Tom Collins — Sign Painter

When you make a video about a craftsman, it’s best to stay in the background and that means keeping quiet.

Just be quiet.  Let them talk: they have plenty to say, so just let them express themselves.

Here’s Tom Collins, sign painter and graphic artist, talking about the space he finds himself in when he executes a commission for a client.

Tom Collins Sign Painter

It’s always been my view that craftsmanship has little to do with physical skill and everything to do with getting your mind right.  It’s all about how you feel when you’re doing the work and that’s why it’s so important to interview people like Tom.  He’s completely focussed on making you, the client,  look good.  No room for his ego anywhere.

That’s not what it’s all about.




Tom Collins Signs



Many thanks to Sharon Slater for the research



3 thoughts on “Tom Collins — Sign Painter

  1. Always nice to see the maestro at work, reminds me of that wonderful RTE production years ago, Hands. We just don’t see enough of this kind of talent any more on mainstream TV and what a pity! Maybe BTR productions will change all that?

  2. Whatever my religion is, people doing what craftsmen do is part of it. I think I read somewhere that the Swiss hold craftsmen, yes okay, and feckin women, in higher regard than lets say accountants or solicitors.

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