Che Guevara Murals — Kilkee Fights Back

So much for petty-minded bureaucracy.  After Clare County Council erased a mural from the ball alley, which was based on Jim Fitzpatrick’s iconic image, the good citizens of Kilkee didn’t take it lying down.

No indeed.


Two new murals have appeared on private property, giving the finger to the council official who justified removing the original mural by claiming it contravened legislation, as if the council’s limited resources were put to best use by painting over this well-executed image.  It’s bullshit, of course.   Somebody put pressure on someone, and a crew was sent to paint over the mural in order to appease whatever blowhard objected to it.  That’s how local government works everywhere in the world.

Now it’s in the council’s hands.  Will they, as a warden in Limerick ludicrously decided last year, claim that the wall paintings are litter and try to force the owners to have them removed, or will they accept that people are entitled to decorate their properties any way they like?  I’m guessing that, having made an international laughing stock of themselves, Clare County Council will take the sensible option and stay well away from that one.

We’re told, though I don’t know how true it is, that the initial complaint came from a crowd of American tourists who objected to somebody they regarded as a mass murderer and even worse, a Communist, God bless the mark.

The American visceral hatred of Che is perplexing, given that he never had anything to do with the USA, apart from when his path crossed that of the American agents covertly operating in Cuba and South America, seeking to overthrow elected leaders and to keep friendly dictators like Batista in power, for the benefit of big business and the Mob.

And as for the mass murderer tag, I suppose you could call him that, but then you’d have to say the same about Michael Collins and deValera, who were responsible for roughly as many executions as Che.

Perhaps it would be a good idea if Irish Americans got together and drew up a list of images we’re not allowed to put on our walls for fear they might be offended.

General Philip SheridanThey might start that list with Philip Sheridan, a son of Irish immigrants, who distinguished himself in the American Civil War, rose to the rank of general and famously defeated the legendary Robert E Lee at Appomatox.  After the war, Sheridan starved and slaughtered the Plains Indians into submission, including facilitating the killing of over 4 million bison.

Little Phil, as he was known, is credited with the immortal quote, that the only good Indian is a dead Indian.

He’s just an example selected for the Irish connection, which Che Guevara also possessed, so there you have it.

One man fights invaders, mobsters and spooks.  In the process of a dirty war, he’s complicit in executions, just as our own revolutionaries were, because in a war, nobody has clean hands.  This man is characterised as a mass murderer and American tourists are outraged, seemingly unaware that he had no connection with the USA.

On the other hand, we have a man who was the invader, who ethnically cleansed, killed and starved the native people, and this man is a war hero because he wore the uniform of a US general.

How does that work?

If we made a mural of this great Irish-American  hero, would the same busload of tourists object?  Would some boody from Clare County Council insist on painting over it?


66 thoughts on “Che Guevara Murals — Kilkee Fights Back

  1. Bock, maybe Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and company might be more acceptable to the turistas and Council?
    Just a thought…

  2. If Michael Collins and de Valera were responsible for ‘roughly’ (???) as many executions as Che, then there were mass murderers as well.

  3. It’s hard to know how many deaths you have to order before becoming a mass murderer. Maybe, just to be on the safe side, we should erase all images of anyone who ever ordered a killing.

    The list would include all the leaders of the Irish war of independence, all US presidents, living or dead, including Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, GW Bush and his dad, along with the governors of 32 states and the judges in those states. What do you think?

  4. Yes, I think in comparison all American presidents are mass murderers, more than Che G. ever could have been.

    Anyway, I talked to an American recently. He lives here in my neighbourhood now, if his line of duty allows time off (he is US- military), and I asked him for a laugh, if he would join us to go to the Che Guevara Festival in Kilkee.

    -Che Gue va ra.
    -Cuba? Castro? Down with the Yanks? Bay of Pigs? Guantanamo?
    -Oh, Cuba, they don’t like us.
    -No. For a reason. So?
    -Who is this guy again? Chay …what?
    -CHE GUEVARA! You know the T-Shirt?
    -??? Is there Irish music on?
    -No. Salsa, Tequila, cigars and guns to shoot Americans. All dressed up as COMMUNISTS! Wear your uniform.
    -Ha, ha. And what has this to do with this guy? Chay?

    This man is in his fifties and since ever military. They don’t even know their supposed enemies.

