  55. Is everybody missing the point, including the sexist idiot who wrote this piece the real crime is indecency in a public place, now I am not prudish but what are we willing to look at and accept as the norm! This “great little country” we live in seems to get a little bit seedier every year and all we do is shrug our shoulders, when is there ever going to be accountability?

  56. I feel so sad that this is what is happening. I think you have summed it all up in your blog. I haven’t read all the comments but I would like to reply to the last person who said she shouldn’t be defended. Now I would like to punch him – what rubbish the sad thing is that a lot of young people think its cool to take drugs and have sex in public. The two in the photo are victims and are paying the price for what is socially acceptable in some circles.
    Let us hope that something good will come from this and these kids will wake up,
    get in touch with themselves and from there act in a way that is benefiting them and ultimately those around them.

  57. Sadly it makes you wonder what has happened to her in her life for this to be exceptable or something that doesn’t shock or bother her. She didn’t wake up that morning and plan it. She was damaged goods before arriving at the concert. Been there, therefore I know what I’m saying. She will be fine in time I hope.

  58. I dont agree Bernadine.
    Sexual encounters are now as trvial as blowing ones nose (no pun intended) A website providing information to teenagers and partly funded by the HSE was providing information on 3 sums some time ago.
    When they were taken to task there was baying from a certain section of our society to defend what was indenfensible.
    Every year we become a little less moral as a society, and we do shrug our shoulders because anyone who has the courage to shout stop is sneered and laughed at with the help of the media.
    So the shock is not that this sexual encounter was witnessed and took place in public, The shock is that there was only one incident to record.

  59. Have some compassion and get down from the pulpit all ye arbiters of morality. This kind of stuff has been going on for decades, now it just gets filmed and splashed all over the internet. This is just the shame of centuries made manifest. This is symptomatic of a deep seated problem and Ireland’s dysfunctional relationship with sexuality. These kids- more to be pitied than scorned.

  60. Has anyone considered that she wanted to do this? We have all gone down (excuse me) the road of she was forced, made to do it, was so off her head she didn’t know what she was doing. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with all the trolling that’s being directed at her – after all, just last week we were all up in arms over and the comments being directed at people on that site, and yet this week, some people are doing the exact same thing to another person.

    A friend and I discussed Slane Girl this morning. He said he had been to the Phoenix Park concerts last year, and saw a girl on all fours, completely naked, with a guy in front and behind her and spectators all around, and from her reaction, she was having the time of her life. He was a bit shocked at the time but wasn’t suprised that the incident in slane had happened.

    I agree with Mark’s comment above that’s the surprise about this is we’ve only heard about one incident.

    A few years ago, a Sunday paper did an article about a teenager’s disco, where all sorts of underage and “scandalous” activities took place. One in particular was the art of rainbowing a boy’s penis. This would be the number of different colours lipgloss/lipsticks he had on his penis from all the blowjobs he got – let’s remind ourselves that this was a teenage disco.

    I’m not one bit suprised that something like this has been captured on camera for the world to see. I agree the photos shouldn’t have been put online as there was no permission to do so. I don’t think the girl should be vilified as she may have willingly participated and got some pleasure from it. From my POV, I love giving blowjobs and take great pleasure in it. This is also the case with my female friends. It’s not something I’m forced to do or have be out of my head to do – it’s something that I want to do. Maybe I might post a picture – see how many slut comments I get – what is the world coming to!

  61. Maintaining an erection in front of 100,000 onlookers is the real story here.

    I’m finding it (ahem) hard given the public nature of these scenes to imagine this was the first occasion/s that this impressionable young lady went foraging in boys’ underpants but let’s assume that it was.

    Perhaps the best outcome of her social martyrdom is that any young people who may have considered engaging in such activities may at the very least choose in future to at least find a toilet cubicle and spare the rest of us the details/photographs.

  62. I havent seen the picture, not that i couldnt but i wouldnt. This is against my ethos. Now the problem how i see it: The society has accepted one thing in the name of freedom and that is “what i do is none of your business!” The other day a couple siting in front of me in a bus were displaying public show of affection like animals. Now they would say its none of my business but if my wife and child would have been with me that would have been my business. This girl was exercising her right “none of your business” the guy who took the picture was exercising his right of “none of your business” and the person who put it online exercised his right of none of your business. People who are commenting on this and spreading it like a wildfire are expressing their right of another form of none of your business which is called “freedom of expression” Now some of you would say its a minor involved and its a crime but tell me one thing, where did this girl learn that act of sex from? as far as i know no parent pass it on and you dont learn this specific act in school then where? Its not that girl, nor her parents, its the society that has failed here. Our values has failed us…

  63. So its wrong to condemn the young lady for her actions because “no one has clean hands” – but the young men are “gobshites” you want to “punch in the face”


  64. MaryMac. I disagree. (re the parents being completely blameless). I met loads of really lovely (completely sober!!!) teenage girls and boys at Slane on Saturday with their Mammies and/or Daddies in tow. Why was this 16 year old there unaccompanied and severely under the influence? Where were her parents?

    I have a 9 year old and when her day comes I will be there, in the background of course, but still there.

    I saw so many completely wasted teens on there way IN to the venue, falling around the place, vomitting, etc (the girls seem to get drunker than the boys…with it possibly being their very first long day-trip on a bus, consuming alcohol from morning…a LOT of them REALLY don’t realise their limits)

    Bock, I agree with your opinion on this 100%. I couldn’t have put it better myself. I’m an adult and I cannot and WILL NOT call a 16 year old child NAMES like I’ve seen SO MANY ADULTS DOING over the last 48 hours. IT SICKENS ME TO THE CORE TO SEE GROWN AND EDUCATED ADULTS JUMPING ON A BULLYING BANDWAGON and attacking a very vulnerable little girl like this, regardless of her stupidity and/or mistakes!

    No-one knows ANYthing about this girl, her personality, how much alcohol or drugs she had consumed or how or why, how DARE PEOPLE CALL HER NAMES AND BRAND HER A NASTY LITTLE SLUT!!!! The guy with the luminous fedora looked far more sober (plus obviously a little older?) than the girl….she looks COMPLETELY OSSIFIED!

    She could have been ANY one of your daughters!

