Italian Woman Forced by British Social Workers to Undergo Caesarean Section

You thought social workers couldn’t possibly be more authoritarian or stupid?

Think again.

Here’s a case where a pregnant Italian woman visited Britain to attend a training course with Ryanair.   She has bipolar disorder and neglected to take her medication, with the result that she experienced a psychotic episode of some sort at Stansted airport.  Police were called and they carted the woman off to a psychiatric hospital, where she was detained against her will for five weeks.  She was then sedated, and her baby was surgically removed by Caesarean section, at the instigation of Essex Social Services.

Why?  Because the woman has a treatable mental illness.  And the remarkable irony is that the police and the social services displayed a degree of paranoia in handling the case that would get anyone else locked up.

A sign is seen outside Stansted Airport in Essex, southern England

It gets worse.  They then sent the woman back to Italy without her child, who is currently in custody.  When the mother returned to Britain looking for the baby, she was informed that the child is being put up for adoption in case she has a relapse.

This is called Child Protection in the fraudulent language of the caring professions.

It’s rare that I wouldn’t have some comment to offer on a news story, but I think this case is so blatantly insane that no comment is necessary.  Here we have, yet again, the practitioners of what are euphemistically known as the soft sciences (otherwise known as stuff nobody can prove) going before a court and pleading arrant nonsense in order to deprive a woman not only of her child but also of her bodily integrity.

I don’t think it’s any exaggeration to compare this with Stalinism or Nazism or any other extreme movement that cares nothing for the human being.

Who could have imagined that a visitor to Britain could be imprisoned, forcibly ripped open and deprived of her baby, all in the name of child protection?

The mind boggles.  Isn’t it about time that governments everywhere got on top of this extreme, intolerant, politically-correct  ideology that has supplanted religion in the 21st century, and put these PC mullahs back where they belong?

11 thoughts on “Italian Woman Forced by British Social Workers to Undergo Caesarean Section

  1. That the ‘Law’ stands as defender of the enforcers of such barbaric shit is of the level – nightmare, and is akin to the laws of the regime that sanctioned the packaging of hundreds of blonde blue-eyed Scandinavian babies into suit cases and exported them to the fatherland to begin the creation of the master-race. Those infants who failed to survive the suit-cased over-land trips were simply discarded. I would be shocked to hear that Ryanair have not also discarded the unfortunate Italian woman.

  2. Except that it really has happened and continues to happen I would not believe it. On the one hand SS are incapable of protecting a child to the extent that it slowly starves to death or is beaten or shaken to death and on the other hand this case. Insane is right. Breath-taking also applies. Baffling, brutal, inhumane, stupid and I would have hoped, illegal.

  3. @ Jourmeymans, what exactly do you expect Ryanair to do? Is / was the woman a Ryanair employee?

  4. I think if, you look closer to home that.. this type of a barbaric act isn’t new but was carried out in Ireland for years to a certain degree… Its just that Ireland was ahead of them at doing it.
    How may Irish women where forcibly rushed off to a Magdeline Laundry, for a crime of being pregnant and practically went through a similar situation, where they were forced to hand up their babies and then to come and look for them and get no answers…..either covered up by the Catholic Church, whom where for a very long time since the foundation of the state, they where the right hand men/people to the Government, sure they were all under the one banner, i.e, social services, hospitals, and schools… in my mind the popes own SS men,
    So we don’t need to read about what happened in Britain and frown and which is totally horrible for any woman to be subjected to at what they have done in the 21st century as it all happened here before.

  5. This isn’t about US v Them. It’s about a women whose treatment is beyond words or understanding. Whether it happened before or where it happened before is irrelevant,

  6. agree with No 8, just because it happened before doesnt take away from the fact that it happened, is it not more shocking now that that we are supposed to have learned from the mistakes of a few short yeards ago

  7. Have you followed up on this case in the last day or so, it has been in the news quite a bit here.
    It seems strange that this happened 15 months ago and only made it into the news recently.

    News reports say that the young woman in question has 2 other children that the Italian authorities deem she is unable to care for. The essex social services have tried with the woman’s extended family to see if there is someone that can care for the baby born in England to no avail.

    I can feel only sadness for the young woman, she apparently is a normal and rational person if she takes her medication but authorities in two different countries deem her unable to care for her children.

    I would hate to be in the situation that the young woman finds herself but I would equally hate to be the social worker making the decisions on her life and I think it is unfair to hold up this case as an example of political correctness gone mad.

    There have been too many examples here in Britain in recent years were social services missed or ignored some terrible cases of children being left in dangerous situations with horrific outcomes.

  8. Facts from this particular case are only now coming to light and the situation is no way as clear cut as this post suggests. Although a foster carer here in UK who quite often questions the lunacy of some decisions made by the local authorities and social worker I agree with Jay. In the wake of Baby P and unfortunately many others like him, I do believe the child’s safety paramount and this should come become before any rights a parent may be deemed to have. Yes, bi-polar can be controlled with specific medication but quite clearly this woman was not taking her medication and therefore this sorry tale has ensued. Should the newborn be left in the care of this woman who may or may not take her medication? Should the child be exposed to the erratic environment that may exist if, once again, this woman decides not to take her medication? I personally believe that the negatives far outweigh the positives in this particular instance. Far too many children have been left in unsuitable and inappropriate environments resulting in long-lasting and detrimental psychological damage. Understanding, acceptance and tolerance from society is very quickly forgotten when presented with maladjusted adolescents and adults resulting, primarily, from dysfunctional childhoods and irresponsible parenting.

  9. It is a great pity that the child has no voice in this matter. The child is a blank canvas who may be fortunate enough to know life without the cares of having a mother who has innate problems, of an extended family who appear to be doing nothing except shouting. Perhaps it would be wise to consider the overall perspective of how and why the mother came to be in this unfortunate predicament. It is unwise to judge unless one is appraised of all the facts. Hysterics does not help the situation. Let us hope that the focus that this event has highlighted does not detract from the overall well-being of the innocent victim.

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