    So much for the rumour that American tourists might have complained. As far as I know it was some local ‘dignitary’ who complained, using Yanks as an excuse – I can actually imagine the argument: they might complain, they might never come back and tell all their friends, no tourism in Kilkee anymore, businesses shut down, starvation ensues…
    And the local council clowns hop on and destroy an iconic image to avoid the fate of digging for potatoes in their back yard. Or whatever.

    Salut to the subversive Kilkeeans who paint Ches all over the town!

  5. to Bock:
    Guevara was a marxist and a promoter of a sick ideology which wherever imposed has never brought anything positive to people’s lives. Quite the opposite. This, in my view, puts Guevara next to Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot and many others of similar way of thinking. This is why, as a Kilkee citizen, I would oppose against his portrait depicted publicly as I would complain against those of Stalin, Pol Pot… etc. My complaint would be addressed to Kilkee Town Council in Kilrush, probably to all 9 elected members. It would not change too much, but at least I would try.

  6. As a resident of Kilkee, you’d be entitled to complain to your elected representatives. A stranger passing through on a tour bus doesn’t have that status.

  7. We were talking about locals, weren’t we? You can actually complain as a ‘stranger passing through’ as well. Why not? What kind of status are you talking about…

  8. The status you brought up. As a Kilkee resident, you have a vote for these elected representatives, unlike the transient people on the bus.

  9. Yes, you are right. As I am not a Kilkee resident I cannot vote for the representatives, or against them. But I can still complain. Though, I am sure my complaint would go straight to the bin…

  10. to lazy sue #11
    I changed your post a little bit for the sake of creative freedom and for the fun of it:

    “(Guevara was a marxist and) The Catholic Church was a promoter of a sick ideology which wherever imposed has never brought anything positive to people’s lives. Quite the opposite. This, in my view, puts (Guevara) any Pope next to (Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot) anyone powerhungry and many others of similar way of thinking.”

    Read history. Read, how powers tried to oppress people for their own advantage. And then read again how people fought against it.
    I think that dictators (inluding the church) have more to answer for than any Che.

    Complain as much as you want.

    But on a serious level: What do you know about the pre-Castro Cuba and the role of Che Guevara?
    Do you condone the role of the American Mob eager to exploit people and resources with the help of the CIA or whoever acted for American interests?

    Would you happily accept the rule of, say, the church, to decide what fate the people have to endure?

    You made it clear what you are against at, but what are you for?

  11. to carrig:
    I came from a country where (any) church power is almost non-existent, so I am quite lucky not to bear the burden of Catholic church harmful effect on Irish society (and Irish minds) that is still so apparent even today. So, I do not really think that any church should have any power to decide on anything. It really would not make me happy.

    Batista was a pig and had to go. Pity, that he was just replaced (with help of Che) by another dictator – Castro. “Read, how powers tried to oppress people for their own advantage.’… I fully agree in context of both cases, Batista and Castro as well.

    Yes, I am against any totalitarianism, and yes, I believe that there are alternatives to dictatorship. Such changes usually happens when no Castros and Guevaras eager to ‘change the world’ are around. Such a change happened in a country of my origin, and though the life there now is far from ideal, at least people have a choice.

    And thank you that you allow me to complain about anything and anytime. That is far more that any ordinary Cuban can wish for.

  12. You are free to disagree with me and anyone else whenever you feel like doing so. If we all agreed with each other, this would be a very boring website.

  13. I’m confused.
    So you are not from Kilkee or don’t even live there, but you would complain? You’re apparently not even Irish or an Irish resident of what origin ever but still would complain?

    Sure isn’t it great to have an opinion without being shot, tortured or put into prison. That’s what someone like Che G. was fighting for. As did the Irish rebels originally.
    There’s always collateral damage, though… eggs and omelettes and such …

    Democracy and independence didn’t emerge out of the goodwill and insight of people, ye know …

  14. Lazy Sue — You come from a different country and you want to tell us Irish what we can put on our walls? Is that correct?

  15. Does it mean that any immigrant in Ireland has no right to say anything? If that is the case, then maybe I am not in the right country at all…

  16. ‘You come from a different country and you want to tell us Irish what we can put on our walls?’

    ‘Everyone has the right to express an opinion…’

    There is bit of contradiction between these two statement. Which one takes over the other one? If my ‘non Irishness’ has nothing to do with my right to express myself, why did you need to mention it at the first place?