    My heart goes out to the little girl and to her family. I’ve been watching closely on Twitter since Sunday and I just cannot believe how many people including grown WOMEN (this especially shocks me) are attacking this little girl venomously. I’ve had friends of mine (who’ve acted the slut themselves in their day) calling her a “little tramp”. Hypocrites!! Everywhere!!! It just disgusts me. I’ve made mistakes, who hasn’t?! I’ve woken up with memory blanks after nights out (when I was younger) The fear is horrific. I’ve had feelings of regret in the pit of my stomach after making stupid mistakes and I’ve experienced the woeful fear of the consequences. It does NOT feel good. This wee girl is experiencing all of that x 1,000,000,000 (I’d imagine!) and it can’t be easy for her right now.

    To these EEJITS saying that it’s akin to slut-shaming to assume that she made a mistake, for christs sake, the girl probably can’t even remember doing what she did, it was 100% NOT a sober sexual decision she made to fall to her knees on front of two guys in full view of thousands of people…..with cameras….she was in a COMPLETE MESS! And I am 99.9999999% sure that she is now FULL of regret and wishing, soooo sooooooooo hard, that she could turn back time and stay home last Saturday with her loving family!!

    Luckily for me, and most of us here, there were no camera-phones around when I was a teen! But I’m damn sure there’s not many adults around this country that have never done ANYthing they’re ashamed of, or had it gone viral, they would have felt shame, embarrassment and regret. I’m SHOCKED at how many people in this narrow-minded little backward country completely lack ANY amount of empathy towwards fellow human-beings. Makes me sick!

  65. hey..the girl is underaged. the guys are NOT. That makes them responsible. Thats the LAW. Keep yer hands off underaged girls and ye be just fine.

  66. it doesn’t matter what anyone says on the subject, the fact is that no matter what she is gonna go home and tell her parents that she was ‘ forced to’ or she was ‘ out of it’ because to be honest if it was me i wouldn’t tell my parents that i did it willingly. and this is not child abuse. no way they knew she was 16 and no matter how drunk you may be you don’t forget your surroundings if there are that many people present. i know you may be parents, im not. being a parent has nothing to do with the situation because at the end of the day she was obviously let out with her friends to a concert unsupervised and was treated like the adult that she was given the freedom to be.

  67. Look … Ye can all say what ye like now … but in a week’s time there’ll be another teenager scandal to take our attention. As for my 2 cents … they’re all idiots … let them do as they please … I’m not surprised by the actions of the people involved, or the reactions of the general public … it’s just a pity that the men aren’t being named and shamed too (my female brain can’t help but add this in) … but look I’m sure that whatever they thought they were doing was a great idea at the time …

  68. Realist, you’ve obviously been lucky and/or sensible enough never to have taken or given a cocktail of alcohol/drugs to the extent that you really do NOT realise your surroundings or your actions, regardless of how many people are around. Sometimes, you don’t even know who you are yourself, and you might even think that it’s same guy you’re with, even if there’s different guys…even if you merely look a little bit drunk to onlookers. It happens.

    My friend was given some drugs (spiked) after a lot of alcohol (she willingly consumed the alcohol) and gang-raped, when she was a teen, one after another they had sex with her. She barely remembered ANYthing….. and didn’t speak of it until years later. She didn’t REALLY know the extent of what happened to her, until another guy told her (about 5 years later) that he received a phone-call that day from one of the rapists, who named her and told him if he wanted a “go of her” to come down to a certain address, that they had her drugged and ready and they’d all (three of them) had a go already. She doesn’t know what they gave her (drugs?) but they definitely drugged her as she was in and out of consciousness and remembers coming-to with one guy having sex with her, blanking out and coming-to with a different guy (first guys little brother) having sex with her.

    She never brought charges, she was afriad to, one of the guys was shot dead since and another is in jail anyways for other reasons. I’m just saying, there are circumstances where young girls get so messed up that they really don’t know their surroundings or what they are doing and are liable to do anything. The girls shouldn’t get themselves into these states, for sure, but when it does happen, the responsibility then falls on OTHER HUMAN BEINGS, not to take advantage.

    Obviously I am just assuming that this slane girl was in a complete mess, and soberly would never dream of taking part in what went on last Saturday.

    From a detailed look at the pics, the girl looks completely out of her game, to be fair, and the guy seems to be VERY well aware of his surroundings, looking around, expecting high fives and praise by the looks of it…..just sickening.

  69. A little cynical, course the guys are, but this nonsense that the lass had to been intoxicated or manipulated to do that is insulting to all women.

  70. I fully agree with you….as an Irish liberal woman the treatment of this young girl is disgusting. Most of us Irish arent bloody saints and could write text books on the rubbish we have got up to in our youths….not helped by endless pubs and a society that think every occasion must be marked with a jar of the good stuff. I would ramble but i wont bore you…this girl needs support not fingers pointing at her..

  71. What happened to individual responsibility and why must women constantly be protected from the consequences of their actions? If you want to suck dicks in public then go ahead, just don’t expect to control the responses of others, take some fucking responsibility for your OWN actions. If we need to protect everybody from themselves there is only one place we will end up, a fascist dictatorship.

  72. Most of the female animal kingdom are much more clued in then their female human counterparts today.
    They will tease and flaunt their wares to the male suitors but only give the prize to the strongest and most fearless.
    By comparison a lot of the young human females today are willing to give away their prize to any no hoper that comes along be it in a toilet cubicle (how romantic) or up against the wall of a nightclub (many of these male winners dont have wheels)

  73. If being potentially “off her head” is a potential excuse for her actions, can the same not be applied for the two “gobshites” and “wankers”? Why haven’t you given them the same treatment in defence as you are her? Is this not completely contradicting your argument?

  74. Allegedly, the girl in question reported a sexual assault to Gardai at Slane and the sexual assault in question happened later than the pictures were taken. She was hospitalised on the Saturday night and her parents were contacted. Who knows how much worse thigns got for that wee girl.

    She’s back in hospital, according to news reports and has now been sedated due to the trauma. A quick search on twitter shows constant, current, name-calling and abuse of this little girl still ongoing (mostly from other girls I might add) WHAT IS WRONG WITH SOCIETY?!

