Child-Rapist To Plead Guilty

A little under two months ago, the country was appalled to hear that two little girls had been raped in Athlone.  The girls, aged six and nine, went missing from a birthday party and were found in a distraught state by family members.  I’m not sure that distraught is the right word for the condition of these kids who were so savagely violated, but in cases like this, words often fail us.

There was some sort of altercation, and it seems a local publican might have been assaulted when he intervened.  It also seems that family members tried to inflict harm on the perpetrator — not without good reason, you might be thinking.   Reports indicate that a 30-year-old homeless man, a father of two children, is ready to plead guilty to multiple rape of these two small children and immediately I want to tear him into little pieces.  If somebody did anything remotely resembling this to any of my children, I wouldn’t care one jot about the rule of law.  I’d kill them.  I’d maim them.  I’d make them suffer.

But I’d be wrong to do so, because we can’t order our society on the basis of feral, atavistic urges.  If we did so, we wouldn’t have a society for long.

And therefore, much though I sympathise with the urge to dismember, torture and dispose of this piece of shit, I have to tell you that we can’t behave like that in a civilised society.  It’s not because I want to protect and defend the scumbag who violated the kids.  I’d like to chop him into small pieces, just as you would.  It’s because we have a civilised society with all its faults and the place to judge people is a court of law, not an enraged mob.

If we want to keep our civilised society, we need to extend protection to scumbags whether we like it or not.   The alternative is a world of lynch-mobs.  Is that what we want?

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  1. As long as those who commit these heinous crimes receive very long prison sentences, then I totally agree with you.

  2. @backtowork – He’ll serve his time in Arbour Hill prison with the other sex offenders so I don’t think prison justice will prevail there.

    I’m guessing that’s why he’s opting to plead guilty so he can get to Arbour Hill and away from Castlereagh where he’s currently being incarcerated and is under “Suicide Watch” that he requested himself

  3. “The alternative is a world of lynch-mobs. Is that what we want?” I feel this is by far too simplistic a way of looking at this particular issue – I have two daughters and I would rip him limb from limb, if that therefore makes me an uncivilised member of society then so be it. His actions have psychologically marred these two young children for life and there is no court sentence sufficiently long enough nor indeed punishing enough. Doubtless, he will receive treatment and in due course be integrated back into society, I neither believe prison rehabilitates or indeed that those of this ilk can ever be rehabilitated. If that makes me barbaric in my thinking, then barbaric I am. I believe from day to day most civilised humans can exist in a civilised society, however I do believe there are exceptions to every rule and this is one where deviating from social norms would be quite the norm. From an evolutionary standpoint, the emotion such crime evokes causes those in a “civilised society” to revert to primal animalistic tendencies with the inherent instinct to protect, defend and remove. It is precisely because we reside in such “civilised society” that the nature of this crime remains so abhorrently uncivilised to us.

  4. I don’t believe there’s any possibility of rhabilitating these people, but at the same time, if we give in to our own primitive urges and kill him, we simply debase ourselves.

  5. A debased member of society then I would gladly be – these two innocent children aren’t even connected to me and yet I feel such a burning, primal, savage rage, I therefore understand my own psyche, flawed and all as it may well be but stand behind my thoughts on this if this was either of my daughters.

  6. But that is the crux of my argument, in a situation such as this society and its demands would cease to matter. Society has all too often been let down. A permissible society requires respect and responsibility on all sides, if over time as has been consistently shown, individuals decide they are above the rules of conventional society, then surely civilised society will eventually fracture and become unworkable. Civilised society has constantly been attacked and undermined by heinous acts such as this and throughout courts of law have sentenced either too leniently or to the advantage of the perpetrator, all too often forgetting the victim. As stated above, in my own limited opinion I do not feel there is a judicial sentence sufficiently severe for this crime, I believe this depraved individual already advantaged, he was homeless well now he has a roof over his head, a hot shower every day and food in his stomach, already he benefits. Society should get real and stop all this namby-pamby, hippy jippy rubbish – tolerance can only last for so long. In the words of Karl Popper: “Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society… then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them… We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant”.

  7. Society needs to remove such people from circulation, permanently in my opinion. However, I don’t think we can start making exceptions from the death penalty ban, no matter how revolted we are by a crime.

  8. Absolutely agree that the state cannot respond with violence. I know I would respond with violence in the same circumstances, but that doesn’t make it right. The state dispenses justice, not retribution. We don’t have the death penalty, and rightly so. We cannot have the state responding emotionally to something like this, despite our understanding/sympathy of the family’s response to commit violence. The state’s response has to be devoid of emotion, calculating, and just. A problem is when the state’s dispassion aligns itself more with the letter of the law than actual justice to avoid punishing certain strata of society

  9. Whilst I wholeheartedly agree with Toni as it would appear that this thinking and any such actions arising are the only form of punishment this thing will get – it is a tad hypocritical that lynch-mob mentality is acceptable within the confines of a prison environment but not outside in a civilised society. If this our thinking, and I certainly don’t disagree with this, then really at base level how civilised are we? Also worthy of note, if as a civilised society we believe that the law must be upheld, how rehabilitating are prisons if the implied behaviour herein, is perfectly acceptable in such environment and, more importantly, to many members of such civilised society?

  10. The ony reason prison won’t work on these guys is that they eventually get out – If they are put away for life which they should be – then the risk to society is removed and that is the only fair outcome for society.

  11. In my opinion, these people can’t be treated and therefore they must be removed permanently from contact with children. If that means jailing them for life, or until they’re too sick to do any harm, fair enough.

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