Anthony Lyons Goes Back to Jail for Sex Assault

Multi-millionaire aviation-broker Anthony Lyons forced a girl to the ground and tried to rape her.

In my eyes that makes him a piece of shit before we go one step further, but that’s just my view of sex offenders, and let’s make no bones about it: Anthony Lyons, of Griffith Avenue, Dublin is a sex offender.  A predator.   A man who has attacked a woman sexually.

Let us not forget that for a second as we consider the background to this case.

Anthony Lyons is a man who has violently attacked a young woman.  He was caught and duly sentenced for his crime, and the sentence he received was utterly ludicrous, as was his defence, that  somehow, his cholesterol medication caused him to behave in an uncharacteristic manner.  This was utter nonsense.

It’s absurd, and yet, in his absolute arrogance, he thought the court would believe such tosh, though in a sense he was right, since the court took account of all the characteristics about him that made him a member of the privileged elite from which judges spring.

The court sentenced Lyons to six years in jail for attacking the girl, terrifying her and trying to rape her, which would surely have happened but for a certain amount of good luck. , but the judge then went on to mitigate the sentence by suspending five and a half years of it.


Because Lyons, the convicted sex-criminal was previously of good character.  Which means, as far as I can establish, that he was never convicted of  anything before.

Because Anthony Lyons, wealthy sex offender, expressed remorse, even though he made his victim wait until the trial was nearly upon her before agreeing that she was not lying.

Because many people spoke up on his behalf.  Many wealthy people whose testimony, it seems, impressed the judge.

Because he offered €75,000, which his victim told him to shove and which was a pittance anyway to this wealthy criminal.

The judge sentenced him to six months in jail, of which he might serve four before returning to his comfortable existence, leaving his victim to a life of fear thanks to his attack.  The DPP appealed the leniency of the sentence and today the Court of Criminal Appeal overturned the sentence.  Anthony Lyons is going back to jail, as he fully deserves and all that remains now is to decide for how long.

Unfortunately, he’ll probably end up in Arbour Hill with his fellow sex attackers, all reassuring each other how hard done by they are.

What a shame that Anthony Lyons, sex offender, couldn’t be sent to an ordinary prison where the common criminals might take a particular view of him and might, perhaps try to impress on him the gravity and consequences of his actions for him personally, in their own inimitable way.

Here’s something that baffles me.  How can a man, out of the blue, suddenly become a sex attacker, having never done anything of the kind before?   I find that very hard to understand.

It’s clear that Anthony Lyons has a ruthless streak to his personality.  How else could he fail to heed the screams of his 27-year-old victim, a girl who might have been his daughter?  Is it too much of a stretch to suggest that the same ruthlessness is what made him such a wealthy man in the aircraft business?




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9 thoughts on “Anthony Lyons Goes Back to Jail for Sex Assault

  1. Yep, a total scumbag.
    And sex attack characteristics don’t ‘suddenly’ appear out of the blue.
    Sex crimes, more than any other type of crime, bring out prejudicial nonsensical judgment and in spades.
    Twisted thinking, probably the most common of human traits.

  2. Isn’t rape about exercising power over the victim as opposed to sexual gratification? Lyons was obviously a man used to having power and authority. Perhaps he saw his victim as something / someone that he desired and therefore he could have it / her regardless.

    Fair play to the young woman for having the courage to see the case through and refusing to be bought off.
    Fair play to the DPP for appealing the sentence. Fair play to the Court of Criminal Appeal for overturning the original ludicrous sentence.

    Sometimes, just sometimes, the system works for its citizens. Now that just leaves the original judge with questions to answer.

  3. Maybe he was shoving his cholesterol medication up his urethra instead of taking it as the manufacturer intended. Maybe it was drink, or a traumatic experience during childhood or a bad run on the markets or maybe he misinterpreted her body language and her screams; or maybe he is a nice respectable god fearing golf playing but innately evil little cunt who got caught….

  4. I’d read it differently.

    In my opinion, he got to where he was by being a heartless thug, and the character-defect manifested itself in an assortment of horrible behaviours including this attempt at rape.

    It would surprise me greatly if he hasn’t been obnoxious in many other ways over the years. We’re not talking about a nice guy here.

  5. That’s a matter of speculation. As a sexual predator, it seems reasonable to assume that he didn’t develop the inclination to attack and humiliate women overnight, but perhaps this is the first time he acted on this urge. However, it seems clear to me that he has the sort of personality that would be likely to exploit any opportunity to intimidate a victim, whether in business or in private life.

  6. If this was his first attempt at rape, then how many arses has he groped around the office? How many bosoms has he vomited on at coke parties? Look at the smirk of him above. It’s a picture that tells a thousand words.

  7. I agree with all of the above. This evil scum bag should be put away for a long time. I also think the first judge should answer the question of how he got it so wrong. Why is he on the bench when he is clearly incapable of doing his job. He is as dangerous to our young daughters as the evil Lyons scum.


  8. In reply to the last question of your last paragraph,the answer is no,its not too much of a stretch to make that suggestion.

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