Larry Connors Gets Increased Sentence For Beating Baby Without Mercy

He has a very poor level of education. He comes from a very dysfunctional family background, said barrister, Brian McInerney, scraping the very bottom of the mitigation barrel.  No doubt Mr McInerney retired to the court toilet and threw up in disgust after doing his utmost for his client, but such is the nature of advocacy.

larry connors

Connors, you see, is a very special piece of shit.

This is a character who beat a 10-month-old baby for three solid weeks.  He slapped the child, punched it, burned it and threw it against a wall, breaking its arms and causing brain damage.

A baby!  This lowlife scumbag beat a baby mercilessly for three weeks.

Not only that, but when jailed, Connors told the Gardaí that the child’s mother better hope I get a life sentence for this.

The case is in the news because the Court of Criminal Appeal has increased the original sentence Connors received from three years to seven, with two suspended to provide some hope to the thug.

Hope?  Why?

This is one of those cases where the convicted offender deserves no hope at all.  This is a case where he deserves to go to jail knowing in full certainty that he will be abused violently, every day, no matter how much he begs for mercy.

What an absolute piece of shit.

24 thoughts on “Larry Connors Gets Increased Sentence For Beating Baby Without Mercy

  1. Well said Bock. I’ve met a few poorly educated people from dysfunctional backgrounds over the years and none of them have displayed this type of brutish thuggery. He should be locked away for multiples of the sentence he got and allowed only the hope that when he wakes up in his cell each morning the day might not be as bad as the one before.
    An absolute piece of shit indeed.

  2. Isn’t it amazing that someone like this should have access to a child in the first place. That the mother seemingly felt powerless and let this abuse continue for weeks and didn’t get the hell away from this lower than low lowlife? What the fuck was going on there?

    Just how could the mother allow that to continue for so long? Her own sweet baby. I am just baffled by this story and the fact that anyone would even attempt to defend the indefensible.

    But they are heterosexuals and aren’t they the best people to bring up children I hear the ‘every child needs a mammy and a daddy’ brigade shout.

  3. I think the “she better hope I get a life sentence” answers your question
    What a scumbag. What a short sentence! Jesus!

  4. I once had the ignominy of being a close neighbour of this shitescrape here in Shannon.
    I remember one night at around 1:30am, shortly before he was arrested for beating the child to a pulp; my wife and I were woken up by the sound of a woman screaming and a man roaring like a bull. I looked out through the curtains and low and behold – there’s Connors kicking the pulp out of his girlfriend, who was lying on the road in a foetal position trying to protect herself from the blows. At the same time the child is sitting in the buggy beside them screaming its lungs off. After the cops were called they gave him a little word whereby they were both sent walking up to their home. Not so much as a by your leave.
    Sometimes I wonder if that child would’ve been spared it’s pain and fear if he was arrested – or if his girlfriend had pressed charges? Knowing the full history now I’d say she was too afraid to do so even with the Guards present.

  5. Peacemaker, your comment is difficult to decipher but am genuinely curious about what you’ve said there.

    Do you mean that the mother was
    (a) offered a place in a home or
    (b) offered an opportunity to move home or
    (c) given an opportunity to leave the home she shared with the psychopath?

    (a) do you know her?
    (b) did someone tell you this?
    (c) did you read this somewhere?

  6. I can’t figure out what makes me feel sicker – the fact that this shitebag beat a poor helpless baby around the place OR the fact that there are seemingly a bunch of educated human beings out there otherwise known as The Court of Criminal Appeal that actually think this wanker deserves some hope for the future. So by my calculations, this deviant has basicly a 5 year sentence, take 25% remission if he doesn’t act the gob shite in prison, that leaves him to serve 3 years and 9 months. Prior to leaving prison, he should be chained to a table and he should be neutered so that he can never have children again. That just leaves his violent behaviour to deal with. Please god some day he’ll pick a fight with somebody he shouldn’t have and that’ll be the end of him. Waste of space.

  7. I mend she were offered to live that young boy many a time and she was not scared of him she was as bad he was only a long line of men she was would

  8. And if The courts was not as stupid if they researched her history of Samantha they would have found out a lot more details
    1 they shud ask her about the bruiseing they found on the baby brain .it happened befour she met Larry
    2 when she first met Larry the baby was bleeding. From the back passage why was this happening when asked. To bring the child to doctors. She just laughed it off sayin this always happens ppl can belive me or not just remember. There is two sides to every story

  9. I’m reading Peacemakers comments. They are incoherent and the sentences trail off unfinished. I have heard junkies in conversation and they sound this way – as if they’re about to doze off mid sentence and lose their train of thought.


  10. Pacemaker, surely you have spellcheck or auto correct?

    Bad spelling is forgivable but it’s what you’re trying to say that worries me. And, you didn’t answer the questions put to you but instead went off on a tangent.

  11. dyslexia is no excuse for postinf utter shit, you obviously know these people

    If she is as bad as him, in your opinion, report her to the Gardai and social services so that this child doesnt have to suffer anymore


  13. So when the baby (or another of that generation), reaches the same age that Connors is now, he/she will repeat the whole sordid story on the next generation and ye can all
    self-righteously indulge in calling HIM/HER in turn, a scumbag, a piece of shit, etc. etc.

    When he is in prison, other prisoners, (who are often in for such things themselves), will abuse him until somebody else arrives in for a similar crime, in which event Larry Connors will join the more respectable clique to abuse the new “freshie”.

    I am afraid that Larry Connors is not that far below the surface in any of us.

    It is all a bit pointless really. Despairing.

  14. So,putting comment 23 into a nutshell, the whole story, which is not unique and nothing really unusual, is all the result of a terrible human inheritance known as the dreadful inheritance of Original Sin and it touches the life of every man, woman and child.

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