Garda Ombudsman Office Bugged

garda siochana ombudsman buggingWhen the Sunday Times reported that the Garda Síochána Ombudsman’s office had been bugged in a surveillance operation using government-level technology, it caused consternation.

Why on earth would the Russians want to spy on the Garda ombudsman?  It’s not as if they’re all gay, and since most of them are not Muslims, it’s unlikely the Americans would give a flying toss what happens in an insignificant  little backwater like this.  We’re beginning to narrow it down.  Are the Brits interested?  Well, yes.  GCHQ spies on everyone, but do they care enough about some gobshite in North Tipperary fixing summonses for his mates in the local GAA club?  I remain unconvinced.

So what then?  Who could possibly be bugging the Garda Ombudsman Commission, using government-level technology?

Who would have such technology available to them?  It’s a real conundrum, isn’t it?

Who would gain from knowing what takes place inside the Garda Ombudsman Commission and also have government-level technology available to bug the place?

I’m stumped.  Maybe it was the North Koreans.

Luckily, we live in a country with the most professional, disciplined police force in the entire world, so that’s ok.  Thankfully.




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You’re right.
Disciplined is their middle name after all.
The force bit has nothing to do with force per se.

It’s a real puzzler all right but I have a theory.

Since 1990, employees of the East German Stasi have found great difficulty in finding gainful employment under the new dispensation that prevails in the new Germany.

Now, we know that Germans have developed a penchant for buying houses and setting down roots in places like west Cork, Kerry, Connemara and the like.

I’m certain that many such ex-Stasi members have, unknownst to authorities here, set up camp and blended in with ordinary Germans living here.

Please bear with me here as I propose the second party in this conspiracy.

The Gaelgeori.

These dangerous characters have been at odds with the various arms of the state for years now and have filed a number of complaints against our fine civil guardians of the peace (about Gardaí unable to converse through Irish, etc.) through the Gsoc.

Now, I suspect that locally based ex-Stasi were approached by these shady Gaelgeori groups in order to utilize their technical and practical experience in order to garner intelligence as to the progress of their various complaints. Additionally, this cabal may well have set up a base in the Phoenix Park with the intent of achieveng such an end.

Sounds far-fetched? Well it’s the best I can come up with for such an unprecedented event.

Maybe I had better check with Geraldine Kennedy, Bruce Arnold and Vincent Browne.

It happened last year, and apparently wasn’t reported to anyone!
Now it suddenly emerges in the media – whatever the truth of it (will we ever know?) I smell the usual political bullshit going on again.
Let’s all jump to the conclusions we’re expected to!

GSOC brought in “ex”-GCHQ personnel to do a sweep of their facility …….so if GSOC weren’t bugged before, they probably are now……nice one!

A supplemental comment – not only are we playing at politics, but we have a new player – the GSOC!
They figured they were bugged, secured the services of a foreign company (probably illegally) to check, having “found” some, they didn’t want to tell anyone, lest they cause offence!
Oh yeh, then it’s leaked, but they insist the Guards have NOTHING to do with it…..jaysus, can anyone in this country avoid playing politics, any chance of the truth?

Isn’t it strange that Shatter and Callinan are suddenly crying blue murder at the GSOC, just after the GSOC were directed to investigate the whistleblower debacle……

It’ll be a long time before the head of GSOC, or indeed any other body in the state, sweeps their office for bugs of any kind.

Don’t you just love it when what goes around, comes around; the GSOC knew that the un-explained WiFi actually was emanating from a nearby Insomnia, and the UK 3G network was due to the UK consultant’s own phone.
The kneejerker’s all blamed Callinan and Shatter – but it’s the GSOC who’s paying the politics now!!!

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