  75. She is not scum and the guys should not be in jail, they are behaving how we have told young people it is acceptable to behave.
    if it feels good it must be ok, there is no big deal here this is where we are and it dont look like we are going back anytime soon so you will see more of these and in time wont even blink because what becomes common is not cause for wonder.
    On a purely selfish level however Thank God I don’t have a daughter whew

  76. I think it is ridiculous to say “God knows what she was on” as if its the drug or alcohols fault. I am a young male and have experimented and done all the things that come with being young but that is too far. Not once have I or would I do that sort of thing(or have that sort of thing done to me) in public no matter how “gone” I was. It is sick that in modern society girls will drop to their knees in a field full of people and lads will let her. Both parties are 100% in the wrong and to make excuses and feel bad for her isn’t right, in my opinion. Its her own fault for getting that out of her mind.

    Self respect is a thing of the past for all these young girls walking around our local towns. This sort of stuff goes on all the time, cameras or not, and its not right.

  77. sorry my arse for her,she knew what she was doing,why make a complete slut of yourself for all to see,have no sympathy for her at all

  78. I read your article and some of the comments, First I have seen one of the videos made of the girl but it wasn’t that graphic, You could tell by the crowd something was happening but you could see her face and you could see how she was behaving. She was defiantly drinking or something probably stronger I don’t know.

    I’m 26, this is not new behaviour. When I was 13, I knew of 14 year olds pregnant. It just more in the open because of social media. And by the I am not American, I come from Tallaght.

    The hate campaign against her, first of I have followed a couple of cases were people were “bullied into killing themselves” most of the cases, they had underline mental health issues to begin with.

    I know she didn’t kill herself, but I know she’s in hospital over the backlash so she tried something. She didn’t deserve what she got and when it comes down to it. Stories like this shows you sexism is alive and well in Ireland.

  79. Our young people are lost as we were in our day, by the double standards that ensured men and women would remain disconnected at any deep level. I’m sad to se this double standard still exists today. I’m sad to see that some people would cast the stones at this girl without stopping to think what her life will be like. So she somehow, never mind how strange it is for some of us to understand, ended up in this place where she has to be taken to hospital and sedated. the poor young soul. Maybe she thought she was a daring siren, maybe she felt wanted…who knows? Sex act or not, she was innocent and vulnerable….otherwise she would never have been there in the first place. Vulnerable people need protection and I think we need a society where no one who is vulnerable is hurt ( you may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one …..). I have all sons and I would be horrified if any one of them took part in this kind of thing, because this involves both sexes…everything involves BOTH sexes. Our young people are lost because most adults are lost. I hope with all my heart that these youngsters all come through this and I hope that we as humans keep trying to develop compassion and empathy in ourselves for others. Without compassion we are savages, we’re brutal, as shown when something like this happens. I can only wish this young soul the strengh to bear this. My heart goes out to her.

  80. Bock, I understand that you’re not responsible for the some of the ignorant comments left by some readers on this thread. Comments like – ‘She’s scum’ from Paul, ‘some girls are sluts, get over it’, from the Aidan and Elle’s comment about her ‘making a slut of herself’ just reinforce vilification of the girl in this sorry saga and women generally.

    Why Slane Girl as a title for this thread? Why not Slane Boy or Slane Boys? Would the response be as big if you’d titled it something else? The power of Google, eh!

  81. Cynical — The post is so titled because of the #slanegirl Twitter tag.

    As for the ignorant comments, I think they’re revealing of the nasty, judgemental streak that runs through our society.

  82. The fact that there is very little (if any) mention of the guys who took these photos and tweeted them is despicable (Apart from in the original post that is). The girl was silly, the guys on the receiving end of the ‘sex acts’ were acting like many young lads would, whether or not drink and drugs were involved is not the question. I in no way condone what was carried out in public but I personally believe that the people who took the photos and two days later posted those on a social media site are the ones that should be held responsible. Snapping photos and posting them for the world to see has become too easy. Websites and facebook pages are dedicated to photos such as these and everyone just turns a blind eye.

    I am sure there are very few people who haven’t done stupid things like this, the only difference is that most of the people commenting probably grew up in a time where not everyone carried phones, never mind camera phones, there were no social media sites and girls in photos like this were only subject to a few days of gossip and giggles in the cloakroom at school. These photos and the shame will follow this poor girl around for a long time to come. I have even just got a message from a friend in the US who heard about it. Something has to give. The world of internet and social media is going out of control. I only hope this poor girl has very supportive friends and parents who can get her past this episode.

  83. Amazing….so the girl giving TWO lads a blowjob is blameless eh??

    what planet arre you people from.

    1. Its none of your business
    2. as usual its all the blokes fault (assuming she either wasnt underage or said that she wasnt)

  84. Admittedly what she did was silly. But what is she to be blamed for?? She didn’t kill anyone, she didn’t harm anyone in any way, i’m sure the lads in the photos would say she was doing some good, if anything! Yes she committed an act in public that people don’t want to see, so don’t look! I didn’t look, I have no desire to see it. All I can see is a young girl being viciously vilified for doing something in public, something that most of us do anyway, albeit behind closed doors and not to more than one person. If she was just a year younger the people who took and posted these photos would be registered on a list of paedophiles, why just because of her age should they completely get away with it.

