The West of Ireland

The West of Ireland exploration continues.

Now we’ve moved from the land of limestone to the land of granite, a place fashioned and sculpted by ice and fire.

Conamara 001

Conamara 002

Conamara 003



Conamara 004

Conamara 005


Conamara 007


Conamara 008

Conamara 010

Conamara 009

Conamara 011


Conamara 012


Conamara 013

9 thoughts on “The West of Ireland

  1. Les fotos sont merveilleux! And the documentary shows hardy, gentle people who lived their lives in a different civilization from ours. We’ve gone soft.

  2. Senor Bock, can you tell me what part of the West of Ireland those pics were taken…
    The desserted village looks haunting, I’d love to see it,
    If you can please let me know…

  3. They’re taken off the coast near Clifden. The abandoned village is on Inishark, also shown in the video, and the others are a mix of Inishbofin and shots of the mainland from the sea.

  4. Fabulous photography, beautiful Island where people could live and work
    the land and sea if there were people of vision in power in this country.

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