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Great respect is due to for transcribing an interview with John Waters, who recently received something in the region of €40 thousand from RTÉ for no obvious reason.

Waters issued threats to RTÉ via his lawyers, asserting that he had been called homophobic on the Saturday Night Show by Rory O’Neill (aka Miss Panti).  The truth is that he was not called homophobic by anyone, but nevertheless, RTÉ capitulated and paid him an enormous amount of money, for reasons few people can understand, to make him go away and stop issuing legal threats.

Waters duly went away, his injured feelings salved by application of a large amount of cash, and yet this is not how Irish defamation law works.  There is no law against offending people and indeed there’s a well-established principle that “mere vulgar abuse” is not defamatory.  That’s why I’d have not the slightest fear of being sued for calling John Waters a thundering gobshite.

For that matter, the term homophobia is not defined anywhere. It means different things to different people, which is why the crocodile tears shed by Waters and the Iona prayer group were so nauseating.  Suddenly, the aggressor became the victim, just as every schoolyard bully has done, since the dawn of recent time.  Imagine the horror of being called a homophobe, just because you’ve consistently campaigned against every relaxation of Irish civil law to respect the lives of your fellow citizens.

The pinnacle of such hypocrisy came with the calls for reasonable debate, from people who have, for years, touted the most ludicrous, hysterical, irrational campaigns against anything that could be even remotely characterised as contrary to their extreme Catholic ideology.

When hypocrites are exposed to light, they scream ABUSE!!  and that’s precisely what the ludicrous Iona prayer group did, but that’s the nature of ideologues, whether they happen to be the likes of the absurd Iona lobby or their newest acolyte, John Waters, an outraged father deprived of his rights.

That’s the nature of bullies everywhere.  We’ve all met them.

It’s nothing personal.  For all I know, John Waters is a perfectly agreeable human being, but in my experience, even thoroughly nice people can hold utterly absurd opinions.  If you think the quotes are taken out of context, I refer you to the Rory O’Neill interview that netted John Waters a cool forty grand for doing nothing at all.


Enough preambles.  The transcript of the Waters interview is too long, too boring and too inarticulate to present in  its entirety here and now.  If you really are that masochistic, you can read it here.   I’m just going to extract some statements that Waters makes and let you decide for yourself what you think of this man’s ideology.


  • it’s not even gay marriage that I’m opposed to: it’s the idea of gay adoption. 
  • where are the children going to come from for gay couples to adopt? 
  • the child has become the product, the commodity, that is supplied to different , differently defined alternative families. 
  • people are actually afraid to go out now and march on this issue 
  •  this is really a kind of a satire on marriage, that is being conducted by the gay lobby.   It is not that they want to get married it is that they want to destroy the institution of marriage because they are envious of it and they see it as a, really, as an affront to their equality.
  •  the next day they got out of bed and started to campaign for marriage which is purely an attempt to discredit an institution, a normative institution, on which society, on which human civilization, is founded, and inevitably if you do that there will be consequences, and among those will be be that marriage will become really a nothing in our culture, in time.
  •  it could lead to quotas for adoption for same sex couples


  •  if some young lad, imagine somebody eighteen years of age, gets his girlfriend pregnant and nobody tells him that his child is put up for adoption and then they subsequently find out that their child is being adopted by the gay couple across the road.   If they as much as try to smile at their child they could be arrested.
  •  this is where we are going, that this will be an absolute disaster socially, morally and legally in our culture.”
  •  if you give fathers rights, you turn the tap off on gay adoption. It does not arise any more, because fathers can just bring their children home. There are no children for gays to adopt.
  • RTE, Newstalk, Irish Times, Irish Independent are now pretty much no-go areas for the alternative views of human reality, which is, you know, the religious views, the Christian views
  • I don’t know about you but if was 17/18 and my child was stolen and they give him to two gay people I would make my own arrangements
  •  there’s this kind of inexorable campaign by people who really have no particular stake in it other than they they want to destroy what exists. They want to, as I keep saying, they want to walk into the big top with a chainsaw and they want to say ‘that pole in the middle is in the way’. They want to cut it. And they start cutting. And that’s what they’re doing. 
  • there’s almost universal pro-gay marriage, pro-children’s rights, pro-referendum, pro-abortion, and ‘oh come on’, he said, and he listed four people: myself, David Quinn, Breda O’Brien, maybe Ronan Mullen maybe not Ronan Mullen, and I said, yeah, but you’ve just now listed 100% of the 1% who actually stick against this, so, you call that balance? 
  • ok, what’s the role of equality in relation to women, well it’s to give women what they want well it’s to give women completely what they want. What’s the role of equality in relation to men, it’s to [inaudible] that women should be given what they want.”it’s a deliberate sabotage of the culture and a relishing of the destruction that is wreaked as a result
  • Gay marriage is really a satire on marriage.
  • The idea of two men in shiny suits, there, standing on the church steps that’s satire of our civilisation, that’s what it is. And that’s what it’s intended to be.”
  • alliances are now being forged between certain elements of the Catholic Church clergy in Ireland and the liberal forces of the Left because that’s, they hate the Pope [Benedict], they hate Rome, they hate the power, so that’s the way of actually, you know, really. So they would participate in this satire, as a way of getting back at the Vatican. 
  • if two brothers applied to adopt a child, they’d be laughed out of court but the fact that they’re buggering each other would make a difference, would it?
  •  this obsessive focus on sexuality, you know, it’s bizarre
  • they can’t stop talking about transsexuals and transsexual nuns and transsexual gays, you know, I mean, you know, we’re moving towards gay abortion
  • a bishop from the Anglican church, does it matter what he does with his mickey in the middle of the night. Jesus. Hello? Like the fact that he’s gay, why is this a matter for discussion for the, the, the, what do you call it?”
  •  there is a way at looking at the world which is religion and if you don’t actually share that view how can you possibly write on the subject?
  •  the bullying has more or less prepared the ground now and that there is almost nobody left to speak against gay marriage or any reasonable debate. We’re easily disposed of by…’oh well John Waters would say that wouldn’t he?’
  •  The gay lobby are trying to divert human nature. The same consequences will ensue.