  85. Having read the pages of public outrage and sanctimonious indignation written about SLANE GIRL. I’m just a little surprised that it is the boys who come in for more criticism than “Slane Girl ” herself.
    Who, in some posts I have read, ranges in definition from being a post-feminist icon to being a publicly deflowered Madonna; – A “victim” of “misogyny” and therefore a “victim of Male hatred against all women” – If you couldn’t laugh you’d have to cry.
    Then the recrimination begins “who is to blame?” – her parents, his parents, the concert promoters, the guards etc.
    The reality is that we are all to blame
    The society that has failed to provide a moral compass to our young people is to blame,
    The society that turns a blind eye to the wrongness of the “boy racer/drug dealer” anti-hero, chav paradigm and the minimally clothed, sexually daring, hair straightened, pouting moll by his side, who both become addicted to the “BUZZ” of being exhibitionist, arrogant, reckless and anti-social, is clearly to blame.
    Had boy racer adrenaline culture been tackled earlier perhaps the thugs who started out drag racing and “drifting” might not have aspired to become drug dealers, armed robbers and killers.
    The society that allows the over sexualisation of our pre-pubescent children is to blame.
    The medium of popular Television anaesthetises our small children with twisted, anti-social crap like the Simpsons, family guy, South Park, and brainwashes our teenagers into lowering their moral threshold with even more mind numbing crap like Hollyoaks, The Valleys, The Kardashians, Shameless, and Geordie Shore. Through this rubbish kids are conditioned to believe that by cheapening and demeaning themselves that they can achieve instant “celebrity”…. And after all isn’t that a sign of “success” , isn’t celebrity for its own sake something that we should all strive for?
    The society who promised single parent families that they “could have it all” and told us that traditional two parent family was passé and redundant, via successive governments who have financially penalised traditional families, – while rewarding single parent families, ( indeed they have set preconditions on that reward that DEMANDED the “disposal” of the father from the family unit in order to qualify for it)
    The peer pressure of “the mean girl paradigm” and the cyber bullying that pervades our schools,
    And the acceptance that there is a tolerable level of drug and alcohol abuse in Ireland is equally deserving of blame.
    Our children’s obsession with vacuous American teen / ghetto / drugs / gun/ and sex culture, and the easy availability of pornography, cannot be ignored
    The notion that it is more important to be “friends” with your children than it is to be parents, is irresponsible and counterproductive. No one ever got into the business of rearing children for the gratitude and the appreciation, at least not until your kids become parents themselves.
    All of these reasons are responsible for the CULTURE THAT PRODUCED SLANE GIRL.
    Do I feel sorry for Slane Girl? – Absolutely not! But I do feel sorry for the family who have been left with the odious task of standing by her.
    Do I condemn the boys involved? – Unequivocally YES, however I would not join the witch hunt to have them charged with statutory rape.
    Can any good come out of all this? – Yes! Provided that the government and parents can get a grip on the lost generation who think that it more important to have a tattoo than it is to have an education, that it’s more important to get plastered than it is to go out and have a good time, and who expect everything handed to them rather than having to work to earn before they can consume.

  86. Totally agree what took place in slane was shocking and the carry on from the general public for facilitating the hate campaign. This sort of thing has been going on at concerts since the 60s and 70s the difference is there was no social networks back then.

  87. She deserved everything! This is the sort of girl who would cry rape when she consented! We have seen hundreds of this case. You article saying the men are guilty yet her not being guilty because we all have done something wrong shows your pathetic double standards!!

    Never read a more pathetic one sided article in my life!1

  88. God Frances, your rant is longer than Bock’s entire article. It’s a dizzy read. Are you that woman who used to walk up and down O’Connell Street wearing a beret and carrying a crucifix, waving rosary beads in people’s faces?

    Yeah, let’s blame boy-racer culture and The Kardashians and The Simpsons (especially young Lisa) for all of this.

  89. I do agree with most of what uv said especially about the twats who are A, taking the pictures B, in the pictures and C, uploading them. But no matter how old this girl is she should have been taught that sucking people off while in a public area is not the correct way to conduct yourself. 90% of the judgement going on needs to be directed at the parents! It’s like this government censorship of porn that is going on at the moment, we shouldn’t need it as parents should be responsible enough to keep there kids safe. I’m not trying to bullie anyone here and iI’m not making excuses for the cunts but a slags a slag and id be suprised if this is the first time she has done anything like this.

  90. On both parts this is both indecent exposure and sexual exploitation, so why are the police wanting to call it child pornography. I have just been to vfest, things like this happen. Alot worse things also do happen. she knew exactly what she was doing as so did the two lads she did this to. she clearly gave consent to this has she happily got down on her knees. she is distressed and upset because shes been found out to be a slag. Anyone who says she isn’t clearly does these type of tings themselves.

    She does only have herself to blame. police and people need to understand and realise what actually happens in this world.

  91. “Does anyone have the right to condemn this girl? Certainly not.”

    Who’s condemning? Shes a slut, loud and proud. She owns that title 100%, and as you indicate her sluttiness is nothing to be ashamed of right? Not ‘slut shaming’ its ‘slut celebration’. Slut pride worldwide!!

  92. Does anyone remember at the world cup, when that lad kissed a girls nipple and was considered a hero by all. It was all over the newspapers and was named man of the year by the Sun newspaper. There is definite double standards and it didn’t look like she wasn’t willing. By the way 00 generation didn’t invent teenaged sex. At 17 back in the 1940’s she would probably be married or engaged .

    Once teenagers have hormones this is how they are going to behave. The difference between my generation and this generation is, I got to make mistakes without the consequences being posted online for peoples amusement.

  93. SKANKS da lot of them, she gave two fellas a blowie and got finger fucked by da scumbag in da yellow hat.
    Don’t feel a bit sorry for any of them.
    Parents must be so proud.

  94. I was at slane , I never seen the incident , but from what I did see I was NOT shocked to see this happen , the problem lies with the scumbags who posted the photos …..
    Their the ones who need to get the father of a beating :::::
    Having said that the girl should shoulder some blame with the 2 dick heads who got their bit of head ……
    And if it turns out that they are a fair bit older then her then statutory rape charges should be filed and if convicted well their going to have to get use to taking their dicks out to look after the lifers inside !!!!!!

  95. “Parents must be so proud.”

    The pride felt by feminists today must be greater. Helping teenage girls express their sexual wants in public like this, on their knees taking charge, is what feminism has been working towards all these years, the breaking down of old structures and misogyny that prevented this kind of thing in the past. This is progress people!

    What needs to happen next is a Slut walk for this girl down Connolly St. so the entire community and her sisters in the feminist struggle can celebrate this girls feminist awakening.

  96. Who wrote this article? Whoever they are should realise that the girl and the guys are all criminals they all committed a public offense and should be ALL punished accordingly.

  97. Your comments about the guys involved reveal your standard-issue Irish classism.

    Other posters are correct, all parties involved in the public sex acts committed a public order offence. The person who took the photo also committed a crime. The hate speech directed at the girl on twitter is absolutely wrong, but directing similar speech at the guys is stupid and pointless. It seems quite clear that they were teenagers also.

  98. This is just a sad story which is exacerbated by social media. I remember seeing people doing worse in Termites and Tropics years ago. …or down augustinian lane after a late night at Mickeys… Nobody had a camera phone then – people just walked on.

