Culture and Chips

Hands up who doesn’t like chips?

Right.  Get out!

In my own case, it’s not that I don’t love them but that I have loved them too well, the tasty, crispy little carb-delivery systems.  Who hasn’t enjoyed the delicious pleasure of  creamy pints around the fire of your favourite hostelry, with good company, cheery banter and … chips?

Here’s a great idea the City of Culture folks have come up with.  Over the June holiday weekend, Limerick will be heaving with chip-related events, or events with a side-order of chips.  They’ve even got a genuine Spiegeltent, one of the few remaining in existence, and they’re going to set it up in Arthur’s Quay Park.

Limerick City of Culture Spiegeltent

On Thursday 29th May, Jerry Fish will rock the tent, or at least schmooze it with his very special brand of coolness.  That’ll be Jerry Fish and Chips.  Then, on Friday the 30th, the tent will host a culinary carnival  (that’s a big feed to you and me).  I think you have to get dressed up for it, but  this is Limerick, kid, you know?  Most of us don’t stand on ceremony, apart from a few retired models and the city councillors who are exceedingly fond of their robes and gold necklaces.  There will be more chips, which the retired models will probably decline, but the councillors might horse into , provided they’re free.

Saturday morning in the Spiegeltent is reserved for children’s theatre, while Sunday promises something the organisers enigmatically describe as breakfast with a difference.  I don’t want to raise anyone’s hopes here, so I won’t speculate on what the difference might be, but it’s probably not what you’re thinking.  I bet it involves chips.

And then, on Sunday night it is my favourite man, Jack L strutting his ludicrous stuff as he has done for many a long year since he first started gigging in Limerick and we all love him.  What’s not to like about Jackie?  Ne me quitte pas, Jacques.

You think the Spiegeltent is finished with that?  Think again.

Monday afternoon brings us Salon du Chat, backed by the ineffably wonderful Brad Pitt Light Orchestra, but here I must apologise to you, and also perhaps to Salon du Chat, for stealing a description of their schtick from another site.  It looks great.  I’ll be going.

Adding a touch of theatre and the surreal to the art of conversation, Salon du Chat recreates the atmosphere of Bohemian Paris, with a knowing nod to online chat rooms. Relax with a cup of tea and a bun, as you browse the Conversation Menu. Then our friendly chat hostesses will join you to spark up the conversation.  Like any meal the starters will get the palate warmed up, while mains are for meatier matters and dessert could get risqué …

Grounds for… 

Living on Less 

Having a Domestic

Learning The Hard Way

The Kindness of Strangers



It’s a girl

Zero Waste Life

The Picture of Mental Health

Unshockable Me




Pillow Talk

Virtual Disasters

What I Live For

Sticky Dates

Just desserts


Lovin’ it.

Oh, you thought that was all, did  you?  Think again.

On Thursday and Friday, the Irish Chamber Orchestra are doing Carmen in the Milk Market.  With chips.  Carmen and chips.

The TomCat festival is happening in Thomas Street and Catherine Street, organised by lunatics local business people.  There will be plenty of chips.

The Rugby Sevens festival is happening in LIT sportsgrounds and I’ll tell you now, if I miss this, I’ll be kicking myself for the rest of the year.  There might not be too many chips at this, but you can’t have everything.

Is that it?  Not quite.  What festival would be complete without the World Chip-Making Championships?  My only gripe is that they don’t have a World Chip Sandwich Made With Real Cottage Loaf and Melted Butter Dripping Through Your Fingers Championship.  Nice!

I’ll tell you one  thing, by the end of this, we’ll all be fat bastards, but at least we’ll have a laugh piling on those pounds.

That’s Limerick City, kid!!

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