  17. to carrig:

    I have been residing in Ireland for the last 10 years and visit Kilkee at least once a month. I plan to reside there unless some Kilkee people will turn this lovely spot into Guevara or Castro Folk Park. Yes, the matter is some kind of personal… That much for your confusion.

    “Democracy and independence didn’t emerge out of the goodwill and insight of people, ye know …’
    …thanks very much for this note. It is always refreshing to learn something new, ye know… specially when you are talking to someone that had an opportunity to have a live experience on a change between totality and democracy. Anyway…

    Cuba in my view is not independent, far from democratic and even farther from being free – for ordinary people. I believe that privileged Cuban comrades might have a different view. These facts brought me to a conclusion that Che’s fighting was fruitless, unless he knew what he was fighting for, which would simply be fighting for power. Cuba is sill at the stage of revolution (ye know – that collateral damage – ‘eggs and omelettes and such’ as you call it), but after more than 60 years – I am somehow loosing hope for a change. I am sure that even Michael Collins would find it a bit too long.

    Sure it is great to have an opinion without being shot, tortured or put into prison. Pity, that ordinary Cubans do not have this opportunity as we do. As you have not been commenting on this fact – it makes me think that you do not mind as far as the revolution bit has been done. But I fully agree with Bock that we are free to express our opinion, at least on this website. Though, not so sure about Kilkee…

  18. to bock:
    yes, as a Kilkee resident I would express my opinion through complaint to Kilkee town council. What they would decide to do or not to do is entirely on people themselves.

  19. I think we tend to forget that people who come from countries that experienced actual communism in practice, not just in theory, have a very different view of things like socialism and marxism.

  20. All fine points. But to return to the point of the post…the ridiculousness of this act of gombeen self censorship, in anticipation that it might offend a segment of our tourist industry.

  21. So in other words, if it had been a picture of a penis, or an IRA “freedom fighter” or something, we should have left it there as well, yes? Or is it that a picture of Che doesn’t count as defacement of public property because Jim Fitzpatrick thinks he’s cool and since Jim is an awesome artist his opinion must somehow be more valid than any else’s, right?

    Seriously, drawing stuff (any stuff) on public property is vandalism, full stop. The council were well within their rights (and actually performing their duty) to getting rid of it. And incidentally, you’re not allowed to just decorate a private property any old way you see fit – exterior decoration falls under the remit of the planning board (silly as it may seem, but I personally am glad I can if needs be stop my neighbour painting the outside of his house bright puce.)

    As for the rumour about the yanks who complained – maybe they would also complain about Philip Sheridan, who knows?

  22. The council were within their rights to get rid of it. Nobody disputes that, but the council is not a monolithic entity.

    Why did an official wait two years and then paint over it the week before the festival? Why did they choose this particular piece of graffiti above all others and more to the point, did any of the officials involved engage their brains before sending out the painting crew?

    You mention duty. I’m not aware of any statute that places a duty on the council to erase graffiti. Could you point out where that duty is defined?

    Also, since you mention that this falls under the remit of the planning board, what planning board do you have in mind?

  23. Fair enough, I didn’t catch that it was there for a couple of years. Maybe it took 2 year’s worth of committee meetings and team building weekends to get sign-off on the paint? I dunno…
    And I suppose the planning authority would be Clare county council? So maybe it’s not specifically written into some statute. But I’m pretty sure it’s in their remit to perform maintenance on public property. Anyway. Maybe someone can put Spongebob up there next, I’m sure that will be less controversial.

  24. These decisions are taken by one of the following.

    a) the area engineer,


    b) the relevant director of services with a politician up his arse and a pathological lack of backbone.

    Either way, it costs money, and it is entirely discretionary. There is no legal obligation on the council to paint over any image.

  25. Lazy Sue
    re your comment:
    “I have been residing in Ireland for the last 10 years and visit Kilkee at least once a month. I plan to reside there unless some Kilkee people will turn this lovely spot into Guevara or Castro Folk Park. Yes, the matter is some kind of personal… That much for your confusion.”

    Thank you for enlightening me. You gave previously the impression to live abroad.
    If it helps: I’m an “immigrant” myself, though don’t feel like one by now. I live a bit longer here than you, though that makes not much difference, probably. It’s just the attitude that counts.

    In your above comment, that you only consider to move to Kilkee if “some Kilkee people” don’t turn it into some communist Folk Park, don’t move there. There are plenty of places which are as conservative and backwards as it goes.