  99. What a moronic post! This girl CHOSE to get on her knees and blow someone in public, with hundreds of people around…. and you’re calling the guy the lout, and the up-loader the lout, but the girl is blameless!?!?!
    This is where men are burdens on society. They are incapable of being objective when it comes to beings with pussy and tits. There is just no rationality. They are all losers! They are all louts and morons and disgusting creeps. ALL OF THEM, INCLUDING THE GIRL… sorry Bock. You’re thinking with your very little head!

  100. Both parties to blame. She’s no innocent
    little girl. Was he taking advantage. In middle of a group of people. Probably. But nothing illegal has happened here. And if I was guessing not first time she has done this. Maybe there were more than 2 guys on the day. People take photos of things in public places and we share them. That is social media. There is no editorial policy. In the past a combination of denial and time allowed these acts/mistakes to dissipate not any more. Worse things happen in the world each day in terms of what people do to each other. This is more severe embarrassment/character defamation/shame than an atrocity.

  101. It’s very sad for the girl and appalling immaturity by the fellas involved, but it is hard to see how a criminal offence has been committed. The girl was 17 ie above the age of consent. She did what she did in a public place (itself a criminal offence). People are entitled to take photos in public and share them online. It’s bad form of course, but that isn’t against any law.

  102. The OP and every single contributor to this post is an idiot. You seen a couple of pictures and/or a video and come to all sorts of wild conclusions and in some cases, outright LIES.

    1. The girl is 17.
    2. You dont know if she was drunk or on drugs.
    3. You dont know if the 2 guys were drunk or on drugs.
    4. And most importantly, you dont know the circumstances of what happened.

    So stop talking rubbish about stuff you know nothing about. The police are investigating what happened so leave it to them to establish the actual truth.

  103. I agree with the people who say it is ridiculous to claim you can not condemn this girl for her actions yet you condem the man in question, whom you also know nothing about.
    And I find it hilarious that when the people who disagree with what I and others say, you do not reply with an intelligent reasoned argument, but pathetic come backs… Because basically you’ve got nothing. We’ve pointed out the floor in your logic of being against condemning this girl, yet you condem everyone else with your judgment and you can’t handle it.
    And as far as blaming the generation and claiming its not their fault, they just need help because this generation is messed up, no. I am of the same generation as her and I nor anyone who I am friends with has ever done anything like this, nor ever would. And guess what, we’re not all “messed up”. The only difference between our generation and others is that everyone has a camera on them and has access to the Internet.

  104. Ron, you’re calling people idiots but you’re not able to read the word IF.

    Go back to school and stop being such a cretin.

  105. Kevin, it’s still unclear what her age is. It has been reported that on her social media accounts she listed her age as 16, it has been reported elsewhere that she is 17. If she is 16 the taking of the photo, as its well as subsequent uploading and sharing, was a criminal offence.

    It is clear however that a public order offence was committed.

  106. The poor girl, it’s hard to believe there wasn’t some bystander who could have tried to step in and protect her as she was obviously not in her right mind. ‘When the drink (or whatever) is in the wit is out’. People seem to have no empathy, the emotion which separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom, humans are becoming inhuman. The sneering, conceited, self-centred look on the gobshit’s faces is sickening, although they don’t look the full shilling, what was she doing with these Morons who couldn’t care less about her??? But what goes around comes around. It is now obvious that young girls need protection, when we see the lack of respect that has been shown to this young naive girl. There’s lessons to be learned from this, unfortunately it’s no consolation to this girl or her family. I hope she’ll be okay x

  107. I completely agree with you. The poor girl, it’s hard to believe there wasn’t some bystander who could have tried to step in and protect her as she was obviously not in her right mind. ‘When the drink (or whatever) is in the wit is out’. People seem to have no empathy, the emotion which separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom, humans are becoming inhuman. The sneering, conceited, self-centred look on the gobshit’s faces is sickening, although they don’t look the full shilling, what was she doing with these Morons who couldn’t care less about her??? But what goes around comes around. It is now obvious that young girls need protection, when we see the lack of respect that has been shown to this young naive girl. There’s lessons to be learned from this, unfortunately it’s no consolation to this girl or her family. I hope she’ll be okay x

  108. This is the most sensible thing I’ve read abut this story all day. The comments on it in most of the media have amounted to basically ‘oh my god, a seventeen year old girl performed oral sex that’s disgusting! What has happened to out moral fibre?’ When the argument should be ‘how depraved are we that we can explode something which could have been dealt with discretely into a huge salacious news story? What is missing in our children’s sex education that they don’t know the apparent dangers of exploring their own sexuality in a world where pictures can be spread in a matter of minutes’. The majority of the rhetoric has just targeted her as a slag; she’s not. Teenagers explore their sexuality as soon as they hit puberty, unfortunately they lack the mental maturity often times to determine what the risks are, be they be stds or naked pictures. Also, are the two lads in this teenagers themselves or adults? It doesn’t excuse what they did by sharing these pictures but it is another indication of our lack of sexual maturity. We’ve gone from a catholic environment advocating abstinence to a highly sexualised society without any growth in out education or attitudes.

  109. Bee- i’ve had my share of horrible drunken nights and week long hangovers, and even as a woman i still remember what i have done and know what i am doing, its the choices you make while your in that state that you can still fully manipulate.

  110. The only one I see with a hard on here is the blogger. Its just typical he has to bring the Roman Catholic church into this. Im not a Roman Catholic myself but its obvious that Bock has a hard on for the religious. When this topic has nothing to do with anyone or anything but the girl and two men in question.

  111. I 100% don’t agree with anything that happened but I don’t think the poor girl should be on suicide watch over all this crap. I personally have never done anything like this but I have heard stories when I was growing up bout girls in school etc. It is up to parents to breed more into there children and watch them more carefully. I know that I would not be letting my under 17 yr old child go to slane castle or any other big outdoor gig for that matter specially if I felt they where not mature enough. I don’t think anyone has the right to judge. I just think in general society is getting worse and the type of person that is reproducing is getting worse . Every one should mind there own family bring them up to the best they can and then this world would b a better place. I worry for my nieces and nephews and if I’m lucky enough to have kids ill b as strict as my parents where as it did no wrong by me.

  112. Shur every woman knows, you’d only have two when one isn’t enough..

    Sluttier slut.

  113. “..It is now obvious that young girls need protection, when we see the lack of respect that has been shown to this young naive girl..”

