B & The Honeyboy at the Blind Pig

Free live gig by great band

Ah Jesus, I’m definitely going to this.  B & The Honeyboy.

B & The Honeyboy

Select your own music cliché from the All-Purpose Music-Cliché Generator (© Una Mulally).  Raw.  Ballsy.  Rootsy.  Gritty.

I’d say fun, musical, clever, from the old-fashioned non-approved dictionary of things not to say about a live act if you want to get a job on RTE or Hot Press.

Comparisons are odious, but I hear echoes of so many favourite artists in the work of these two, it’s impossible to ignore.  Do I hear Jenny Lewis influences somewhere in all of this?  Yes I do, though I might as usual be wrong, but so what?  All the better for it.  I might also hear Bessie Smith, or I might not.  It doesn’t matter.

B & The Honeyboy are an immaculate combination who get my thumbs up straight away in a grab-you-by-the-throat kind of way.  They’re accessible, yet they’re a little bit punk, in a pre-punk Wild Ones kind of way.  They’d be the sort of people who said Fuck You in the Fifties when nobody said Fuck You — not even Brando.  I’d follow them for their beautifully-shot videos and promo stills, but that’s just me.

You know what?  Get along to the Blind Pig and attend this free gig.


Free, I swear to you.   Free!


31st July 2014 at 9:30 pm.


Do not miss this gig unless your leg is hanging off, and even if it is, hop.

Here’s their website.



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