Cat Shot on Love/Hate

A fictional cat was shot on a fictional TV show.

So?  Did anybody shoot a real cat?  No, they didn’t.  It was a story.  Somebody made it up.  Nobody shot a fucking cat.  It was a story.  That’s all.  A story.  Somebody told a story.

It didn’t happen.  No bullets were fired in the making of this show and no moggies were splattered, but that didn’t prevent a bunch of anal gobshites getting worked up about it.

Here’s where the PC lunatics need to be told where they really stand, or to put it in plain language, here’s where they need to be told to fuck the fuck off.

love hate cat-kiling bastards

The three people calling themeselves ARAN, (Animal rights action network) need to be told to get over themselves, and the Irish media need to stop paying attention to nonsense.  There are much more serious issues facing our society than a fictional series depicting something that never happened.  What is wrong with these fools?

Maybe we should make sure nobody ever shows domestic violence on TV.   Or maybe they should never show cage fighting.  Maybe we should never show anyone swatting a fucking fly.

Are you as sick of politically correct bullies as I am?  The producers of the show depicted their characters being complete bastards, and that’s their prerogative.  In what other art form does some tosspot feel entitled to dictate what should be shown and what should not?

Fuck off.  It’s that simple.   Stop trying to dictate to creative people what they can and cannot do.

Self-importance is a serious problem these days, as it always was, but these fools simply highlight the complete lack of humour that permeates the neo-Right.

Goodbye, humourless gobshites. I’ll stick to my questionable Leftist agenda while you work hard on discrediting everything  that every sensible person thinks.





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Some of the people I’ve heard giving out about the fictional cat being shot don’t particularly excel at human empathy.

god only knows what they would say, if they saw how old the shooter was.
on a look behind the scenes in the box set, the rescue of nidge by darren is shown. from what i could see and hear, even the sound of gunfire is edited after filming.

Didn’t a human get shot last season? I didn’t hear anyone complaining about that. Lots of people banging on about it, spoiling it for those who haven’t seen it, but no group of whiny do-gooders saying it does “irreparable damage to their work of curbing violent crimes towards [humans] ” or calling for a boycott of the show.

Heard one guy on the radio saying “it might make people think that its OK to shoot a cat”. Well what about all the humans who have the heads blown off or are tortured on Love Hate and many other TV shows and movies ?

As Bock says, if we were to listen to all these idiots there would be no room for any fiction.

Glad you cleared that one up. Have been hearing snippets about the Love/Hate cat on the radio over the last couple of days. The way it’s being reported, I had assumed, wrongly, that a cat was actually blasted.

Meanwhile in the real world, I listened to Aine Ni Chonaill (why is it always the gaelgoirs?)yesterday on radio – now there’s a cause for concern.

‘Fuck off. It’s that simple. Stop trying to dictate to creative people what they can and cannot do’

Hmmmm Rubberbandits Post ?????????????.

This stuff – “but what about humans getting shot, now thats really serious” is pathetic.
Your correspondents seem to think that human life is sacred –
It is’nt – so get over it.

Neighbours of mine were victims of a tiger kidnapping a few years ago.
Nobody complained about how that was depicted on L/H

Political correctness is why I’ve never been called Paddy (I live in London) unlike my predecessors.
There’s always some eejit who’ll take a thing too far.
I think I’ll launch a campaign on behalf of all the poor little mice that bastard cat killed.

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