David McSavage’s Outrage Is Simply the Scandal of Pampered Irish Elites Wearing a Different Disguise

David McSavage proving yet again how rooted he is in establishment thinking.

David Andrews, aka McSavage, picked a bad week to bleat about his video not being shown on RTE.

This quintessential scion of Fianna Fáíl insiderness, the pampered essence of smug,  son of one FF miinister and nephew of another, first cousin of Ryan Tubridy, a chap who  was born pushing an open door, wishes you to believe that he has been censored because RTE failed to screen a little video he made.

I was going to say a satirical, challenging, comedy video, but it’s not.  It’s a drab, derivative reworking of every comedic cliché anyone has ever employed when there’s a nun involved.  Must try harder.  It says  a lot about David Andrews if he thinks this sort of thing is shocking.  If Dave had made a video of nuns shagging Satan on the back of a Fianna Fáil election tractor,  it might have had some sort of tired shock-factor, but the best Dave could manage was Jesus as the Diet-Coke guy  turning on the brides of Christ.

David McSavage nuns

That’s the joke.  All of it.  Nothing else.  That is the entire joke: three nuns getting horny about a guy dragging a cross behind him.

Well I’ll be jiggered.  Who knew that nuns might have fantasies about fucking Jesus?

Clearly in Dave Andrews’s climate-controlled world of edgy southside madness, that’s only a feckin HOOT!

In my less pampered world it’s called lazy.  This is comedy designed to be just edgy enough for the establishment, yet not dangerous enough to cause any trouble.  In most countries, it would be laughed off the screen, and not in a good way.

Now, here’s the thing I want to ask you.  Did RTE really reject Dave’s video?  Jesus knows they gave him enough space  on air to complain about it. They interviewed him enough on prime-time radio.  Who could place a monetary value on the minutes RTE afforded Dave to complain about RTE not showing his video?  Do you think they’d afford the same  opportunity to you?

Was it more likely that Dave and that guy who lives three doors down from him, also known as the guy who decides these things, got together in Kiely’s one evening over a Heino and came up with an absolutely hysterical wheeze.

Why don’t you ban one or two of the clips, and then I’ll accuse you of censorship?

Jeez, Dave, you’re a feckin HOOT!

In comedy, timing is everything, and I’m afraid  the Andrews boy has got it badly wrong this time.

We’re in a week when Irish nuns are in the spotlight like never before, for barbaric acts of abuse towards mothers and children.   Dave McSavage is the privileged product of a family that took a prominent part in creating the climate that permitted clerical oppression of the poor and the vulnerable in Ireland.

And besides that, a comic who actually had talent died today —  Mr Rik Mayall.

It’s not a good week for Dave to be throwing his toys out of the pram about RTE not showing his fucking video.

Wouldn’t you think?







23 thoughts on “David McSavage’s Outrage Is Simply the Scandal of Pampered Irish Elites Wearing a Different Disguise

  1. Well, RTE didn’t call him an unfunny cunt.
    They apparently said to him that it might suggest the broadcaster had “no respect for the sacredness that Christian viewers attribute to this iconography”.

    He thinks it’s censorship. But of course he has no right to get his stuff aired.
    I think they’d have been better off saying it’s just not that funny..

  2. Eejits writing to this site are always accusing me of censorship, when I decline to publish their views.

    I normally explain to them that they can fuck off.

  3. Sorry, bad joke. Ta daaaa.

    You’re right. Most people just get told to fuck off.
    David’s obviously not used to it.

    Shower of inbreds up in Donnybrook.

  4. If by Donnybrook you mean RTE, there has always been a big problem of like looking after like. In its own way, RTE has been responsible for spreading a very nasty catalogue of Irish stereotypes, defining what is acceptable according to its own image. That represents a study all in itself.

  5. When will RTE stop playing the fucking Angelus? Has the Catholic Church not done enough damage. Bock, know it’s not about your man Mc Savage but when I hear RTE, I think of the Angelus and how many more years are we going to have to endure this.

  6. June 10th, Limerick – The Angelus commemorates the Angel Gabriel arriving on earth to inform Mary that she was pregnant with the Son a God and that humanity was saved.

    Silence the bells across one of the strongholds of the continent formerly called Christendom and it will be only a matter of time before the homosexuals and Irish language poets are out on the streets.

    Those bells are all that is standing between us and a pandemic of shirt-lifting and Irish children being traumatised by angst-ridden Eireaball Spideoige types.

    Look what happened in the UK, in London, Birmingham and Dublin, when they banned the Angelus. They regret it now.

  7. For years David Andrews stood at the end of Grafton Street with his guitar and his little sing-song routine, shouting and singing abuse at passers by. It was fucking irritating most of the time. I happen to think the guy is unhinged, but not in a quirky loveable way more like in an intimidating spoilt little fucker-used-to-getting-his-own-way, kinda way.

    I think there was always a viciousness to him, that sort of entitlement mentality. He is such a pig when he’s being interviewed, like he’s above all that, smarter than everyone else. He seems to be emotionally stunted.

  8. Ah jaysus, I thought it was a funny sketch…
    I wonder will the IONA crowd, jump on the bandwagon and get more money from RTE because it offended their morals…

    Anyway check out this funny piss take of the Angelus

  9. Thanks Bock, I always thought David McSavage was a tame enough comedian at best. He challenges nothing yet he’s considered by the commentariat to be “edgy”. It’s about time someone called him on it. Are there any edgy comedians in this country?

  10. A bit like other Irish comedians and Brendan O Carroll, surround yourself with friends and family, and your paying them, nobody is going to tell you, and I’m quoting from a Greig Proops heckle from the Edinburgh Festival late night.

    “your a cunt and your Nae funny” not as funny written but funny when Greig Proops says it with a fake Scottish accent.

    Seems to me like they need a good editor to say “that’s not funny or in Brendan O Carrolls case you were never funny, and I don’t know why you win awards”

    In my opinion Pat Shorrt has the same problem, there are glimmers of humour there but things go on too long and too many in jokes. Mc Savage/Andrews is painful, and occasionally funny.

  11. Ah come on Labrat ‘you re a cunt and you re nae smart and you sound like a bitter aul bollix to boot ‘ not as funny written but funny when I say it with a fake Scottish accent. ..

  12. Ahhhhh the memories, gratuitous irrelevant insults, takes me back to days of yore, being stalked on the Limerick Blogger, by Garth Brooks fans

  13. I simply used the same language you had used in relation to Brendan O Carroll… is it not insulting when you use it..how does that work ?

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