    Aww would ya go on. She knew fine well what she was doing and from the looks of it, has had a fair amount of practice. Shes just a ‘slut’, hardly deserving of any respect, she obviously been raised with none for herself.

  114. I do feel sorry for the girl but here is my problem with the situation,I had my 13 year old son at this concert if this is classed as child porn then they could have been responsible for exposing my child to porn/child porn there where plenty of parents there with kids even younger than mine, I would hav been disgusted had this been in my child’s view but let’s face it I don’t think either gave a toss who was in view

  115. Don’t know what that guy is raising his hands in celebration for. He’s now known as a paedo.

  116. Just think, nothing would be an outrage if we didn’t have cameras in phone all over the place. Teens have done this for centuries and who can tell them otherwise? Teens know it all and often only feel remorse when caught. The whole free love of the 60’s isn’t so funny now, yes she should have waited one more year and then no one would be calling her a child, they’ve still call her a teen and even a slut.
    People do this, she was caught out and bullied about it I hope she shows a little bit more sense when hanging around young horny males who drink. Welcome to the world of double standards now go and put some clothes on.

  117. This blog become more like the Joe Duffy show, and that is a load of bollocks. Folks, do not forget that this blog generates income for the idiot who runs it

  118. Paul, him getting a hammering would serve no good. For all we no he was seventeen as well. He might have been sixteen even, in which case, isn’t the photographing of his visage as reprehensible? This just highlights a double standards where women are not supposed to enjoy sex and are vilified as sluts if they do and a young man caught in a situation is either thought of as a creep (although perhaps justifiably in this case) or worshipped as a hero. The fact is they were just a shower of daft teenagers, it’s always happened, it will happen again. Right now, at this very moment, there are teenagers having sex. Can’t do anything to stop it. The real issue is the way that this girl has been turned into a media ‘harlot’ owing to some unscrupulous arseholes plastering her photo on the net and the fact that there is such a lack of sex education that teenagers obviously don’t know what the risks are, like for instance, ‘if you perform a sex act outdoors in a world where nearly everyone has a camera phone and internet access, then there’s a likelihood you will end up on the net being objectified as a slut’. There’s nothing wrong with blowjobs, there’s nothing wrong with teenagers exploring their own sexuality, but there are risks which these feckin’ eejits clearly didn’t spend two seconds to think about. If it turns out that she’s older than the two lads, will you go and beat her up for being a paedo? We don’t know all of the facts.

  119. Thats not true Gerneil.
    Tell him Bock
    Tell him its not true
    You dont derive an income so apologise Gerneil

  120. Tim.
    These guys will be feted by their mates for this, as for the girl, well lets jsut say there wont be any rush to bring her home to meet mother anytime soon.
    I Iknow it sucks but thats the pup that young females have been sold and anyone that says they should really not buy into this pup buying expedition is an old repressed dried up XXXXX.
    But she still wont be brought home to meet mother.

  121. I wouldn’t go as far as calling him a pedo as she’s 17. The legal age of consent in the whole of ireland and I’m sure she was with people her age and maybe a few years older as people have complained where were the responsible adults… I personally think she knew exactly what she was doing but many people are at fault here. This is no different than the site embarrassing niteclub photos. She’s not the first to fall victim and she wont be the last

  122. It really is distressing to see the way the internet got on this girls case and shared that picture all over.

    It does give me hope that there are so many news articles, 1.) demeaning the men and witnesses who took these pictures and 2.) advocating for the pictures to be taken down.

    I just hope this girl and her family have a chance to heal.

  123. Slightly one sided argument dont you think?? Why is the guy a “gobshite”, “Knacker”? Do you know him personally? Also you stated the girl was “Obviously out of her sane senses” How do you know that? There were thousands of drunk girls at that concerts and they didnt behave like this. Furthermore you called the guy a prick for ALLOWING her to demene herself… Why is it his fault she demened herself?

    This is a poor article and you could at least get your facts straight before you go insulting and accusing people online or else that just makes you an online bully and a troll.

  124. That’s right. He allowed the girl to demean (that’s “d-e-m-e-a-n” by the way) herself by standing there in front of the crowd with his pants around his knees, his hands over his head, wearing a shit-eating grin. And you’re right. Calling him a gobshite and a knacker isn’t good enough.

    He’s an utter fucking twat, just as you are for trying to defend him.


    How’s that for internet bullying? Are your delicate senses offended yet?

  125. Bock .
    Can you please confirm that you do or do derive an income from this forum

    Thank you

  126. Explain why that would that be your business, Mark, and I might answer you. You know the email address, so send me your request for information and I’ll consider it on its merits. However, as this is a subject that’s off topic and irrelevant to the discussion, it will not be continued here.

    Please respect this request.

  127. You still havent answered my questions… why is it HIS fault he she made a show of her self??? her choice. Try and answer the questions if you can, insulting me and correcting my spelling is a sign of a weak mind….

  128. Billy, please forgive me for setting you straight, but thinking in terms of fault is the real sign of a weak mind. We’ve moved on since that sort of nonsense.

    These days we talk about responsibility. Can you figure that out?

  129. Dont change the subject, can you back up your arguments or not??? If not your just another internet mouthpiece shouting your shitty opinion piece at people….

  130. Billy, work this out. I know that will happen slowly in your case, but we’ll show patience.

    You don’t get to decide what the subject is here. When you start your own website, you can have that little tantrum.

    Ok, kid? Figure it out.

    Let me repeat. You don’t decide what the subject is. Have you got that now? You don’t decide.

    Blink once for yes.

  131. Can’t you read? I’m not deciding anything, i’m asking questions about YOUR article. . . . Im sure you think your witty with your unfunny digs. . . but it seems like you cant defend your own article. Looks like your just another ignorant unintelligent loudmouth who has to shout and insult to win an argument. Please please dont give up your day job as you make a SHIT journalist/blogger

  132. Been doing it a while now Billy and it’s going fine.

    How’s your reading? Nobody mentioned fault here except you, and that’s not an agenda you’re going to impose on anyone.

    If you want to talk about responsibility, we can resume this conversation.

  133. Billy, we can resume when you show you understand the difference between responsibility and blame. Are you clear on those concepts now?

