Ariel Sharon, Man of Peace, Architect of Sabra and Chatila Massacres, Passes Away Peacefully

If you have a weak stomach, read no further.

Ariel Sharon has just been buried, with many world leaders in attendance and many eulogies describing him as a man of peace.

The people of Beirut might beg to differ, or at least those who survived his bombardment of that city, an action he consistently lied about to his own government.  So might the survivors of the Sabra and Chatila massacres, carried out on Sharon’s orders by Saad Haddad’s SLA — the Christian South Lebanon Army, funded, armed and commanded by Israel — known to all UN peacekeepers as the DFF, or de facto forces.  These were the proxies for the Israeli Defence Forces, and they went about their business with savage gusto, under the benign, watchful eye of Ariel Sharon, slaughtering people he regarded as vermin.  Adults and children.  Vermin.

Where did we hear that sort of talk before?

An Israeli commission of inquiry found that Sharon carried personal responsibility for the massacre, although some claim that he didn’t order the killings, but simply failed to intervene.

Again, where have we heard that sort of talk before?

It only seems fair to commemorate the passing of this man of peace with a few images from Sabra and Chatila in 1982.

Sabra Chatila Ariel Sharon 004


Sabra Chatila Ariel Sharon 001



Sabra Chatila Ariel Sharon 002

Sabra Chatila Ariel Sharon 003



Sabra Chatila Ariel Sharon 006


Sabra Chatila Ariel Sharon 008


Peace to you, Ariel Sharon.

14 thoughts on “Ariel Sharon, Man of Peace, Architect of Sabra and Chatila Massacres, Passes Away Peacefully

  1. Bock, please correct me if I am wrong, but I seem to recall that the religious establishment in Israel or a sector of it, pronounced a pulsa denora (a ceremonial curse), on him shortly after he made a very unpopular decision with Israelis. Remarkably enough, he became incapacitated in office soon afterwards.
    Now Israel hails him as a hero !!

  2. Just another dose of the Slaughter of the Innocents as recorded.
    Rulers in that neck of the woods have history in favoring that kind of thing.

  3. True the Jewish leaders should no better through history they were slaughtered by Hitler
    men women children almost totally wiped out shame on Israel….God is his Judge now.

  4. @phil. There is no god. It is all a game to make you accept suffering in this life. That is why you find most religiousity amongst the poor and rejected.

    It is amazing that I and my family have ‘a right to return’ to Israel, yet Palestinians born and bred there for centuries do not have the right.

    The world turned away at the annihilation of European Jewry, and it turns its head away again at the annihilation of the Palestinian people.

    If people like you don’t like it Phil, it is incumbent on you to do something about it.

  5. I think half the problem is half of the Arab world are incapable of doing anything about the Palestinian situation, not to mind keeping their own houses in order.

  6. @barrry

    half the Arab world is not responsible for importing American and Russian Jews into Palestinian lands and building upon them.

    That is Israel.

  7. ” There is no god. It is all a game to make you accept suffering in this life”
    Enlightening that.
    I was a bit of an agnostic on occasion ’till I read that one.

    Gruesome photos. Can’t understand it.

  8. The fact is that the unfortunate victims were sitting ducks after the US brokered a deal guaranteeing their safety and the PLO left thereby leaving them with no defence. Their fate was sealed, at the first excuse they were going to get it.
    Now it seems Sharon has to carry the can all on his own? How convienient, and too late for him to be tried as he should have been. I hope there is a hell.

  9. @einstein

    you do, or else you wouldn’t have bothered your arse commenting. You do realise how unEnstein your comment makes you appear. Less Albert, more arsehole.

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