Enough of This Garth Brooks Nonsense

Ludicrous debate about nothing

Let’s clear up a few things about this ludicrous Garth Brooks episode.

Croke Park has a quota of three non-sports events per year, which is not unusual.  Wembley Stadium, for instance, has a yearly limit of seven events.  Croke Park has had this quota since 1993 and everyone knows about it.  Everyone signed up to it.  Croke Park used up its agreed quota for 2014 with three One Direction concerts, even though the GAA knew that they were planning five more Garth Brooks concerts for the same year.  They applied at the last minute to Dublin City Council to increase their 2014 quota from three concerts to eight, and, astonishingly, they got six, a doubling of their agreed quota, but they still weren’t happy and neither were the promoters.

Croke Park Garth Brooks Dublin

But most unhappy of all was Garth Brooks who originally agreed to play two, and then three concerts before he became aware that the Irish market would support five consecutive nights and maybe more.  A year ago, it was possible for him to play two gigs and yet now, he feels emotionally rebuffed because his promoters were only able to secure a doubling of the agreed quota and not a 166% increase.

Garth keeps reminding us of the special place Ireland has in his heart, his achy-breaky heart which is now heartbroken.   So broken is Garth’s heart in fact, that he cancelled the three concerts he had a licence for, thus offering a big ol’ Nashville-style middle finger to the quarter of a million people with tickets for those gigs.

Yeah, Garth.  Right.   Let’s all light candles and sing it together in the dark.

How unreasonable of Dublin City Council not to tear up the agreement that had existed since 1993, and give Aiken Promotions as many nights as they demanded, you’re probably thinking.  For that matter, what a nerve they have for becoming involved at all, instead of allowing concerts in Croke Park every night of the year.  And how arrogant of the local residents to make submissions on the application in accordance with their democratic rights.  Indeed, by exercising their democratic rights, these residents are displaying fascist tendencies, you’re probably thinking.   What sort of Nazi would oppress the ordinary Garth Brooks fan in the street by following the legitimate processes as set out in the law?

By the way, the residents didn’t determine the outcome of the planning process.   That was done by the planners, after taking into account many factors, including objections.  The comic-book analysis of the process is so childish it’s shocking.  Even a sober broadcaster like RTE’s Sean O’Rourke has been talking about begging the Dublin city manager to relent, as if Owen Keegan was some sort of petulant spoilsport who was determined to make people’s lives a misery.

Let’s be clear.  Keegan did not reduce the number of shows from five to three.  He doubled the existing quota, and still they’re not happy.

Remember when our planning applications were settled with a brown paper bag thrown off the back of a speeding motorbike?  We don’t have that any more.  Instead we have a transparent procedure operated by officials who are independent of political pressure and guess what — we don’t want that either.  When it comes to Garth Brooks concerts, the Angry Bridies would prefer to go back to the old nod-and-wink system where decisions can be fixed with a quiet word and maybe the price of a few drinks.

We can’t have it both ways, folks.  Either we have a corruption-free planning system or we don’t.

Now what about this €50 million from abroad that will be lost to the economy?  Is that based on the supposed 100,000 people travelling for the events?  Did they really sell 100,000 tickets to people from outside Ireland?  Can we see the documentation on that please?  How much of that money is based on the gouging rates that Dublin hoteliers have set for the entire Garth Brooks week, and hasn’t that money already been paid?   I didn’t see any Dublin hotel offering to pay it back.   Did you?

Emotional blackmail of the worst kind.   I’m calling bullshit on that.

The truth is that Aiken Promotions and the GAA assumed something that was never verified.   They decided that they would get an extra five nights instead of an extra three and they were wrong.  On the basis of that stupid assumption, they sold 400,000 tickets and convinced Garth Brooks that he was going to make an absolute fortune from Ireland.  Why wouldn’t he be disappointed?  So would I.  So would you.  It’s natural, but Garth needs to come into the real world.  As an American, he must know that rules are rules, or maybe somehow he became convinced that Ireland is so crooked, things would be quietly sorted out.

Is disillusionment his problem?

Did he really love Ireland so much because he thought we were run by a crowd of cowboys?



UPDATE 10th July.

It gets weirder by the hour.  Enda Kenny, the prime minister of this country, has become involved in efforts to reinstate concerts by a bad country ‘n’ western singer.  Can you imagine the head of government in any other European nation worrying about something so trivial?

In other news, Garth Brooks has a ship somewhere in the Atlantic containing all his gear for the show and the latest we hear is that the Mexican ambassador has offered to help.  How appropriate.




