Martin McGuinness to Attend Windsor Castle Banquet

Well done to Martin McGuinness for taking another step along the road to peace and reconciliation.

It can’t be an easy thing for a man with his background to attend an event hosted by the Queen of England, but Martin McGuinness, because the recent conflict, of which he was an integral part, is far bigger than that.

We have two choices here.

We can continue the unending conflict — largely driven by the horrible Ulster loyalist tendency and the republican extremist fringe — or we can sideline the lunatics and move forward in a way that promises a decent future for our children.

I know what I prefer.  I might not be happy with the things that were done in our history.  I might not be too comfortable with the way the Brits treated our people in the past, but I’m certainly not going to inflict old, long-standing bitterness on the future generations.

Old certainties never work, especially those that are delivered via tired old rabble-rousing songs.  Instead of flag-waving, we need rational thought in order to create a better future for our children both in Ireland and in Britain.

I hate this nonsense peddled by musicians like the Wolfe Tones who made an absolute fortune from rabble rousing while those they claim to represent continued to live in poverty.  It makes me sick.  The concept of the nation-state dates back to the French revolution in 1789.  Prior to that, there was no such concept, and anyone who uses it to incite violence is nothing short of a murderer.

If we want a real nation, why don’t we try to establish some sort of cultural commonality instead of trying to invent an Irish nation that never existed?  Why don’t we try, like the Welsh for example, to preserve our language?

After ninety years, what a great job we made of that!

We’re full of shit.

9 thoughts on “Martin McGuinness to Attend Windsor Castle Banquet

  1. You condemn the Wolfe Tones,who to my knowledge never harmed anybody, yet praise a former IRA commander,whose organisation maimed and murdered innocent people on the British mainland. I wonder how the families of those feel about the fact that their monarch has extended this invitation . Preserve our language? That’s a laugh. You attended the same alma mater as I in Sexton Street,where they tried,to beat the Irish language into us. Look no further than that for a reason as to why many ended up hating it with a passion.

  2. Tonyc, there is no British mainland, Britain is an island. Mr. McGuinness is a British subject, having been born in and continuing to reside in the the 6 counties. Indeed he wasn’t eligible to vote for himself had he ran for President of Ireland. He had been laud from the coffers of the British exchequer all his adult live, how can he claim not to be British?

  3. Is there any truth in the assertion that teachers tried to beat gaelic into students ?
    This is not some trick question, I’m genuinely interested,

  4. Martin McGuinness is a political realist and is showing leadership to his followers and critics alike. Hoping he enjoys English roast beef and Yorkshire pudding at the royal banquet, but avoids the smoked salmon, unlike some Labour Party smoked salmon socialists.

  5. Well said bock. Mixed feelings. But we must look to the future. Thanks lizzie & martin.

  6. The Wolfe Tones never harmed anybody? The Wolfe Tones never harmed anybody????? Christ almighty, they’ve been driving people up the walls for years.

  7. Jay, kids have had to deal with language zealots for almost a couple of centuries in Ireland. There were any amount of head the balls who tried to beat Irish into young people throughout the 20th century & weirdly enough they were often people who had poor enough Irish themselves. Most of them didn’t stop at Irish though, they were savages in their attempt to teach other subjects as well.

    In the previous century when the shoe was on the other foot it was British government policy to eradicate Irish through the school system. Google bata scóir / tally stick if you’re interested. The Brits appear to have been more successful.

  8. @ No. 8 There’s no such thing as a British Subject these days (since the early 80s they’re all citizens) except for a few specific categories – one of whom is ironically people born in the Republic of Ireland before 1949 who want UK citizenship.

    As for MMG, it depends on who’s looking I suppose. Altho’ from outside the jurisdiction he is an Irish passport holder & thus an Irish citizen as far as both he and the Irish state is concerned & he is recognised as such abroad. The Brits can claim him as UK born & resident who is entitled to UK benefits etc but I’m not sure if they want him anyway.

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