Linda Martin to Represent Ireland in Euro-Knacker Finals

Did you see the state of Linda Martin on the Late Late Show last night?

No.  Neither did I, since I don’t usually watch that sort of thing, but there’s no escaping the clips of Linda strutting around the studio like a furious grandmother at a Jeremy Kyle DNA test, with Louis Walsh smiling angrily in the background.  Definitely not the father.

And why?  All because Aslan member, Billy McGuinness, pointed out something that’s obvious to anyone with half an eye — Louis has his fingers in too many parts of the Eurovision Mediocrity Contest.  But unlike Linda, Louis at least had the common sense to keep his arse firmly planted in his seat  even if his false fixed grin was disturbingly Ceausescu-like in its lack of understanding.

What, me?

Yes, you, Louis.

Linda, meanwhile, was squaring up to McGuinness like a teenager full of Bucky trying to get into Coppers on Junior Cert results night,  while Tubs hovered on the fringes, being ineffectual and irrelevant.  So no change there, then.

Linda Martin bouncer

Embarrassing?  Yes.

Surprising?  Not really.

Amusing?  Certainly.

Important?  Certainly not.  This is the Eurovision we’re talking about and a singer whose entire career was  based on the Eurovision farce, a lad from Kiltimagh who built a fortune promoting boy-bands without substance and a musician who once played in a great band.

It’s all a bottle of smoke.  A bagatelle.  But at least Linda gave us all a bit of a laugh in these grim times.

7 thoughts on “Linda Martin to Represent Ireland in Euro-Knacker Finals

  1. The Eurovision might be fabulous, but that’s for other reasons.

    Just like Louis Walsh and Linda Martin, it has nothing to do with good music.

  2. That link has been removed by the uploader, here’s a working link and the lovely girl picks it up at 1min.40secs in.

  3. I thought it was beautifully fitting that there was a Late Late Eurovision Father Tedesque farce on Dermot Morgan’s anniversary.

  4. he accused Billy of being on something too, very funny how quickly RTE apologiseied for it afterwards, maybe its not just homophobes they are afraid of

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