Munster vs Gloucester 26-10

It was hard to take much comfort from Munster’s 26-10 defeat of Gloucester, given the visitors’ decision to field a second-string side in Thomond Park.

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After last week’s ludicrous defeat to Edinburgh, we expected a rampaging performance against Gloucester, and yet, although they had something like 85% of the posesession, Munster failed to secure a winning bonus point.  This is not good.  Despite a moment of champagne rugby when Ian Keatley’s crossfield kick found Johne Murphy at just the tight moment for a sweet try, the reality is that Munster are not producing the goods.  Possession of 85% should be reflected in the scoreline.

Something like 90-10 would be the appropriate result if we followed the possession stats, though obviously that would never happen, but at the same time, we should never have been worried about the final result in the last 30 minutes.

It should have been Game Over and it was not.

That’s worrying for Munster, especially after last week’s defeat to Edinburgh, a surprising outcome considering the comprehensive trouncing Munster delivered to them in the Rabo a month earlier.




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  1. I fully agree.

    I was angry all of last week about what I saw a collective failure by a Munster team in Murrayfield. This failure was (in my opinion) born out of a sense of entitlement to a win a cup game against one of the weakest sides in the Pro-12 league.

    Aside from JJ Hanrahan’s brain-fart chip ahead, the side looked all at sea and the canny Scots who, it seems, had been targeting this game since the pre-season.

    Munster were mugged.

    A lot of people that I spoke to during the week were expecting a massive backlash, others were less optimistic and spoke in terms of a team that had forgotten the ‘Munster way’ – patience, guile and the slow but inevitable strangulation of the opposition. Mutterings are beginning to heard of a team who has lost “Respect for The Jersey”.

    I am unwilling to go that far, at least for now.

    But back to Saturday evening. Once I saw the Gloucester team sheet last Friday I was puzzled. “Hmm, are they disinterested or is this a ploy”, I thought? It turned out to be neither.

    Nigel Davies set up a game-plan that allowed his team to give 80% of possession to the home side, not contesting the breakdown in numbers and spreading his defense right across the park.

    Unfortunately, Munster obliged and frustratingly ran laterally with little effect for the best part of an hour to no avail. While I do not wish to criticise Ian Keately, as the match wore on I thought to myself that Ronan O’Gara would have well understood how to unlock such a flat defense. By the 55th minute, I began to fret that the season might be over in October.

    Luckily, 10 points in two minutes sealed the deal. However, problems remain.

    I’ll stick my head above the parapet here and opine that this is not a happy camp of players at ease with their task.

    If Rob Penney is still trying to instill a Barbarians style of play on a squad that simply do not possess the skills to play such an expansive game, then we are doomed to failure. How and ever. the ‘up the jumper’ heave-ho graft of Mick Galway era are well and truly over.

    Additionally, I am inclined to believe that the ‘rock-and-roll’ attitude displayed by a number of players (especially over the summer months) is quite simply unacceptable.

    If Rob Penney and indeed Axle cannot resolve these issues by early December for the back-to-back against Perpignan, then it’s good night Irene for the season.

  2. Just as well for Zebo, he’s out injured for a few months. It’s all going to his head a bit. He might cop on while he’s sitting in front of the tv for a while.

  3. Your sure about Zebo Barry yeah… all gone to his head..another nasty famous person who thinks he s better than the rest of us yeah? Needs to be taken down a peg or two etc

  4. He’s a fine player, but I wouldn’t like to see another Gavin Henson job! I think players should be encouraged to stay away from twitter, Facebook, and rapping on silly youtube videos. But I suppose that’s like pissing in the wind innit.

  5. In fairness I understand why you present that argument but do you think to treat an adult professional sports person like a child and encourage them to stay away from an activity that 99.9% of their peers engage in [i.e facebook, twitter, you tube] would be beneficial to their development? How about giving players responsibility for how they use social media and deal with indiscretions on an individual basis and work from the basic premise that players wont turn into Bartons, Ballotellis or Hensons. After all we are asking them to man up when they wear the jersey are we not?

  6. True. Everyone else his age is mad at it. I don’t know the lad so couldn’t say what he is like. Seems a decent bloke but it could go pear shaped! ;-)

  7. Folks, these comments are walking a fine line. If anything drifts over that line, I’ll have no choice but to zap it. I’m sure everyone understands what I’m getting at.

  8. Nobody wrote anything that could be taken out of context though. All I suggested is players should stop posting silly videos online and concentrate more on their game.

    Roy Keane was right when he said it: “Some players are on £120,000 a week, play well against Tottenham for 20 minutes, and think they are super stars”.

  9. I was referring to the benefits of treating professional sports stars as adults as a way of diminishing childish behaviour on social media and how encouraging its non use might be counter productive to the player’s personal development. Call me naive but I’m sure curious as to the thing we are supposed to be getting at.

  10. The first poster hinted at the “rock n roll” attitude of some of the players. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out who it is.

    Maybe it’s just the way the pro game has gone. Players thinking they are “brands”, trying to live up to some reputation online or offline. Be it, silly photos, silly videos, silly haircuts and whatnot.

    I have no time for any of it. I’m getting old I suppose.

  11. I am not happy at the brand of rugby being imposed on the players by Penney. Its just not Munster. Much preferred it when a good old blood and guts spectacle was on display. The players were fired up ,the crowd got fired up and the city center was buzzing after the game. When was the last time a visiting team was visibly bloodied and shell shocked after being in the Thomond park cauldron ? ? The last few games have been bore fests. No wonder folk are staying at home or going to watch it in the pub.

  12. Hi Leftwinger, I’d say you probably enjoyed tonight’s performance (Glasgow) as a “blood and guts spectacle”.

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