    I think it’s no good form to expect from your host country to accommodate your political wishes based on your personal experiences. That sounds almost as if you wish that everyone in the world has to build Potemkin’s Villages for not offending your sensibilities.Or as if you wish that everything has to go your way and anything else has to be wiped out. New in the democratic world, maybe?

    Apart from that let’s just agree to disagree on political matters. Oh, and I do know how communism works from my own experiences. Not all good, but does it mean that capitalism is perfect?

    As for the over-eager council people: They would happily paint personally some GAA heroes on all and sundry surface. And they usually don’t care about any other Graffiti or spending tax money to remove them.
    And they certainly don’t know that in cities like Belfast or Derry colourful political murals are a massive tourist attraction with an equally massive turnover in earnings.

    But well, that’s your ignorant local council.

  26. I just would like to make one thing clear.I do not expect anyone to follow my political views and do not expect anyone to act as I wish. I would consider my complaint to the town council as a form of expressing my opinion. What other form would anyone suggest? Whining in your local pub? Whispering in privacy of your bedroom? Or to be on a very brave side – to write comments on online discussions? With all respect to this site – I do not think it would take any opinion too far. I think it is more effective to address those that are involved in the case. As I said, I do not force anyone to do anything. If I was so ignorant and thought that things have always be done in my way, then I would not wait until someone does it for me. I would just take a bucket of paint and by the following morning the portrait of Che would be gone anytime it appears.

  27. “What a thick bitch. I’d rip her to shreds with comments like that.”

    …says the guy who apparently has nothing to shred anyone and anything with…

    Is this a competition to see who can entertain an intellectual layabout best, as yourself seem to be?
    Do you have actually something to say about the topic of this thread? Stupid question, sorry. Of course you don’t.

    But before it get’s into the typical Irish pint fuelled mud slinging, let me say this:

    I don’t take it lightly to be called a thick bitch. And you don’t want to say it to my face (which you wouldn’t dare as an online mudslinging troll anyway).

    Out of respect for this blog I’ll leave at that.

    No, wait, what the heck, one thing: I really really never ever met so much gobshitery and ignorants like in this country.
    Just when I thought there is a blog with thinking people, up pops another eejit who has nothing better to do as to show off his utter brainlessness and calling other people names.

  28. That person is a long-term troll trying to post under a different name. The comment should not have got through the net and is now removed.

  29. @ Carrig

    “No, wait, what the heck, one thing: I really really never ever met so much gobshitery and ignorants like in this country.
    Just when I thought there is a blog with thinking people, up pops another eejit who has nothing better to do as to show off his utter brainlessness and calling other people names”

    Troll aside. This is not the first time you have shown your deep dislike for the inhabitants of this country….why stay?

  30. Yeah, right. If you don’t like it, feck off? In which dubious circles did I hear that before?

    I like the ‘inhabitants’ (I am an ‘inhabitant’ myself after all), never said anything to the contrary. I like the country, have roots here by now, and great friends. But I don’t like gobshitery* and ignorants, where-ever in the world. And my world is now Ireland. Simple. Would do (and did) the same in my country of origin.

    There is a difference between the people as such and the so-called establishment who made and make a mess of the lives of ordinary people. Read this blog. And I feel entitled to critisize them as much as I see fit. They live off my taxes after all, so to speak.
    As for individuals I consider as ignorants – there are plenty everywhere. I hope you are not going to tell me that all Irish are loveable rogues, sweet and welcoming? No?
    I live in the real world not in some Emerald Isle dream.

    *First heard that expression here from Bock. I like it but obviously have to be careful not to use it in case I might hurt someones feelings.

  31. Where did I say feck off?
    I just asked a question.
    You said you have never encountered more ignorance and gobshitery anywhere, like you have experienced in this country.
    I am just curious as to why you continue to live here.

  32. Learn to read or rather learn to understand what you read – and what you write. And stop trolling me, dear Long John Silver.
    Otherwise: meh

    I’m pleased to hear that more Che murals popped up in Kilkee, on private property. And as I heard from locals, with the consent of the private owners.

    Apart from the general controversy about Che Guevara I’m really pleased that there are tiny bits of resistance against over-eager decisions of clueless officials.

    Without the decision to paint over the original mural with the excuse that some yanks might be offended, I think that nobody would even consider to discuss the whole affair.