11 thoughts on “John Waters Interview

  1. saint john waters committed mortal sin according to catholic teaching when he committed adultry with sinad o’connor who then gave birth to a baby whose father is john waters

  2. “if two brothers applied to adopt a child, they’d be laughed out of court but the fact that they’re buggering each other would make a difference, would it?”

    Clearly not in the slightest bit homophobic then. Why are these sorts of people obsessed with buggery??

  3. “this obsessive focus on sexuality, you know, it’s bizarre”.
    I wonder if he recognises the irony?

  4. I read the full transcript for my sins. My conclusion is, that aside from having a sycophantic interviewer, Waters was either drunk on suffering from the early onset of some kind of dementia.

  5. “The fact that I came from somewhere that I don’t understand, and I mean, you know, Darwin, literally, yeah, but it didn’t explain to me the mystery that I can actually speak to you now, and call myself John Waters, and have this voice that belongs to me, but it isn’t mine, I didn’t make it, all of these questions are completely obliterated from our culture”.
    Are farts also proof of god or is it just restricted to sounds that come from the vocal chords?My gf says my farts are proof that there’s no god.
    I’m pretty sure that I could also convince John that bodily sounds aren’t a sign of god if i got close enough to exchange sounds face to anus with him.

  6. Gay Abortion: when two queers adopt a baby with the intention of perverting the child’s sexual proclivities.
    It reminds of Mick The Bull from the savage eye, the queeeeeeers

  7. can someone be arrested for smiling at their child that was given up for adoption with out their knowledge?
    or is it just when the adopting parent are a same sex couple?
    im confused!

  8. Waters needs therapy as he appears to be utterly traumatised by his brief non marital, non contraceptive using, dalliance with professional attention seeker Sinead O Connor. In other words, this papist loving conservative had sex outside marriage with a woman who had already had a child out of wedlock with another man.

    But love does strange things to people. It apparently caused a personality transplant in Waters who could have done what he preaches, and crossed his legs and waited until he waltzed his crazy lover up the aisle. The we could have all been spared this last decade of venomous hate because it all went pear shaped for him, when loony tunes rejected him.

    Only when this meeting of egos failed in their relationship did he take up the cudgel on the part of the ‘deserted’ father. This is where his rage against women, gays, and anyone else who he perceives has more rights than him in society.

    The thing is that he is correct in his summation that fathers have no rights to their children when they choose to have them outside of the institution of marriage. My own son is happily unmarried with two children. But if she chose to kick him out, he would no recourse in law to have any say in his childrens lives.

    However, what he ignores is that this situation evolved from the legal status of the man being allowed to disavow and disown his bastard children, whilst leaving the mother as a ‘fallen woman’ with an illigitimate child. Said bastard could have no rights to the fathers wealth, or love, or anything else. That is why unmarried fathers have no rights to their children, because their children have no rights in relation to him.

    And that is why Waters is doomed to fail in his attempts to turn back the tide. He chooses to blame women, gays, and other disreputable types for his failure to keep his uncondom wearing willy in his keks.

    There is nothing more pernicious than self hate projected outwards.

    “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

    Whatever happened to that all you papist loving, people hating nutjobs?

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