Guinness Wheelchair Ad Goes Viral

We Never Expected to Cry During This Beer Commercial, says the iVillage headline.

The heartwarming new advert for Ireland’s black gold that comes with a surprise ending, says the Daily Mail.

Jawdropping, says the Mirror.

Guinness commercial will make your heart melt, says the Huffington Post.


Did I cry?  No.

Was my heart warmed?  No, it was not.

Did my jaw drop?  Nope.

Did my heart melt?  It did not.

Very well then.  Did this  video have any effect on me at all?  Yes, it certainly did. I developed a profound and longlasting case of projectile vomiting.  What sort of idiot thought that such a shallow, fake-sentimental idea was appropriate for an ad selling beer?  Well, the same sort of idiot who writes for the Huffington Post, apparently, since the thing has gone viral.

It just goes to show that there’s no limit to the amount of mindless dross people want to consume.

Guinness meets X-Factor.

The ad seems to be aimed at an American audience, weaned on a diet of cheesy sentimentality.   I can’t imagine a European audience reacting well to the obvious, crass message underlying this beer promotion.  Consume our alcoholic product and you’ll look more sensitive than the schmuck drinking  the other piss.

It’s astonishing in its utter crassness, and yet, it might well appeal to the popular sentiment, if the reactions of media hacks is anything to go by, but personally, as a lifelong Guinness customer, alll it makes me think is that I need to find a different beer.  This is simply appalling.

Take a look at this ad and see if you can think of a more cynical, manipulative use of disability to sell an alcoholic product.  All it needs to complete the tear-jerker effect is a slo-mo shot of Bruce Willis in a space-suit walking out of a burning building carrying a baby and a flag.  Dear Jesus, what kind of schlock is this?

Oh, wait.  It’s the kind of schlock that has permeated every corner of Hollywood and brainwashed the American public into believing a cartoon version of reality.

Here’s an ad with a disability theme, but that disability has absolutely nothing to do with mobility.

This ad is about the disability that lives within the minds of the Madison Avenue team of know-nothings who designed it.

Welcome to the second coming  of  Guinness Light.

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