  134. Im not assigning blame or responsibility to anyone . . . you made some statements in your article and im curious as to how you justify them, simple. no need to complicate it with your pedantic hair splitting bullshit

  135. Well, you see, the article is written by a father with the experience of raising daughters. I reckon that’s why we can’t find a meeting of minds. When you have the good fortune to raise a little girl we’ll have a shared understanding but until then I’m afraid there is simply an impossible gap and there’s nothing I can do to bridge it.

  136. oh please dont give me that “i wouldnt understand” rubbish. That is such a cop out, im not looking for u to explain the bond between a father and daughter…. or a fathers love for his daughter…just a simple clarification on how you arrived at your strongly worded points. . .

  137. She proved herself to be a stupid whore when she got down on her knees in front of God Knows how many concert-goers and sucked a sweaty, uncut cock and di not even get paid for it! She should have offered her services to Eminem; he might’ve given her some coins or a crack rock!

  138. Bock.

    I believe all who post on this forum should be shown the respect of an honest and up front answer to my question regarding any renumeration you may receive for hosting this forum.
    It is a simple yes or no answer.

  139. Mark, this is not a forum. It’s a website containing articles on which people such as yourself are allowed to comment. How and if it manages to cover its overheads is simply not your business. End of interrogation.

  140. Billy, my point is better illustrated by this Tom Jones character than by anything I can add to what I’ve already said. If you want to know what I think, you can read the post again. Don’t expect me to rewrite it for you.

  141. Mark,

    What you believe and reality are far from the same thing. I could also think that I have the right to know how much you earn, but that doesn’t mean I do have that right.
    Do you think you would or should tell me how much you earn just because I leave a comment here and ask?
    Honestly, what kind of arrogant donkey are you? What makes you think you are entitled to know anything about the running of this site or whether there is any income from it? I suggest you try that stunt on Boards or any Forum, (Which this private website isn’t by the way) and see how long it takes you to get banned, possibly a whole two minutes.
    Get off your high horse, you’re entitled to know nothing.
    Get back to the topic….

  142. @Mark … You are are well out of order. What planet do you live on? There is no money in blogging. Trust me. Anyone who does it is there because they enjoy it.

    I can’t believe you are still allowed to make comments after being asked twice to get back on topic. If you tried this stunt on most sites, you’d get yourself bounced out of there so fast your feet wouldn’t touch. Plus, you’d get a suspension slapped on you for being a cheeky sod.

    Anyway, what if he was making ten million quid a year? What’s it to you?

  143. The morality of cocksucking per se doesn’t seem to have been addressed here, regardless of the age of the girl concerned and the apparent older age of the gurrier she was gratifying. In my view (thank goodness I didn’t see that grisly photo from Slane before it was scrubbed from the internet) the male penis wasn’t designed for sucking and the female mouth wasn’t designed for sucking penises. Ergo that kind of activity goes against the natural order of things and is immoral. QED. Whether the Pope or the Archbishop of Canterbury – or the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem – would agree with my opinion is irrelevant. Fellatio non dignus est quod anti-naturam est. And I apply this judgement to the historical Monica-Bill event also.

  144. “the male penis wasn’t designed for sucking and the female mouth wasn’t designed for sucking penises. Ergo that kind of activity goes against the natural order of things and is immoral.”

    You don’t know what you’re missing!

  145. When the day finally arrives, you’ll be able to look back on your life with satisfaction and proudly proclaim, “At least I never had a blowjob”.

  146. Indeed, that particular statement leaped off of the page. Such right-wing christian doctrinarian thinking in such a young head…

    Shame about that.

  147. Benno, the male penis was clearly designed for sucking, that why people get orgasms from blowjobs

  148. @186. I disagree backtowork. It was designed for two biological functions, coitus and pissing. You might as well say that a pneumatic drill was designed for opening cans of beans.

  149. Designed = made for. Medical students don’t study any biology or anatomy textbooks that envisage the usage which was snapped at the Slane pop concert.

  150. There’s a lot of mention of the male penis, is there another type of penis that I’m unaware of?

  151. Designed, in the sense that you’re assuming the existence of a creator? I don’t believe medical education involves telling students that the body was designed. That would be priests you’re thinking of.

  152. Designed = made for. Ask any medical graduate what the male penis was made for. Medical textbooks on anatomy don’t show any biological functions apart from the two mentioned. A family GP would probably caution against the oral activity photographed at the Slane pop concert on the grounds of hygiene for starters.

  153. @190. Monkeys, baboons etc could be mentioned – but humans don’t behave at their animal level, do they?

  154. Mehr als Fuss im Maul, with some fellatio fans at Slane. Zugrunde durch Erotik. And the band played on.

  155. I’ll try and remain serious here (if somewhat dumbstruck) by your assertion Mr. Benno.

    Do you seriously believe that pleasure cannot be derived from fellatio or cunniolingus, or are you taking the piss?

    Perhaps you are a just a prude or a simply member of the Vatican (Irish Branch) Religious Rapid-Reaction Force – the famous I(ib)RRRF.

  156. Thanks for the irrelevant comments auf deutsch.

    But at the end of it all, your view is based on your religious beliefs, isn’t that right?

  157. Ah Benno

    What do you do if a lady wants to give an orgasm, but ye dont have a condom and ye dont want a baby

  158. @197 Niall. Where did I say that pleasure cannot be derived from fellatio (cocksucking)? My point wasn’t about pleasure but about the use of the male organ and the pretty female mouth for biological purposes they weren’t designed for.

    Youngsters who go to pop concerts, night clubs and other venues of entertainment and indulge in such activity, possibly stimulated by alcohol and/or drugs, need to know about personal hygiene, healthy living and aesthetics. They need to be told that life can offer alternative paths, such as devotion to humane causes, community building and artistic endeavour. Mindless hedonism is a dehumanising cop-out.

    If there are leftwingers visiting this website I invite them to critique modern Irish youth culture as manifested in the rock concert scene, the weekend disco and night club scene and the sensationist digital media scene. Is this exploiting working class and other youth? Is hedonism a false consciousness distracting youth from the injustices of capitalist society? Does the youth culture promoted by the mass entertainment industry disrupt class, community and family solidarity? Can there be radical political and social change in Ireland while the 15-25 age group are so embedded in the anything-goes lifestyle – and the bands play on?

