Limerick City of Culture in Groundbreaking New-Year Initiative

A series of sculptures has been commissioned to mark the complete removal of arts and culture professionals from the City of Culture 2014 project.  Based on body parts, the installation will include a cold shoulder and a piece entitled The Elbow.  At Merchants Quay, directly outside the Council offices, there will be an enormous brass neck called Conn Job.

It will be a bit like the Angel of the North, said a spokesman. The Neck of Thomond.  We considered having a jockey’s bollocks, but we thought this was more tasteful.

Admitting that this will use up the entire budget for the year, he added, but we’re worth it.

Karl Wallace Artistic Director Limerick City of Culture

53 thoughts on “Limerick City of Culture in Groundbreaking New-Year Initiative

  1. Disappointed but not surprised. A clash between the politicos & the luvvies was only ever going to have one winner.

    There is controversy surrounding Patricia Ryan’s appointment, was Karl Wallace’s position advertised?

  2. And yet he feels that he must resign. The Irish politico had no morals and will never resign.
    I’m hearing mixed reports about the concert on NYE, I didn’t attend so can’t comment. Anyone here go?

  3. Karl Wallace is correct in resigning- the fact alone that an events company got the contract for the NYE party is totally ludicrous in a city bursting with what is probably the best music in the entire country.. begs the question of who this particular grail is to serve if not the people of Limerick. Disgusting.

  4. It was a shower of bollocks, the headline act had come and gone by 9:30 when most of the people were still making their way in, there was a 45 minute gap between the bands, and there was too few beer stalls meaning that queues were backed up all the way out of the marquee, making it impossible to get served. Me and my friends spent e25 each going in there to hear one song (a cover of Wonderwall) and to stand around in the freezing cold for an hour before we decided to leave…great idea, shite execution

  5. Looks like Pat Cox is muddying the waters.See Irish Independent story on performance review.

  6. It’s a particularly ham-fisted attempt to distract attention from the central issue. It will rebound on him. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it turned out to be actionable.

  7. This is another example of cronyism. Conn Murray appoints Ryan with not job bring advertised. Conn Murray appoints his best man Pat Daly with no job being advertised. Pat’s former colleague at Shannon Developmrent Eoghan Prendergast is appointed to head up Limerick Marketing, no job advertised.

  8. As I understand it, these Shannon Development people were reassigned. There was no need to advertise the job.

    Let’s stick to the issue at hand.

  9. The difference is that Pat Daly was already on the payroll and also, to the best of my knowledge, took part in interviews, unlike Patricia Ryan. I don’t want to get into his case because I haven’t got the full facts.

  10. What proportion of arts funding gets spent on Administration and what proportion on fees for exhibiting artists and salaries for performers?

  11. Fair enough, I’ll leave it alone.

    I don’t know the full reason for Karl Wallace’s resignation, only he knows that. Pat Cox’s comments re performance review seem ill timed. Will his performance be reviewed at regular intervals?
    This smacks of a self appointed elite jockeying for position to take credit for a job well done, the same elite will have Teflon suits on if the project goes pear shaped.

  12. appears as though Mr Cox will do and say anything to avoid taking responsibility for his own actions here.. it is unheard of in the arts community that a head of culture be appointed who knows nothing about culture..on a very high salary, at that..that NYE ‘event’ should have involved the many existing groups that are already in Limerick and set the theme for the whole year and its message.. instead it appears to have been a high budget frolic without a message and with no cohesion at all..but was funded through the year of culture budget? Also very confused by the alleged ‘time constraints’ described by Mr murray…??????????????????????

  13. I heard it was Futurama, not sure though. They are the crowd behind Riverfest, Limerick on Ice etc

  14. well it is relevant to the case ock..ffs, have you ever heard of the opening night of a city of culture omitting the staff it pays a salary to… while being funded from the budget..probably ate a massive chunk of it.. no wonder he is resigning..damn right too!

  15. Clearly there is a lot going on here that has not been made public. Reading the various statements made I’d say this will go legal. You have an artistic director resigning effective the day before the first event of the year was about to take place. The same person who was aware from the start of December that the board had requested a review of his performance in relation to his role. The same person (it appears) did not engage with his employers in relation to the performance review. Reading much of the commentary it seems polarised between the politicos scheming and the arts community being screwed over. I’d say the situation is a bit more nuanced than that.

  16. Ah, should have mentioned, tomorrow night (Friday 3rd), 7 pm in the Shannon rowing club, Sarsfield bridge.

  17. All of this has nothing to do with the public, just bitchin and pointing at money. I expected nothing less from the suits. But it seems that the locals are making a massive sign with ALL the directions needed for the National media to take this opportunity to bring Limerick DOWN … as usual. . . BURN YOUR SUITS AND NEGATIVE COMMENTS… oh no wait! Too late , you over done it already. They can just “copy and Paste” thanks to creative blogging. Very cultured!