    The issue is not Che Guevara, the issue is the reaction of ignorants.

    There are christian crosses almost all over the world. A celebration of torture, seen as spiritual liberation or whatever. People wear the old Roman torture device even proudly as jewellery.

    Imagine, someone would take offence about that over here …

    I know, the comparison is a bit lame in this culture. But iconic images are iconic images, once you try to distance yourself from the ideology behind them.

  33. “A celebration of torture, seen as spiritual liberation or whatever”

    Uh, no. A celebration of the selfless sacrifice a man supposedly made in order that his fellow humans might be spared

    I personally find it ironic that this whole mural episode, now a distinctly “fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me” type situation, is centered around a man who spent a large part of his adult life *killing other people* so he could impose his own personal ideals on their fellow humans.

  34. Steve
    Do you know anything about the life of Che?
    Yes we all know he was a Marxist revolutionary. Do you know what brought about his radicalisation?
    A lot more to this fascinating individual then just Marxism. And he certainly did not spend a large part of his adult life going around killing people.

  35. Long John Silver
    Not a whole not, obviously not as much as you I am guessing. So how many books have you read about him?

    Anyway let me retract my statement; he didn’t spend a large part of his adult life actually killing people himself personally, although he did spend 11 of his 21 years as an “adult” in a quasi-military capacity

    But you know what, he DID kill others in the name of his own beliefs and to me that instantly destroys any validity his icon might have since it is the image of a murderer, whether it be 1 or 100,000 is irrelevant to me – you can be marxist, facist, christian, atheist or anarchist, and you can have whatever reason you want for justifying why you did what you did or why you became a radical but that doesn’t make any of it right.

    To me Che was no better than the Taliban, in fact one of the reasons I stopped listening to one of my favourite bands of all time (RATM) was because their singer just would not shut the fuck up about that kind of twisted icon – he was clearly less “fuck you I won’t do what you tell me” and more “fuck you you will do what I tell you”

    I am sure you will of course shine a light on my ignorance; since I do not find his tyrannical, narrow-minded world view to be any more fascinating than that of any other despot, I am therefore only an uneducated gobshite, etc, etc.

  36. I am assuming from your reply that you have taken my question to you, as some sort of challenge?
    I am also making another assumption and that is that you are a committed pacifist and therefore any political organization whether it be left right or in the middle, would not have your support, if at any time it used physical force to bring about political change.
    What books I have read on Che is of no consequence. I was just curious as to where you acquired the information that would lead you to believe that he was a mass murderer. But since you retracted that comment we don’t need to discuss it any further.

    Did you know that Che was a medical doctor?
    Did you know that he became radicalized during his time in Chile and do you know what instigated this radicalization?
    Please do not take this debate personally. It is after all only a debate.
    Have you read The Motorcycle Diaries? It would give you a good insight into the man himself.

  37. Seeing as Clare is part of the greater Limerick area I don’t see why the Limerick City Council don’t step in and demand that they sort this out.

    Kilkee is the seaside town they forgot to bomb, Come, come, come nuclear bomb, sang Morrissey about the kip.


  38. @LJS – sorry for the delay in responding to you, I have been away

    I don’t know about the pacifist bit, but no, I wouldn’t support anyone who got into power by violence, which is really the whole point of my original rant. For me the irony is that we have a post complaining about the powers that be painting over an image of a man who, if it were he who were in charge, would have done the same thing and likely gone after the people who painted it, too.

    I don’t care if Che was a medical doctor or an avid kitten rescuer; nor do I care how or why he became what he did, bottom line if it was 1 or 1 million, he did murder others to further his own ideals and in my book that is 100% wrong 100% of the time.
    The only reason that icon became as famous as it did is because a very talented and impressionable artist thought he was cool. But that don’t actually make it so…

    Anyway, I don’t want to get into a debate or argument as I’m not going to be around for a bit, so take it handy everyone!

  39. And what is wrong with objecting to an obnoxious image of a mass murdering, oppressive communist lunatic like Che Guevara? There would be outrage (rightfully) if someone painted a mural of a mass murdering fascist but if its Che then its all fine and dandy it seems.

    Che Guevara did nothing but help to set up an opressive communist island prison, he got what he deserved in the end.

    People need to do a bit more reading on this commie thug outside of the standard lefty hagiography, all that said there is a certain power in the fact that a communist like Che is nothing more than a McDonalds arches-esque symbol of capitalism today.

