Luis Suarez : The Real Victim

No.   I refuse to do silly Luis Suarez puns about biting.

After all, what exactly did he do?


So he sank his teeth into Chiellini.  What about it?  Chiellini spent the whole game waving his shoulder provocatively in Suarez’s face, the very same way Ivanovic gave him no choice, flaunting that tasty forearm in front of the goal and Bakkal failed to cover up his perky little ear when everyone knew the Beast of Ajax had a weakness for a nibble.

Suarez Ivanovic

Heads, shoulders, knees and toes. And arms.  All out there on parade for a blameless cannibal to lose control over.

Have these people no shame?  Don’t they realise that by their brazen behaviour, they left Suarez with no option but to attack them?

Luis Suárez bites Otman Bakkal

What will happen next?  You know and I know what will happen.  Instead of placing the blame squarely where it belongs: with the so-called victims, the do-gooders will attack Suarez, even though he has no control over his urges.

If they had covered up properly, Suarez wouldn’t have been so severely tempted and a good man’s name would not have been dragged through the gutter press.

PC gone mad.



13 thoughts on “Luis Suarez : The Real Victim

  1. I blame how they were dressed. You can’t go making yourself up to look all tasty and not expect some guy to come along and eat you.

  2. They should dress like those Middle East girls,head to toe covered and only their eyes showing with protected eye wear
    As for Hannibal Suarez feed him blood dripping, pure raw steak at half time
    A ban for 2 years

  3. Troubling scenes last night.

    Before Suarez, who could eat an apple through a tennis racket, started putting some bite into the U-Are-Gay attack, RTE showed disturbing images of Gaelic footballers.

    They should warn viewers.

    “Viewers are advised that the following broadcast contains images of depraved muck savages kicking the ball (out of their hands) over the bar and commentators implying that this requires a skill set – going forward.”

    Messi got it all wrong against Nigeria earlier. Losing focus with his free kick, he failed to get the ball over the bar and it flew harmlessly into the top cornet of the net.


  4. I agree. Those boys totally ask for it, giving Suarez the come on with their come bite me eyes, smelling of pheromones the way they do. Totally asking for it with their delectably toned muscular bodies, looking all chewable and edible. Causing poor Suarez to masticate like that.

    Sure what’s a fella to do when he gets aroused?

    Lick teases, the lot of them.

  5. You chaps should all be working for fifa, your ability to see the big picture is impressive, I would never have been able to see it from that angle.

  6. “Uruguayan FA defends Luis Suárez, claiming bite marks are Photoshopped”

    “Luis Suárez ‘exhibits behaviour of a frustrated child’ by biting
    Emotion rather than reason triggers infantile biting say psychologists, who are urging the striker to seek help”

    Love these headliners above from The Guardian.

  7. A note to football fans now that it is a rest day in Rio – leaving you to ponder those questions Albert Camus, an ex Algerian goalkeeper,
    raised about the absurdness of existence.

    You can make it through this day.

    John Giles made a rare tactical error during the week. Speaking after a match he said that he would want players on his team that would kill their grandmother to win.

    The likes of Keane, O’Gara, McGrath, O’Connell, O’Driscoll, Shefflin, The Bull, Katie Taylor, Paddy Barnes etc.

    On principle Giles is correct. For if it came down to a choice between the maternal forebear and qualifying from the Group of Death all of the above would have no hesitation breaking the bad news to the wheelchair-bound dowager.

    However, Stephen Ireland wrote off two – or was that three? – of his grannies.

    And he’s still a worthless cunt.

  8. He should be transferred to play club hurling with Tournafulla or Killeedy for a year – one little nip and he’d get a large bony knee into the bollocks and a good wallop of the hurley down on the head so hard he’d get his jaws wired up in case he was ever again tempted.

  9. Dutch boss man Louis van Gaal revealed that two Dutch players refused to take penalties against Argentina last evening.

    “The bastards bottled it,” he was just about to say.

    When I was with Dynamo Tbilisi I took a spot kick which ended up in the Volga.

    But I did not chicken out. I was transferred – with indecent haste – to Prospect Priory after that howler and redeemed myself from 12 yards against a side that started with 13 players.

    The subs took exception to not being named in the starting eleven so they decided to experiment with the revolutionary 4-4-4 system.

    Some international bosses admitted that the 4-4-4 formation had merits, but Van Gaal spotted a flaw.

    I reckon it will be a Klose one on Sunday.

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