LImerick – Renaming a Bridge

Shannon Bridge Limerick

It seems the gobshitery death star has left orbit, at least temporarily, but since this is Limerick, we can be fairly sure the Dark Side will return.

For the moment, though, Councillor Pat Kennedy’s ludicrous idea to rename the Shannon Bridge has been defeated by the forces of ridicule, which is a very good thing in a small town like Limerick.  In small towns, people like Pat Kennedy start to get notions about themselves and it’s important to slap them down every so often.  Remind them that they’re nobody in the great scheme of things, apart from being small-town councillors in a small town.

It’s amazing how important some people think they are without the benefit of somebody reminding them that they are nobody at all.  And when the job involves putting on a robe and wearing jewellery, it’s extraordinary how seductive such pageantry is to limited men with small life experience.

Of course, small town people aren’t all limited, just as big-city people don’t all have a wide vision.  People from backwaters like Limerick and Dublin have achieved extraordinary things, while New York and London have produced incredibly narrow and venal individuals, so let’s not get too sniffy about it.

But at the same time, isn’t it sad that we’re still producing puffed-up self-important politicians like Pat Kennedy, and isn’t it even sadder that some people take them seriously?




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4 thoughts on “LImerick – Renaming a Bridge

  1. Local elections May 23rd next. Vote the fuckers out. Turnout at local elections is very low usually. We get what we vote or don’t vote for. Now is the time, vote or we will be saddled with more idiots for the next five years. Vote.

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