  40. Seems that anyone with a different political view point to you is a leftie. Maybe oul Che was everything you say he was but then so is Blair, both Bush boys, what about Sharon, or does criticising him make me anti Israeli?

    I think you need to work on your tolerance levels and debating skills.

  41. No, firstly i’m also opposed to fascists who are not leftists, and secondly Che is a left-wing icon, I don’t see anyone who isn’t left wing defending or lionizing Che.

    Bush, Blair and Sharon are not murderers and totalitarians like Che was and all of them ran free countries unlike the one that Che helped to set up, also Bush, Blair and Sharon were all elected, Che and the Castros were never elected by anyone.

    And i’m sorry that my ‘debating skills’ and my ‘tolerance levels’ aren’t up to your obviously high standards (Sarcasm, I am being Sarcasitic).

  42. Does being elected give Blair the right to lie to the Commons so that he can invade and destroy Afghanistan and Iraq along with his Bush buddy? Does it give Sharon the right to mastermind the slaughter of refugees in Lebanon?

  43. No.8 – I don’t know if Blair lied to the commons and they did not invade Iraq and Afghanistan to ‘destroy’ them.

    Sharon did not ‘mastermind’ any slaughters in Lebanon, the Sabra and Shatilla massacre was carried out by Lebonese falangists, Sharin should have been more on the ball to stop it and he was punished by the Israeli government for not doing more. To say that Sharon or Israel is responsible for the S and S massacre is just false.

    Bock – I’m not a troll, just because I have a different opinion to you and No.8 does not mean that I am a troll. It’s your blog, if you want to ban me then you can (incidently banning someone for expressing a differing opinion is textbook left wing).

  44. Backtowork – I didn’t know that ‘left wing’ was an insult, I know plenty of good people who are left wing. This looks to me to be a left wing blog, is it not? What am I supposed to call someone who defends Che Guevara? Right wing?

    Bock – I don’t see anything that I wrote that suggests I am a ‘troll’, I think that you only call me a ‘troll’ because my opinion is different to yours. If you are insulted that I called your blog left wing then I apologize but I just called it as I saw it.

  45. Stop. Stop with these silly labels. It doesn’t matter a shit if this site is left, right, in the middle or behind the wardrobe.

    If you have facts to debate, feel free, but stop this stupid pigeon-holing. As far as I’m concerned, it’s designed solely to cause a fight, and that’s trolling.

  46. I can only call it as I see it and that’s how I see it, if you want to prevent me from using the words ‘left wing’ to describe your site then you’ll have to ban me because this is certainly a left wing blog, that’s not an insult and it certainly is not designed to cause a fight. Frankly i’m surprised that you object to your blog being called left wing.

  47. I’m asking you very respectfully to stop labelling people and fitting them into your pigeon-holes. Can you show the same respect by arguing on facts instead of focussing on the person you disagree with?

    Do you understand what you’re being asked to do?

  48. “Very respectfully”? Hardly. And as I said I can only call it as I see it I was not trying to ‘label’ or ‘pigeon-hole’ anyone. Where have I ”not focused on facts”? And yes I do understand what you are asking me to do, you are asking me to act as if this is an impartial website when it is a distinctly left wing blog that looks at stories and issues from a left wing standpoint. There’s nothing wrong with that and it is dishonest to deny it.

  49. You clearly have no idea how to behave in a respectful way, so that puts you beyond the normal entitlements of people who contribute to this site. But on the other hand, we haven’t had a good troll in a while, so I’ll let you continue for the moment, solely for the entertainment of the readers. I’ll probably delete you whenever I think it annoys you the most.

  50. I asked you to stop labelling people. It’s not a hard request to understand and it’s easy to comply with. Are you completely stupid?

  51. Trust me lefty it wont bother me, i’m not trolling, I was just trying to express an opinion and have a debate on topics that interest me, anyways I can see now that only left wing opinions are welcome on this site. So fuck you and your left wing blog. ; )

  52. Thanks for that considered critique. It says more about you than it does about me.

    What about that, then? I’m astonished at the overbearing arrogance of these people. Maybe you have something to add because I’m, for once, speechless.

  53. Bock #64 Wow! Arrogant is the word! People like him are against all that Che stood for, right wing crackpot trolls are not known for there humanity!

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