Fuerza Bruta in Limerick’s Culture Factory

I didn’t know what to expect before going to Fuerza Bruta in the Culture Factory.  For that matter, I didn’t know what the Culture Factory is, but I came away converted.

It’s an astonishing space, capable of being adapted to almost any use.  It truly is astounding, and as somebody who has constantly criticised local government for having a narrow vision, I have to give full credit to the local authority for taking a chance on this.

They did well.

Fuerza Bruta Culture Factory

The whole thing was organised by local people who took it on board and made it work.

I was amazed by this use of space.  I thought it was utterly spectacular, and I have nothing but good things to say about it.  There will be many more events in the Culture Factory and long may it continue.

What about Fuerza Bruta?  Ridiculous.  How could you not like this insane  circus-theatre-rave?  Who, in possession of a soul, could fail to be overcome by the sheer emotional extravagance of this assault on the senses?

Fuerza Bruta Limerick


Fuerza Bruta Limerick

Fuerza Bruta Limerick

Fuerza Bruta Limerick

Fuerza Bruta Limerick


Fuerza Bruta Limerick

Fuerza Bruta Limerick


Fuerza Bruta Limerick

11 thoughts on “Fuerza Bruta in Limerick’s Culture Factory

  1. I worked in Wang in the building some 30 years ago, strange being back.
    I thought the performance was really good. Great visual impact and audience participation. Well worth a visit.

  2. The site and the building should be made available to artists, hackers, fixers, etc for free for the next 10 years. If any success cases emerges, the “investment” will be the best Limerick ever did. If not, hey, that building has been paid for a written off many times already.

  3. I heard the show is very good. On a side note, who gets the bar at an event like this? Who gets the takings and who decides who is in charge of food and/or refreshments?

  4. Various people had stalls there, mostly the food vendors at the Milk Market. The bar, as far as I know, was run by a local pub.

  5. One of two ways

    1/ the vendor makes an attractive, commercially viable offer for the right to exclusivity for their service / product

    2/ a top secret all male sect that practices nepotism, misogynism and a bit of witchcraft decide on who gets exclusivity for their service / product based on the size of the donation to the sects benevolent fund.

    I’m undecided but leaning towards no.1. You?

  6. “A feast for the senses” as advertised by Fuerza Bruta, Argentina. One of the best performances I’ve ever been part of, not only in Limerick, but anywhere. Imaginative, creative, spectacular and off the wall entertainment for people of all ages who I felt had a ball. Yes indeed, well done to all involved in organising and managing such a major event in Limerick. I’m open to correction here, but I think it may also have been Karl Wallace’s idea to book this company to visit Limerick.

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