Former President McAleese Criticises Church For Homosexual Position

Many years ago, when I was a young seminarian, I warned my confrères about the dangers of creeping modernity and now we see where it has all led.

It has been quite a while since I requested space here on Bock’s web-site, principally because I was undergoing some “treatment” but you have all been in my prayers.  However, I could not stay my hand after hearing of former “President” McAleese’s unwarranted criticism of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic church on the subject of sodomy, although I must confess that I was at first unable to believe that the reports were indeed true.  I had believed that even though the Irish people elected two women in a row, at least they had learned their lesson after the first and appointed a strong Catholic following the disastrous, atheistic Communist regime under Mary Bourke.  Not a bit of it, apparently, for now we see that so-called “Professor” Mary McAleese has the temerity to speak out, in Scotland, of all places, about our Church’s position on homosexuals.  I can scarcely believe that a woman would feel entitled to express a view on these matters, much less actually speak to ordained men in such a way.  Equally baffling is the thought that these men gave a woman the opportunity to speak so crudely.

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Our last Holy Father understood the dangers well, and warned us not to cling to individualism, but here we see the results of ignoring such warnings.

This is the “I” generation.  All this new pluralist secular liberalism has robbed society of its traditional Christian values and — I say it without fear of contradiction — we are the poorer for it.  At one time, obedience was everything.  We knew our place and we stayed there.  We had respect for the Garda and the family doctor, the bank manager and the county council official, educated men every one of them.  In my day, there was no disrespect for authority and no need for it either.  Why should there be?

In a time not too long gone, there was no crime in Ireland, and what little crime we had was legal.  There was no internets “porn” in 1948, no joyriders in high-powered hot-rods, no LSD, no computer fraud, no beat groups and certainly no homosexuals.  I would venture to suggest that the first homosexuals arrived in Ireland after the Vatican Council, perhaps sent here by an international atheist communist conspiracy.  It was a very good time in our history, when there was no poverty, no crime and when the Church, in its infinite wisdom, decided what was best for its flock.

Alas!  not any more.  Now we have self-awareness.  Now there is assertiveness training.  These days, men are ironing clothes and it is ruining — nay, say it loud, it is ROTTING the moral fibre of this once-proud land.  What would our forefathers have said, those patriots who gave their lives for a better Ireland, an Ireland free of the British yoke, free of godless error?  What use had Patrick Pearse for Wash ‘n’ Go shampoo?  Would Connolly rise from his wheelchair for a deeper-acting fabric conditioner?  Was it for the Kenwood range that certain men went out to die?

Now, let me tell you something, and let it be said plainly lest anyone misunderstand it.  In the new rejuvenated motherland that will surely spring from the wreckage of this current dissolute mess, there will be no counselling classes, no personal assistants, no chief operating officers and no improved double-acting formulas to cleanse and soften!

There will be no minty freshness in the new Ireland, but instead a return to the old values.  Children will once again know the joy of sleeping under their fathers’ overcoats with a small chain at the collar for hanging them up.  River walks will once again echo to the voice of Micheál Ó hEithir from Croke Park.  Women in flowery dresses with long noses will cycle to Ballybunion and back, and the glorious smell of cabbage on the boil will once again grace the snooze of our menfolk following Mass and three pints at a half-crown each.

This I promise you!

7 thoughts on “Former President McAleese Criticises Church For Homosexual Position

  1. You could well be right Father Fitz.
    Minty freshness isn’t all they’d have us believe.
    Not one bit of it.

  2. Father Fitz,your headline confuses me. What exactly,when it’s at home, is a “Homosexual Position”?

  3. The homosexual position of the church is a hard one to grasp. Pardon the puns.

    Who’d have thought? McAleese the fag hag. :)

    She did well, but why wasn’t she saying this earlier when she was at the helm of.. scrap that, when she was living the life of luxury at our expense in Áras an Uachtaráin.
    Would it have been too controversial then?

    It’s a step in the right direction at least.

    “Would Connolly rise from his wheelchair for a deeper-acting fabric conditioner”. Fabreze is good stuff in fairness.

    I think back in the day before the internets porn Father, there were certain magazines with the pictures of the big boobies in um. Shocking I know, but true.
    Boobies! Big ones.

  4. @ Ho ho ho ….Mary .McAleese was invited to become Grand Marshal for the St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York in 2011. She refused the invitation because of the discrimination against gay and lesbian organisations by way of being excluded from taking part. I don’t hold a candle for McAleese or the obscene remuneration of the presidential office,but contrary to your assertion,she was ‘saying this earlier’.

  5. “,but contrary to your assertion,she was ‘saying this earlier”
    Ok Tonyc.
    It wasn’t an assertion btw.

  6. Oh darn it.. My comment didn’t go through, I think I’ll resubmit it and do a wobbler. :)
    Ahhhh.. Feck feck feck. Oh it’ll come through in a few mins won’t it. Like every other time. I’m ok now.

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