Trappatoni Can Hold On To Management Role

Let’s not write off Giovanni Trappatoni yet.

If Ireland beat Germany and Kazakhstan 20-nil each, we’re still in with a shout.  All it takes is a rousing team-talk before each game, which means that the answer is simple.  The FAI must hire a world-class interpreter, a sort of multilingual Davy Fitz, somebody prepared to jump up and down and call the players  obscene names in a language they understand.

No.  Forget it.  Trappatoni is gone.  I don’t even know why I suggested it.

I recommend Davy as the Irish manager.  That’s passion for you.

Davy Fitz

After the replay of the All-Ireland, they should send Delaney on his knees to beg Davy.  Please take the job, Davy.  Please.

And they should send some other FAI boodie to beg Brian Cody.  And another to crawl before Jimmy Barry Murphy.

They should, because these guys understand real raw passion, unlike Trappatoni’s ilk, who understand nothing except money.  And while they’re at it, they should beg all the amateur hurlers to sign up for Ireland.  They’re as fit as a butcher’s dog, and they all play soccer anyway when they’re not on the hurling field.

Let’s see a real revolution and hand Association Football over to the GAA.

They could hardly do a worse job than the donkeys who run it now.

7 thoughts on “Trappatoni Can Hold On To Management Role

  1. or you could get the catholic church involved.
    Failing that you could dress roy keane as a bishop…….he is stern enough.

  2. Watched the game and sadly even the familiarity of rain on the pitch we couldn’t manage a draw. They played well but the lack of fitness got them I think. Some teams they played were really hungry for the ball and didn’t give it up. I’ve watched them until it pained too much. I’m sure I don’t know what it takes, but we need to find the missing ingredient.

    Sad to see Trap go. I liked him. You know, he was tough but gentle and came across as very inoffensive. But they couldn’t be motivated by that.

    Please let them find a motivator.

  3. Davy Fitz seems to be still suffering from the siege mentality that he inherited from his former manager Ger Loughnane. The latter is still in that frame of mind judging by his disgraceful remarks on The Sunday Game about referee Brian Gavin.
    Fitz and Loughnane still blame everybody but themselves when things go against them. Passion is admirable,but it has to be tempered with a little common sense. If Fitz keeps up with this cute hoor nonsense it will turn people against a young Clare team with great potential.

  4. Sad to see Tardelli go.

    Here he is here in his prime, demonstrating why hurling is a much more passionate and skilful game than football.


  5. Shur an “eyetalan” could make eating dinner sound more passionate than a game of hurling!
    As Tardelli is running away after scoring his goal he’s shouting “Dai!! Dai!! Dai!!” pronounced “die”, which means “COME ON!!! (ta fuck)”….

    DIE!! DIE!!! DIE!!!

  6. not sure about davy. i’m of the opinion he cost the clare side an all ireland. passion is one thing, but the guy has no discipline. spends too much time mouthing at the lines man and the ref, also way to much time on the field of play. his players see his behaviour and follow suit. they gave away too many frees and at least 4 of those frees were moved forward for dissent. that clare side is so good, trap would have won the all ireland with them.
    on the subject of trappatoni, i seriously doubt he tells his players to play a pass behind the run of an irish player, or to kick the ball to no one, or to pass to the opposition. either we have poor quality players, or else we have players that are performing way under par

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