Central Remedial Clinic Poisoned By Old-Style Fianna Fáil Greed

I had a good look at the directorships associated with the Central remedial Clinic and tried to boil it down a bit.  What stands out strongly is the associations between Fianna Fáil, Bertie Ahern, the CRC, the Mater Hospital and the Drumcondra Mafia.  There’s a thread running through this, though I haven’t managed to fully unpick it yet, but I will in the end.

Bertie’s former employers are prominent in the mix, as are his dig-out cronies in Drumcondra and also Fianna Fáil.  Ultimately, there might well be no difference between the Eccles Street Mercy nuns (the people who demolished Leopold Bloom’s fictional home) and Fianna Fáil, but that remains to be seen, though it it beyond doubt that Ahern cost the State over a billion euros in order to placate his former employers as detailed here.


It seems there was nothing too small or too large for the Drumcondra Mafia to throw their arms around and grab for themselves.  Not even a charity for disabled children.

guilty dogI have a dog, and sometimes that dog misbehaves.  I don’t punish my dog for its misdemeanours, but I do recognise the body language when my canine does something wrong, because the dog himself already knows, and that was the body language Brian Conlan displayed when he appeared before the Dáil public accounts committee.  When Mary-Lou McDonald called him a liar, I expected him to bristle, to stand up and to demand an apology, but he didn’t.  Just like my dog when I say Who did that? he cowered.  He put his head down and he looked out from under his brow, like a whipped cur.

When Shane Ross repeated the insult and also called him a liar, he did nothing at all, just as my dog does while he waits for me to stop.  Who did that?

What an impressive figure Brian Conlan must have cut when he was the chief executive of the Mater hospital.  I imagine all the professionally qualified doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and radiologists must have held him in absolute awe in the days when he ran their hospital.

Brian Conlan became the chief executive officer of the CRC after Paul Kiely stepped down in the hope of avoiding public scrutiny, but of course he holds a hundred other directorships, many of them to do with the Mercy nuns, Bertie’s former employers.  It all seems to go round and round.  When you try to unpick the connections in the CRC, you find all sorts of threads, every one of them leading back to Ahern or to Haughey, and most of them involving the Mercy  nuns, the people who cost us over a billion euros, thanks to Bertie and Michael Woods.

I did a bit of digging through the directorships to see where the overlaps are and I came up with this preliminary chart.  I will add to it as time goes on, but for now, just examine and consider.  And also, please feel free to add information because this CRC thing is perhaps the thing that will finally unlock the Drumcondra enigma.

CRC directors

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[…] I have always believed that large, national and international charitable and voluntary organisations are far more political than the general public may suspect – for example, Paul Kiely was Director of Elections to former Drumcondra-based Fianna Fáil TD and Taoiseach Bertie Ahern in 2007. The Mater Hospital board was also chock-full of the “Drumcondra mafia” […]

I always knew Fianna Fail were crooks, thieves and liars. The whole CRC thing makes me ill thinking about it but it’s not surprising. And when I compare some of the things Fine Gael are currently being exposed over at present it makes me reach the conclusion that Fine Gael are every bit as rotten. Just give it a few years for the various scandals, bad deals and cronyism to emerge in the public domain. The CRC sham is morally worse, stealing money from a charity is unforgivable. And for what, just to pay off bertie’s golden boys. But make no mistake, give Fine Gael time and they will show their true colours. The Irish Water money fountain for their buddies is just the start of it for them.

It’s not that hard to dig through the stuff. I reckon if you had the time to explore the web of information, you’d find all sorts of unexpected linkages.

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