  18. Hi there – new to this. Be very careful what you say- you are taking pat Cox’s quote as verbatim, are you absolutely sure there was a performance review? If so how do we know, all we have is Cox’s word for this. This is the same person who said as Chairman he had nothing to do with Patricia Ryan’s appointment. He has already lost credibility and even Conn Murray fudging on the issue tells you all you need to know. Anyone notice the big glaring lie this morning Board member on radio saying two people interviewed for CEO job as opposed to Conn who said in the leader it was four or five. Also and this is what is most scary RCHIE RYAN seen this morning in coffee shop with Patricia Ryan re the meeting tonight – me thinks something is being orchestrated and its not honest and up front ! SMELLS BAD … The social network comments are correct City of Corruption!

  19. A spokesman for City Hall today insisted that they had followed standard procedures in the interviewing process for the CEO position.

    “The new CEO was interviewed at 4am in Cratloe Woods last Halloween as her political colleagues danced naked around her sacrificing live bats and Tipp hurling fans, he explained.

    “This is the standard interviewing procedure for unadvertised CEO positions. Unfortunately, our supply of Tipp hurling fans has been curtailed for 2014 because of budget constraints.”

    The spokesman denied that Pat Cox, who first emerged onto the Irish political scene from John Hurt’s rib cage in Aliens 1, had influenced the interviewing process.

    “Mr Cox was not in Cratloe Woods wearing a pointy hat at the time of the interview,” he stressed.

  20. Well, if some of the people booking bands are who I heard they are, it’s even more hilarious! City of Vultures!

  21. As usual you just have to follow the money and the whole thing will make sense. The bullshit over the last few days is a god send for the rest of the program in that the management and administration are now under the microscope for the rest of the year. The fact that the shit has hit the fan now and not September is a huge plus in my view. My guess is that there is no unity within the organizing committee and the distance [and anger] between the various factions is such that they are willing to fuck each other over. Power and control of the finances seems to be the real issue.

  22. its a pity he didn’t stay and take the money, better someone who tried take the taxpayers moneys than someone looking out for their own

    at least he could have written an open report afterwards on the amount of bull shit that went on

  23. I thought this site would be City of Culture discussion Central

    Nothing ?

    Where are all the concerned citizens hanging out ? the Journal ?

    The people of Limerick have enough

    Time to keep the pressure on

    More people power


    Power to the people

  24. Patricia Ryan’s statement to the press regarding her resignation ” Recent commentary reduced my authority and capacity ” etc.

    What an incredibly clumsy use of language . Authority as such has no place in a community focused cultural agenda.

    This ” old school ” approach in committees who’s agenda it is to highlight the non corporate more human and creative aspects of society can only be driven by people with a broad understanding of these endeavours.

    I believe that there is a very poor mind set which given the setting of a ” Committee ” becomes nothing short of tribal thinking, those who have established relationships with each other tend to band together and create an agenda of their own, usually manipulated for self promotion.

    It’s not necessarily a bad thing that the Limerick debacle has been highlighted on an International platform, It gave the people who have sincere interest and passion a voice, whereas had the more Corporate area had their way, the year ahead would no doubt stumble blindly into mediocrity.

    I would hope that Karl Wallace would consider a return or be asked to do so by the Limerick people.

    I fail to understand at all why a CEO is required at all, simply a waste of funding. I would think that appointing 2 or possibly 3 project managers with a track record of producing event’s worthy of the title would be far more efficient and productive.

    Preferably people with interest drive and experience in all things cultural !

  25. Murray and co have made a complete bollox of this. They will now be forced to go through a lengthy and transparent selection process while the clock runs down in the background.
    The only positive is that it may set some type of standard for public appointments.

  26. Nah. They’ll appoint some bland “Acting” Temporart CoC CEO and give him/her orders to keep a low profile, pay the bills and be sure to invite everyone to every bash especially the local journalists. He’ll have a scruffy beard, stripey shirts and stripey ties if he’s a bloke; she’ll have nothing but flat shoes if it’s a beoir. It’s classic public service tactics.
    Ms. Ryan has resigned as a damage-limitation exercise to try to keep the balloon aloft – remember the calls were for her AND Pat Cox’s resignation.

  27. I think it’s quite significant that this was partly driven by people power, and people stamping their feet.

    Would love to see more of this in all public life.

    A question I would be asking, and also in the context of the charity scandal pre-Christmas, do these organisations need over paid boards to run them ? Maybe just have qualified individuals, selected properly.

  28. Surely given the amalgamation of the two councils there is the skills available in house, and the time, to run this without appointing a CEO on €100k+.



  30. What about a drugs and housing project and added to that a prisoner rehabilitation project that may have some relevance to society.

  31. Just spotted your query BOCK, apologies for delay getting back, irregular check-ins from me on the silent blog, mea culpa. Not sure what I’m promoting, not aware that I am promoting anything. Perhaps I’m reading the query direction incorrectly?

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