    This is not about a creationist critique of cocksucking, drunkness and drug taking. It’s about better cultural paths for the youth. Jean Paul Sartre indicated a different meaning to ‘creation’ when he said that Man creates his own world. What sort of world are Slane fellatio fetishists creating?

  159. Of course it’s creationist Benno. Every time you mention design, you imply creationism.

    And by the way, are you saying that oral sex is something done by 15-25-year-olds?

  160. Some people have been complaining about how slanegirl is getting shamed while the guys she serviced publicly are getting praised. Let me take a shot at it ;) It is actually not a double standard, because both scenarios are vastly different in terms of circumstances and consequences. I can think of at least four crucial differences:

    First, sleeping around is easier for women. Regardless of how you feel about promiscuity, we can all agree that a guy who manages to rack up a lot of sexual partners has to have some skills. It’s challenging for men to rack up partners, even for men with low standards. A man needs social intelligence, interpersonal skills, persistence, thick skin, and plain old dumb luck. For women, though, a vagina and a pulse is often enough. Whenever an accomplishment requires absolutely no challenge, no one respects it. It’s just viewed as a lack of self-discipline. People respect those who accomplish challenging feats, while they consider those who overindulge in easily obtained feats as weak, untrustworthy or flawed.

    Second, women have potential to do more harm by sleeping around than men do. Say a man sleeps around with a bunch of different women. He’s definitely doing harm to these women if he pretends to be monogamous while sleeping around. He may cause them emotional pain by his promiscuity. He may cause unwanted pregnancy. He may spread VD. When women sleep around, however, they can cause not only all these same ill effects but one additional crucial ill effect: the risk of unknown parentage.

    If one guy sleeps around with five women, each of whom is monogamous to him, and they all get pregnant, it’s a safe bet as to who the father is. If you reverse genders and have one woman who sleeps around with five men who are monogamous to her, and she gets pregnant, the father could be any of the five men. And if one of those men is tricked into raising a baby that isn’t his, he’s investing time, money, estate and property to provide for a child that isn’t carrying his DNA into the next generations, a costly mistake from an evolutionary standpoint.

    Our two basic primal drives are to survive and to reproduce, and promiscuous women traditionally make it hard for a man to know for sure whether he is truly reproducing or is secretly raising another man’s child. Men stand a lot more to lose from promiscuous women than the other way around. And it’s no picnic for the child to not know who his real father is either. And it’s a mess for the women carrying on the deception as well. Or just look at any random episode of the Maury show if you don’t believe me.

    Since the DNA test and the birth control pill didn’t exist until recently, there were no reliable ways to prevent pregnancy or prove parentage for most of human history. For this reason society developed a vested interest in preventing promiscuity among women, and society accomplished this by creating the promiscuous-girl stigma. And even though the creation of birth control and DNA tests have made this less of a risk than the past, long standing traditions and customs are not easy for society to break so the “tart” stigma remains.

    Third, men have evolutionary reasons to be programmed to sleep around more. A lot of women roll their eyes when they hear that men are “hard-wired” to sleep around. But from an evolutionary standpoint, it makes total sense. If the two primal drives of humans are to survive and to reproduce, nothing leads to maximum reproduction like one man sleeping with multiple women. If one women sleeps with many men in a nine month period, she can only get pregnant just once. Nine months of rampant promiscuity would give the same result as nine months of highly sexed monogamy: one pregnancy. Now if one man sleeps with many women during a nine month period, you can get many pregnancies during that period. The more women he sleeps with, the more possible pregnancies. So from an evolutionary standpoint, there are concrete advantages to men being promiscuous compared to women being promiscuous. This doesn’t mean that women have evolved to be strictly monogamous. Women have evolved to be somewhat promiscuous too, something men badly underestimate. However they haven’t evolved to be as rampantly promiscuous as men.

    Fourth, promiscuity poses more risk to women than to men. A woman has more to lose from choosing bad sex partners than a man does. She’s the one who gets stuck with going through a pregnancy and taking care of a baby alone if she chooses a deadbeat. For this reason, promiscuous women throughout history have historically been viewed as being a vastly more irresponsible risk takers than promiscuous men, who rightly or wrongly could always run away from the consequences of unwanted pregnancies easier than women could.

    These four reasons explain why the longstanding tradition came about of men being rewarded for multiple partners while women get socially punished for similar promiscuity. Understand that I’m just explaining why the double standard came into existence and not condoning or condemning it. This is not an attempt to pass judgment or be self-righteous in any way. It’s just an explanation of why the two conditions are treated differently.

  161. Very well expressed, even if it happens to be copied and pasted from everywhere else. I agree with the logic in every way apart from one thing.

    Surely if the people are sleeping, nothing can go wrong?

  162. Am I the only one who thinks this is all fcuked in the head? Girl decides to suck off two blokes in public, this is everyone’s fault except hers.
    Yeah, personal responsibility is dead, I can do what the hell want and none of it will be my fault, in fact I will make a shitload of money from claims!
    Even at 16 you should know that being photographed with someone’s dick in your mouth is not a smart thing, even with a few drinks on you.

  163. Guess what. On this site, you don’t have to say fcuked. You can say fucked if you want. Or cunt. It’s ok.

    Regarding the point you make, it’s true that the girl must take responsibility, but let me ask you this. Whose life will be affected more by the story, this girl or the guys? Whose life is destroyed?

    The lads don’t need anyone defending them but the girl sure as hell does, if we’re to have any equality in this world.

  164. Hey John Joe, what does she need to take responsibility for? She’s certainly not responsible for the mob and their opinions on it.

    How about you take responsibilty for the fact that it’s none of your god damn business? Get a fucking life busybodies.

    No one’s life should be destroyed by wankers on the internet.

    She doesn’t have to take responibility for anything in this. She owes no one any explanation. I would hope the girl is getting the support she needs to deal with the online wankfest.

    Nice trolling out from Benno there.

  165. I like that about this site. There is nothing more aggravating than misspelt expletives. I once worked with a girl who said S-H-One-T instead of just saying SHIT. Drove me fucking mad! And I can’t stand those comments on Broadsheet and such sites with asterisks instead of letters in swear words. And then there’s that irritating American thing of saying shoot instead of shit or frickin instead of fucking.

  166. Yeah, me too. I keep on wondering lately why the asterisks to put emphasis on a *word*. What’s that about, is it a new thing? Please *enlighten* me.

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