Limerick City of Culture CEO Steps Down?

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Dec 142013

There are hints that Patricia Ryan, the recently-appointed CEO of Limerick’s City of Culture year, 2014, has stepped down.

This hasn’t yet been confirmed, but if it’s true,  it should be welcomed, not because Patricia Ryan is the wrong person for the job, but because the appointment process was flawed.  This bungled selection process undermined public confidence in the entire venture and what’s even worse, it provoked accusations of cronyism, due to Ms Ryan’s previous employment  for Pat Cox, who just happens to be chairman of the City of Culture board.

A public project without the support of the public is doomed to fail.

If the City Council now establishes a proper selection procedure, I wish Ms Ryan every success applying for the role in competition against suitably-qualified candidates.


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    I came first in Solo Recitation Feile Luimnigh 1972 and was part of a Feile Luimnigh winning CBS Boys Group in which I had to say the line “I do” (Piggy) in ‘The Owl and The Pussyca’t under the tutelage of Mrs Barry. Would you consider I am suitably qualified even though I was never in the PDs and despite the fact that I could name some ex- PDs who still remain on the Board? Maybe they are using Board meetings to nostalgically remember the good old days of Dessie, Harney, O’Donnell, McDowell et al and ‘all that delirium of the brave’?? BB



    I actually said ‘I will’ (Piggy) – apologies.


    I think that’s a bit different, Not all posts need to be advertised externally.


    Never forget, the PDs were simply FF with extra self-righteousness.


    Pat Daly was formerly employed by Shannon Development. If the post was not advertised externally how did he hear about it? I think a senior management role paying €98k should be advertised externally to ensure the best candidates can apply, particularly when it’s public money.


    I don’t have much information on the background to that appointment, so I’ll stay out off it for now.


    I’m pretty sure she is staying put. The right people NEVER resign in this country


    Why would you think she might be in any way qualified? It shows a huge disrespect for the professional culture sector.


    The professional culture sector. Interesting concept. What is it?


    Bock, how do you know she’s leaving – my sources tell me she’s staying put !


    If you read the post, you’ll see that I don’t claim to know. I’m just exploring what I’ve been told.


    They would be people with experience in the arts or cultural management which is a profession – taught in college no less. People who work with artists, curate, run venues, festivals, tv production companies etc etc


    Could I run something cultural without being a professional, taught in college, no less?


    is it irish culture that they are promoting? or just culture in general? the use of the word urban in a publicity article has me confused.


    Maybe Bock, assuming you we’re a good people manager, team builder, had empathy with artists, knew finance and corporate governance inside out, could negotiate contracts and knew the difference between professional art and the amateur sectors. It’s a complicated Multi faceted individual connected to the existing national and international networks needed in that job, not a political assistant/advisor.


    How do they teach empathy with artists in college no less?


    “It’s a complicated Multi faceted individual ” That is so me!!
    I got loads of empathy for artists too and I know finance inside out. I can also say all that with a straight face too.. no less.
    Where do I apply?


    Debs — What is culture? Is it confined to artists?

    I think what you describe is an Art professional.


    Maybe you are right Bock. An Arts Professional running the show – would that not be a good idea? Better than a political advisor to a PD maybe?


    True enough, but it is called City of Culture, not City of Art.


    So then a Culture Professional – they do cross over in expertise with Arts Professionals (usually interchangeable actually) – they do NOT cross over with Political appointees.


    I agree with you about political appointments. I’m just curious why they felt a culture festival specifically needs an artistic director. Doesn’t culture extend to more things than art?


    I’ve run projects at work, I’ve negociated contracts, I’ve orgainised over seas tours for 50+ people, I’ve ran my own businesses, (as have many others) I’ve been to college but only as a mature student, I have never studied empathy with artists. Would that preclude me from securing a position as artistic director given that I seem to tick other boxes? Do I need to learn how to air kiss and call people luvvie, or is that a stereotype?

    There is a very successful bar, restaurant, music venue on the Dock Rd. in Limerick. I don’t know about the owners academic record, but he does seem to have empathy with artists, would he be a good candidate? He obviously negociates contracts and would appear to have a firm grasp of finance.


    I think you are mixing up the roles of the CEO and the Artistic Director. Of course you need an Artistic Director to run the city of culture – look all around the world at other cities of cultures. Of course you need people who understand the artistic scene nationally and internationally. Otherwise appoint my mother!


    No 8 you are talking about someone who programmes music – music is an art form but just one of them


    Debs check you post at #16


    I would have thought that culture encompasses more than the arts. Am I wrong?


    would packet and tripe be part of Limericks culture


    You have the wrong person. Its Karl Wallace and his team – the cultural programmers – who are on the point of resigning. The whole is an unbelieve, unadulterated mess. And what will be the outcome? €6m frittered away by incompetents. No work for artists. Plus ça change


    So the legally appointed people who have been actually doing the work are going and the other appointee remains – WTF?!


    Sorry Debs. I had to modify your wording slightly.

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