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The Central Remedial Clinic threatens to destroy all charities in Ireland, thanks to the exposure of the naked greed behind the entire enterprise.  Far from being a charity, the CRC seems to be a vehicle for enriching a small circle of people, many of whom would seem to fit neatly into the Drumcondra Mafia definition.  In other words, the friends of Bertie Ahern, and before him, the Fianna Fáil cabal that  held a stranglehold on everything that moved in the area.

Everyone has now seen the remuneration paid to Paul Kiely, whose salary — funded by the HSE — was €107,000, but who needed another €130,000 or so to give him a proper standard of living, as befits the CEO of a charity.  I don’t know if he derived any other benefits from the CRC, such as a car but in due course, no doubt these details will emerge.  Nevertheless, we do know this: Paul Kiely got more than €130,000 every year from a fund that collected money from the general public in good faith, and the people who donated to that fund did not think they were augmenting Paul Kiely’s handsome annual income.

Kiely resigned from the board of the charity just before  the details of his remuneration were made public.

In the days since this story first broke, things have gone from bad to worse.

We now know that Paul Kiely got a tax-free lump sum of €200,000, taken from the money that ordinary people donated in order to help disabled children, and we know that he’ll receive a pension of €98,000 for the rest of his life.  Nice.

I have qualms about everything to do with this, Mr Kiely said.  Qualms about almost everything, it seems, apart from pocketing  the money donated by the public.

Brian Conlan replaced Paul Kiely as CEO but resigned last week, just before the Dáil Public Accounts Committee put the CRC on the rack.  He didn’t attend the PAC hearing and because he’s a former employee, he can’t be forced to do so.  It seems Mr Conlan paid back that portion of his salary that had not been approved by the HSE.  When asked why the new CEO resigned, CRC chairman Jim Nugent explained that the CEO found the whole thing very intrusive into his private life.

In other words, Nugent is saying that Brian Conlan was happy enough to take money from the charity as long as nobody was asking hard questions about it.


Now here comes the most bizarre revelation yet about the CRC and the Drumcondra Mafia.

In his statement to the PAC, Paul Kiely claimed that the CRC paid €666,000 to the Mater for administering a non-existent pension fund.  In fact, it turns out that the Mater agreed to facilitate this because at the time, in the late 70s, the CRC was not categorised as a hospital, and therefore, money was channeled through a hospital, to circumvent the rules, all approved by the department of health at the time.

I know.  Sorry.  This is Ireland, where bullshit reigns supreme.

The arrangement benefited the hospital because it was allowed to charge between 10% and 13% of the pensions value every year, even though the administration work was minimal.  It benefited the CRC board for obvious reasons because they could carry on their enterprise unhindered by regulation.

Now, there are two interpretations one might put on this.

The first is that the Mater hospital was doing the CRC a favour, but then you’d have to remember that the Mater was owned by the  Sisters of Mercy in Eccles Street, a most ruthless organisation.  I might just mention in passing that they demolished Leopold Bloom’s fictional home,  No 7 Eccles Street, without a blink in order to erect their hugely-profitable Mater Private hospital, but that’s another story.  These were the nuns who negotiated with Bertie Ahern’s government in  the discussions about how much the clergy would pay for abusing children in the residential institutions, and they managed to extract, without too much resistance, a commitment that the clergy would not have to pay more than €100 million in compensation, despite their vast holdings of property paid for by the Irish public.

In the end, the taxpayer handed out over €1,400,000,000 while the religious orders so far have paid nothing towards the cost.

What is the common link between the Mater hospital and the CRC?

In the late 70s, the Mater’s financial officer  (who prefers to call himself an accountant) was none other than Bertie Ahern, and the CRC was the private stomping ground of Bert’s political allies.  As it remains to this day.

Everyone’s a winner, apart from the disabled people the clinic claims to be helping and, of course, the taxpayer, but hey, nobody cares about the little people.


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    Unfortunately BOCK, you are correct again.


    I’d be interested to see if any other of the so called “Dig Out” pals got jobs on state boards.


    how could these men take money collected for sick children.
    over the years it must be millions of euro collected for sick children.
    How were these men qualified to run a medical clinic, who thought nothing of taking money from sick children.
    they now say they must keep taking money from sick children to give to these men for legal reasons.
    stop paying now and, sack them and let these men go to court.
    my blood is boiling.


    Answers to your questions:

    (1) They could take money from children because they have no morals. That’s one of the traits of being in the loop with Fianna Fail.

    (2) Over the years it’s at least a few million euro’s, however as this is Ireland we’ll never get the full amount.

    (3) These men weren’t qualified to run a corner shop never mind the CRC, just put in positions of power by their buddies in FF.

    (4) Just like the developers & bankers, of course these flutes will have to be paid off or it’ll cost us even more.

    My blood is boiling every bit as much as yours. I’d love to see these men stripped of every penny and corruptly got asset that they have but our current government haven’t got the balls to do something about it, then again did you expect otherwise, enda and co. have let us down at every juncture since they took over


    They have to find a way to tax the bollix out of these fuckers pensions . . or would that be like turkeys voting for Christmas ?


    Everything is to be commodified. The corporate parasites are on the move. Corporate Governance, best practice and all that blarney. Only time, before they turned their attention to the charities. Turn them into businesses. Massive salaries etc. A plague that is common all around the world. Piracy on a huge scale. Punish the poor. These parasites and scammers with their corporate mindset need to be pushed back into the shadows.


    Rob everything. Steal everything. Everything is for sale. Everything is to be commodified. Corporate Governance, best practice and all that lies. Muscle in on charities. Corporate parasites and the whole corporate mindset needs to be moved to the margins of society.


    I took a look at the CRC website his morning—I could not see ANY evidence of an acknowledgement of recent events or any attempt to reassure the public who donate to this charity. The biggest font on their home page is reserved for the CRC Comedy night—that somehow seems entirely appropriate.
    Maybe they don’t update their website very often or maybe they truly are shameless arrogant FF- spawned scum?. Who knows?–the whole rotten management structure needs to be dismantled.


    Bock, just came across this article in the Guardian today about the President of Uruguay. About someone who is not a corporate parasite/ pirate. Someone who actually has a conscience and is prepared to speak out about the insanity of hyper consumerism, rampant capitalism and greed. Someone who actually does not want to live in a palace. Is there a lesson here for Ireland and it’s slavish imitation of US values? I just thought this was so inspirational.


    Its clear that the term ’embezzlement’ does not exist in Ireland – this is what describes the actions of the CRC but you’ll never hear that word uttered in Ireland.


    I thought I’d try to help out…as best I can given the straightened times…

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