Bailey Brothers Disqualified From Directorships for Seven Years

Do you remember the Bailey brothers?


These were the fucking eejits largely responsible for the cataclysmic evidence of James Gogarty to the planning tribunal that blew open the extent of political corruption in Ireland.

The Bailey brothers themselves are just a pair of crooked gobshites who rode roughshod over the laws of this land.  Two uneducated tosspots who — because this is Ireland — managed to get themselves into a position where they could become movers and shakers.  In Ireland, you’re an aristocrat as long as you’re loud, aggressive and have a bit of borrowed money to play with.  And because the Irish are so cowed by generations of grovelling to the ascendancy, we’ll be happy to grovel in front of you too, even if you happen to be a fat, thick, uneducated fool like the Bailey brothers.

Bailey brothers

And that’s why these two pricks became so successful.

Do you remember Gogarty’s evidence to the Tribunal, describing how he and the Baileys were driving out to Fianna Fáil Minister Ray Burke’s house to hand him his bribe?

I said, will we get a receipt for this?  And Bailey turned around and he said, Will we fuck!

The Baileys were up to their necks in the fraud and crookery of the ludicrous Celtic Tiger, a movement that benefited only the thick, aggressive gobshites attending Fianna Fáil.

Look at them.  Two thick uneducated, unlettered wankers who possibly never read a book.  These are the sort of people who crashed the Irish economy because such tossers are the kind Bertie Ahern, another unlettered, uneducated fool looked up to as heroes.  Limited men promoting limited men.  These are the people that his party favoured and now, see what the consequences are.  Have a good look at the smug, self-satisfied grins on their fat ignorant faces as they leave the High Court having been disqualified from acting as company directors for seven years.

Good.  We don’t need fraudsters running companies in Ireland.

I hope they never manage to be company directors ever again after the damage they and their like have inflicted on Ireland.

19 thoughts on “Bailey Brothers Disqualified From Directorships for Seven Years

  1. Problem is that these uneducated, unlettered wankers are no different from the rest of the fuckers who ruined our country, Bertie, Sean Dunne, etc etc… They all have the same smug self-satisfied grin on their face because this is Ireland and no doubt these two idiots will continue to live the high life, live in their big house, drive a flash car, eat in the best restaurants and I’ve no doubt there’s a pile of cash they have within reach somewhere that the High Court can do fuck all about. Disqualified from being a company director means fuck all. A real punishment would be to make them do their weekly shopping in Aldi or Lidl. Ooohhhh imagine the shame. Wankers

  2. I think the Baileys deserve credit for their achievements in spite of their poor education and working-class backgrounds.If you are not educated and cannot access good salaried and/or civil service jobs,you have to play the system if you want to progress.I know for a fact that the Baileys worked their arses off at construction in England to earn the seed capital to start their business.Inasmuch as I dissapprove of corruption as much as the next taxpayer,these guys were faced with a corrupt government and civil service. The Baileys are hard-working decent men who got caught by the recession. They are also neither thick nor ignorant.

  3. Are you sure that chap on the right isn’t Pat Shortt doing one of his usual sketches of a fat, thick, uneducated fool. no?

  4. I am certainly not ok with bribing ministers and I believe both parties should be equally punished.I am equally not ok with having corrupt ministers and civil servants who tout for bribes. Maybe the “thick,ignorant uneducated” Baileys had no other way to deal with an unfair,unjust,corrupt system.

  5. The people that deserve credit here are the people who bought overpriced properties from the likes of these two pricks and now face a lifetime of debt and hassle from banks with no assistance whatsoever from our government but still do their best to provide for their children and keep their families together in the hope of a better future. The baileys don’t look too upset with their disqualification. Fuck them. They wouldn’t piss on the average Joe on the street. I’ve no sympathy for them.

  6. Apparently not if you are fat or called Bailey, Harris or Smithwick.

    Bock why do you use fat as an added insult? “even if you happen to be a fat, thick, uneducated fool like the Bailey brothers.” Have you ever referred to any one as a slim, thick, uneducated fool?

    It kind of holes your description of the Bailey boys as thick and uneducated.

  7. What are directors even for anyway? I’m sure the Bailey’s will simply pay someone to act as a shadow director anyway if they need to run a company or two.

  8. “Look at them. Two thick uneducated, unlettered wankers who possibly never read a book”

    I have no opinions about the Bailey brothers and I know very little about them.

    I’m not sure how describing fellow country-men in such terms gets us anywhere….

    How do you know if they never read a book? And even if they did not, what is the relevance to this discussion? This kind of language is not helpful at all….

  9. No 8 — The fat is symbolic of the fact that they’ve been living high on the hog for so long.

    Rainman — be a good chap and don’t lecture me about my choice of language.

  10. They’re not my fellow countrymen, thanks but no thanks. As far as I am concerned they, the baileys, are cut from the same cloth as the rest of the crooks and thieves that bred corruption and ruined this country, people like Ray Burke, Bertie, Sean Dunne, Fingleton, jaysus I could go on here for the night. They might be you’re fellow countrymen but definately not mine.

  11. i don’t think it was just fianna fail that were corrupt. fine gael very quickly cleared their debts when they got into power. where did that money come from? if i remember rightly, garret owed close to 2 million at one stage to aib. like charlie that debt was cleared quickly.
    i doubt that the baileys brothers created the culture of bribery and backhanders. i’m guessing it was thrieving before they came along. they certainly had no problem being a part of it though.

  12. Bock I’m lecturing you – just pointing out that making crude personal insults, particularly when they are not based on any facts, don’t really help the debate.

    Also your comment to “8” about “fat” is not necessarily accurate given that statistics show that, in general, rich people are less overweight than poorer people.

    Lets focus on facts,

  13. In general, rich educated people are less overweight than poorer people or indeed poorer people who made a fast buck but remain uneducated!

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