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Oct 262013

SandraCancer is a bastard.

Who hasn’t experienced it, either personally or through a friend, or a relative?

Last year, the Art For Cure sale in Limerick’s Hunt Museum raised €7,000 for the Mid-West Cancer Foundation, and the hope this year is that it will achieve the same or more.

Artist Sandra Barrett innovated the project in 2012, seeing it through to a successful conclusion, and although she passed away last February, she asked that people hold this event every year in her memory.

Let’s honour Sandra’s last wishes by making this a success.    Artists, give a piece.  Just give something, no matter how impoverished you are.  This is for cancer research.  There is no better cause.  Just give.  And if you feel you can’t, that’s fair enough.   We’ll get you another year, but I feeel most people will kick something in, because most people have been touched by cancer.

This initiative will make a difference to people with cancer, to their families and to their wider community.


Business people.  You’re constatly being hit for donations and you must be sick of it.  I understand that.  But you, like all the rest of us, have been touched by cancer, so please give something as a prize for the raffle.  Are you a barber?  Are you a tattooist? Do you do massage?  Perhaps you own a pub and maybe you’ll donate a prize of a few beers.  Maybe you’re a plumber and you’ll promise to unblock a sink.

I don’t know.  Just give to a cause that affects all of us.

Do it, and do it now.  You’re constantly inundated with bulshit appeals but this one is for real.  It affects you, personally.

Finally, as a member of the general public, so to speak, go along to the Hunt Museum on the 14th November and buy a piece of art.

The details are here on the Facebook page.

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    Thanks for posting.
    Can’t get there, other plans made for that date.
    I’ll figure out something.

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