Dec 152013

Tonight, our Prime Minister, Nadiba, addressed us in all his sincerity and pomposity.

Enda kenny Nadiba

I didn’t listen to it, obviously.  Life’s too short for listening to a guy who can’t talk, but I imagine he straightened his tie, patted down the front of his jacket, checked his parting and said humpty humpty humpty hoo, or words to that effect, in whatever Mayo people think is a posh accent, because that’s what Nadiba does.  The primary teacher of our nation.

Thank you, Nadiba, for teaching us to sing The Wheels On The Bus.  And thank you for giving us strange Irish versions of our names.

But most of all, Nadiba, thank you for giving us a belief in our inner Culchie.

As our children spread out across the world, abandoning the country that was fucked by you and your mirror image party, Fianna Fáil, at least they’ll carry with them the inspirational leadership of Nadiba and his predecessor DaBert da Mighty.

Let us all celebrate for having such wonderful politicians to represent us.


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    It’s his TV channel so he can go on and talk any amount of almighty shite any damn time his tranche of Taoiseach advisors say he can.


    I look forward to the piss takes of these things.

    It’s like something out of an American skit of a presidential address in the 50s.. Hard to take seriously.
    ‘Tis the same old lies and smoke screens.


    The Greeks sill in the shit despite their protests, we could have done the same and got no where ,Ireland got out of the IMF. which bailed out the UK in the 1970’s under Labout at one time, of course forget history , and that is an achievement, as the late Brendan Behan said “Ireland is a nation of fucking begrudgers”


    Or a nation of gobshites who don’t bother to read something properly?


    Just can’t bear to listen to the guy ever. If I have the radio on and he comes on, I automatically turn it off. I used to do the same with Blair, Thatcher, Clinton. And Obama. Liars and hypocrites all. Delusional with power and hubris

    . This muppet Kenny can say any old bullshit and he will never be questioned. His minders have decided that he needs to be protected so you will never see him going one to one in an interview. He is on script and has been choreographed to death by the spin men around him.

    He would disintegrate if he was challenged by a serious journalist. He seemingly said in the address to the nation that everybody suffered over the last 5 years. How he could have the nerve and the brass neck to say such a thing speaks volumes about this guy. A typical Fianna Gael hack who climbed up the greasy pole and got lucky. A ventriloquist’s dummy if ever there was one. God fucking help us.


    You don’t mention any aversion to Haughy, Ahern, Lenihan or Cowen. Coincidence?

    He may well be a muppet protected by his minders, but it is the current government under his leadership that has lead the country out of the FF induced bailout. It is the current government that has restored some semblance of international reputation that FF did their level best to destroy for benefit of themselves and their cronies. I don’t have any time for politics or politicians but credit where it’s due.


    i didn’t see it. did he hold his hands together through out like he did with his last state of the nation address?


    i suppose you whiners would prefare to be governed by by someone like that nice mister kim of north korea?


    Patrick, he has not been compared to Kim the dear leader, but why would Koreas leaders failaings make Irelands leaders failing any better?


    Patrick, you probably don’t know this, but you just made a classic Strawman argument. Look it up.


    or we could all have a glass of wine instead of whining


    I don’t mention any aversion to Haughey, Lenihan or Cowen?

    Are you serious? Have you ever read this site at all?


    Sensitive we are, it was in response to post #5. Never saw you as the Diva.

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