Forgetting Fred Phelps

The Westboro Baptist Church must rank among the vilest movements that America produced.  You’re on safe ground denouncing these nutcases whose most famous slogan is God Hates Fags.

A church, consisting largely of a single extended family, rejected by the broader Baptist movement for its insanity, somehow managed to become America’s most hated family, and with good reason.

Westboro Baptist Church

Whatever you might think of the US’s foreign adventures invading other people’s countries, nobody with any decency would disrespect a funeral, but of course, the late Fred Phelps lacked all decency.  He was a man without morals, without ethics, who built a church based on violence and abuse, a man who relentlessly beat his children and his wife into submission.

He was a thug.  Phelps, perhaps more than any other public figure, demonstrated how an abuser can continue to hold power over his victims long after his physical power has diminished.  Long after even the youngest child in the abused family would be able to push him to one side.

Fred Phelps was an evil old bastard, but that’s the nature of abuse.

Phelps was a man filled with hate against gay people, for no obvious reason, though some of his more estranged family members have suggested that he might have been gay himself and that his extreme Bible beliefs might have unhinged him as a consequence.

I don’t know.  He was a lunatic and the world is a better place now that he’s dead, but I will never celebrate the passing of anyone.

Some people suggested picketing his funeral, as he and his deranged cult did to so many others but that would be nothing more than sinking to his revolting level, and besides, the WBC cult doesn’t do funerals.

Let’s not celebrate a death, but let’s be glad that the world is no longer infected by the horrible mental illness that overcame Fred Phelps and turned him into the monster that he was.

There’s no point celebrating the death of this horrible abuser.   He’d have been far more upset at the thought that the world would forget him.

Fred who?

Westboro Baptist Church Protest Ground Zero

12 thoughts on “Forgetting Fred Phelps

  1. The bigger disservice Phelps did was to present US religious fundamentalism as the ideology of the fruitcake Right, distracting attention from it having significant influence in the mainstream of Republican politics

  2. “I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.”

  3. It’s all very well being liberal on this issue, but the fate that befell Sodom and Gomorrah is well documented in your bible.

    The two cites were leveled by God following an epidemic of shirt lifting.

    God, in a last ditch attempt to restore some semblance of morality, even sent down two angels to put manners on them.

    But the rampant Sodomites and Gomorrahmites tried to ride the angels, an all.

    “Jesus”, said God,

    They were shagging all round them, it was Brokeback Mountain time,on a biblical scale.

    Basically,they rode both cities into the ground.

    It was never going to last.

  4. Bernard, would you care to produce some historical evidence for the existence of Sodom and Gomorrah?

  5. Bernard has a point. We must look to the Holy Book to steer a wise path in our lives. It is indeed an inspiration and a vital tool (no pun intended) to guide us virtuously from day to day. Bernard, you remind me of my favourite publican “Mick the Bull” from The Savage Eye — watch out for them Quaaaaaares!

  6. New research has revealed that eight out of ten atheists have pointy heads. Some fear that it may be as high as nine out of ten.

    The pointed-headed ones recently cited the example of a dead tortoise. Experts estimate it is a couple of million years old, but they cannot explain how it still turns quicker than Rio Ferdinand.

    However, it clearly says in your Bible that God created the world 5,000 years ago – so how can the tortoise be a couple of million years old,like? – on Paddy’s Day!

    In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth (on St Patrick’s Day). Darkness was over the surface of the deep.And God said, “Let there be light.” God called the light “day” and the darkness “night.”

    Not long after God magically separated the diurnal from the nocturnal, Union bosses in Egypt put in a claim for extra payments for night workers on the pyramids, but the Pharaoh was dragging his heels on coughing up shift allowances. The hieroglyphics were on the wall for Ramses the 2nd after that, as God visited all sorts of plagues on him, including, cruelly, hiring a Hari Krishna to sing and dance and irritate visitors outside his house.

    Meantime, it’s all there in the Holy Book in relation to Sodom – Genesis 18:16-19:29. God dispatched two angels to investigate the depravity in the city.

    And the wicked citizens of the biblical metropolis, shamefully, tried to get up on them, going forward.

    Call me old fashioned, but if you descend to the level of chancing a bit of leg over with a celestial envoy, a male one at that, your probably beyond redemption – in this life or the next.

    Elsewhere, Mick the Bull believes that you should not, under any circumstances, leave electrical cords lying around if Quaaares are in the bar.

    “They plug themselves into these and that’s how they get their power over you,” he warned.

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