19 thoughts on “Enough of This Garth Brooks Nonsense

  1. Moran & Bewley Hotel group refunding 800k apparently.

    Anyway, looks like this fiasco not quite over yet. Enda the hero about to step in and ‘save the day’?

  2. This is pure Fr. Ted, apparently the ” Residents ” have written to President Obama to intervene ! added to that, the man who initiated the Court Injunction claims he was paid to do so and now claims to be in hiding, so much madness !

  3. If this goes ahead it really is the last straw and nothing has changed in this stupid country governed solely by “how much profit” no long term view about anything, bunch of complete red necks.

  4. Best quote from Liveline yesterday “If Bertie were Taoiseach we would not be in this mess”… or something to that effect…

    Your analysis above is spot on Bock.

    Also some interesting tweets yesterday:
    Brian Dobson : Garth Brooks says “I was informed yesterday that the shows are cancelled…” Curious! I thought he cancelled them!

    Dara O’Briain: Interesting to see that if Garth Brooks has to choose between his children, he’d sooner they all died.

  5. The brown envelope perhaps has merely been relabelled.
    To may be more fit for purpose.

  6. This gets more unbelievable by the minute ….

    The Irish Times:
    “Taoiseach Enda Kenny should be prepared to ring, or take a call from, singer Garth Brooks in order to resolve the impasse over the five cancelled Croke Park concerts, Minister for Trade Joe Costello has said.

    Firstly – this is quite unbelievable, but also I dont see what Garth Brooks has to do with this, as Bock says – its purely a legal issue.

    Then we add to this
    “The Mexican ambassador to Ireland had previously offered to help resolve Garth Brooks Croke Park concert fiasco.
    Carlos Eugenio Garcia de Alba Zepede has contacted the Lord Mayor of Dublin to see if he can help get the country’s gigs back on.”

    What does he have to do with it ?

    Well maybe if they sold enough beans to all the concert goers then the farting would drown out the “music”…

  7. Ballybough residents will ask Obama to call Garth Brooks so as to get the singer to reinstate the Croke park concerts. This is according to Dublin Lord Mayor Christy Burke after he met them yesterday! It gets madder and madder. And what the fuck is the Mexican ambassador doing getting involved? Do we like setting ourselves up for ridicule? These hillbillies will make us a laughing stock.

  8. Enda can’t wait for an opportunity to show his inner eegit.
    This is up there with Baldy greeting Trump and his hair piece out in Shannon.

    There’s no way the 5 will go ahead, but I would think the 3 will, once Garth’s ego is sufficiently caressed.
    You’d get the feeling he’s completely and utterly full of shit all right.
    If he wasn’t a famous has-been country n western singer, he’d probably be the type you’d avoid in the pub.

  9. The Redneck gobshites in Kildare street will find a way to appease their cowboy constituents. Fucking grasping peasants the lot of them.

  10. Spot on analysis there Bock. I love the fifty million figure as well. Some fool pulled that figure out of his gaping arsehole and is waving it about like it’s the word of the lord almighty itself.

    Everyone jumps on the bandwagon saying the money is now lost to the economy…why? Are the people who were going to spend the money at the gig now going to set fire to it in some form of protest or something? Surely they’ll just spend the money on something else rather than fake stetsons, cowboy boots and wrangler jeans.

    This whole thing has taken the phrase silly season to a whole new level. Christ, people were frothing at the mouth saying the cancellation of the gigs had made Ireland a laughing stock of the international community, and destroyed our reputation. It hadn’t. Now i see on the independent website the headline, “White House will not involve itself in Garth Brooks fiasco” or something to that effect. It’s enough to make your toes curl. What the fuck is wrong with us?

  11. how come amnesty international are not involved? surely, being forced to listen to garth , for five nights in a row is a cruel and unusual torture? it would not be allowed in gitmo.

  12. If Bertie was in charge, this would have been sorted. Some stroke would have been pulled. But, we have this eegit Enda who has made a complete bolox of the whole shenanagan. Obama has refused to get involved but we need Enda to get on to him now to sort out this fucking fiasco. Get your fucking arse out Enda and be a man for once.

  13. If the ‘Bertie’ bowl had been built, this catastrophe of shame would never have happened. What about Donkey Moon of the UN? This must be sorted fast or we will never get over it. Where are the Statesmen?

  14. I really did flinch and cringe listening to the puffed up, red neck.
    Dumbed down, gobshite.
    Are we really going to capitulate to this money grabbing cowboy?
    Never told “woah, woah, woah, not once. ” Never told fuck off either, by the looks of it.

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