Limerick City Councillors Drag Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

Limerick Council renames bridge for no good reason

We truly were ready to believe good things about the crowd of people calling themselves Limerick City Council, weren’t we?

Of course we were, especially after their inspirational unanimous vote in favour of marriage equality, which I praised  yesterday.  Marvellous, you might have been thinking.  A progressive local authority, bucking the trend and challenging stereotypes of parochialism and inward-looking stupidity.




But Limerick City Council are cruel and fickle lovers.  They bring you to the brink of ecstasy and then they wander off for a beer. The cads.

You see, after their sublime moment of solidarity with the LGBT community, Limerick City Council decided to have a hick moment and voted today to name a bridge after an American president.

Did they offer a rationale for this?  Not really,or at least nothing that could be regarded as an intelligent argument.

They just voted for it, in a meeting  that, astonishingly, is held in secret.  And before you say it, I know.  I know already that it’s just a meeting of a local council, but that’s beside the point.  It’s still laughingly referred to as local democracy, despite the calibre of the participants.

What did they vote for?

These fine upstanding custodians of local democracy decided that the Shannon Bridge should be renamed the John  F Kennedy Bridge, for no reason capable of understanding  by a reasonable person.  After their triumph yesterday, they threw it all away, exposing themselves as the limited bunch of political no-hopers we always suspected them of being.

Ballymagash lives on in the shape of this crowd.

Those who voted in favour of the name change:-

Pat Kennedy, Kathleen Leddin, Joe Leddin, Tom Shortt, Cormac Hurley, Kevin Kiely and John Gilligan.


Diarmuid Scully, Maurice Quinlivan, Maria Byrne, Michael Hourigan, Jim Long and Denis McCarthy

A peculiar mixed bag.  I wouldn’t have guessed this, but there you have it.  It’s a list of those in favour of gobshitery, and another list of those against it.

If they really wanted to commemorate JFK, why didn’t they call it the Shag Anything That Moves Bridge?

Or failing that, Anything With A Pulse.



13 thoughts on “Limerick City Councillors Drag Defeat from the Jaws of Victory

  1. Don’t forget about our Brian Boru Square?! Because the section of Merchant’s Quay in front of City Hall and the Court House needed it’s own name.

    Won’t someone please think of the postal service!

  2. Would that be the same Tom Shortt who was suing the old lady?
    His brother is a cunt too – the supposed funny man – Pat. Total overbearing gobshite. Is that defamatory? He can’t help it shur.

    Does Kevin Kiely owns some pub in town?
    Those lot should just stay in the pub.

    I wonder do the American’s name any of their bridges after our lot?
    Bertie’s Bridge – go and kill yourself here, why don’t ya? Would make a nice plaque in honour of the man.

  3. Now that they’ve started they may carry on and rename a slew of poorly named local traffic utilities and weathered locales.
    How about Colbert station? That could be renamed the Kennedy station. They could rename the Hyde road Kennedy Boulevard. Give it a bit of a boost and make it sound like it’d be just the place to live. Or Limerick University Hospital ought to sound far better were it to be renamed Kennedy Memorial Hospital.
    No need to stop there either, they could change the name of the city itself.
    How about Kennedy city?
    He did after all do a stop over once to meet the Mayor.

  4. The proposal to rename the bridge was made by Pat Kennedy. This sycophantic individual,on a Limerick City Council junket to Boston on 2007,distributed business cards referring to himself as Senator Pat Kennedy in a vomit inducing effort to impress and ingratiate himself with the citizens of that good city. It was over fifteen years since he had been a member of the Seanad here.. He claims to be related to the Kennedys,though I’d say its news to them. Anyone who attended Limerick C.B.S. during Pat Kennedy’s tenure there as a teacher,will be well aware of his disposition to less than pacific means of disciplining his pupils.
    One of Pat Kennedy’s off springs is named Thomas Jefferson Kennedy. I kid you not. That will surely make a great impression on the Boston Kennedys if they ever get to hear of it.

  5. I don’t blame Pat Kennedy, I blame the other tossers who supported him. Anyone who hails the renaming of a bridge as one of their greatest days clearly has very low standards.

  6. You have a school called JFK on the Ennis Rd. you have a housing estate on the Roxboro rd called Kennedy Park…. isn’t that enough… the bridge was completed 25 years ago… why now !!!!!!
    Will these tools at Gotham city hall ever learn…
    @ TonyC…. Yes I remember Mr. K from CBS…. I didn’t have him as a teacher… but he was a vicious bastard in dishing out his discipline to his pupils…

  7. It is really sad and embarrasing that these people have this type of power.I cannot for the life of me figure out why this should happen.The majority of Limerick people probably never heard of kennedy or his clan. He never did anything for our city that i am aware of. Pat kennedy ,you are a tool. Do us a favour and move to Boston to be closer to your yet ot be informed relatives.

  8. I recall a few families in Limerick had pics of JFK on their living rooms walls.

    Even a Chinese gent, Zang, whatever, Sung, I knew, had one hanging on the wall of his takeaway.

    He left the Treaty City a few years back, said the country was depressing, long time.

    Zang Sung Blue, everybody knows one, as Neil Diamond might sing.

    Other families had pics of Dear Leader in Rome on their walls.

    The problem – leaving aside the baboons in the City Council – is that no one can think of anyone to call the bridge after.

    No one in the arts, politics or business community stands out. We don’t even have a proper right-wing tyrant to call it after, although Dev grew up in Co. Limerick.

    How about Father Creagh, the man that inspired the only pogrom in Ireland. Thanks to him there’s only a handful of Jews left in the city. Mazel Tov!

    We could call it The Father Creagh Anti Semitic Bastard Bridge.

  9. well if they can vote to name it JFK bridge, surely they can vote again (ala Lisbon) and rename it the Shannon bridge no? also, can anyone point me toward a link of all the rules regarding local council meetings, how can they meet in private?

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