Israel. The New Nazis, Still Murdering Civilians in the Name of Self Defence

Israel behaving exactly like the Nazis did.

Five years after the Israeli Defence Forces bombed the inmates of  the Gaza concentration camp into the ground, here we are again.

The Israeli government is still breaching the terms of the Geneva Conventions by attacking an enemy without regard to civilian casualties, even though that enemy, Hamas, has little support in the Gaza concentration camp.

As I write, about 100 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli bombardment, at the cost to Israel of no lives at all.  Not one Israeli has been killed in this conflict.

Indeed, the Israelis have been making a bit of a festival out of the bombing of the sub-humans.

I’m going to say this, even though I’ll be breaking a huge taboo in doing so.   It’s Nazism.  It’s exactly what the Germans, the Hungarians, the Austrians, the Romanians and the Croats did to the Jews in the 1940s.

And the Gazan resistance is exactly what the European Jews did in Warsaw, when they rose up against a far more powerful oppressor.

Nobody called those brave Jewish soldiers terrorists, except the spin-doctors of the regime that sought to exterminate them, and yet this is precisely the language peddled by the Israeli diplomats in the UN as they seek to silence international criticism of their campaign against the minority whose land they continue to appropriate and whose culture they seek to denigrate, just as oppressors in past decades did against the Jews.

In order to eliminate a society, it is first necessary to reduce it to the level of the cockroach, and what more fitting example exists than these fine Israelis drawing up their chairs to clap and cheer as their defence forces bombard the inmates of the Gaza concentration camp?

Don’t take my word for it.  Listen to this Auschwitz survivor condemning the actions of Israel.



Alternatively, listen to Gerald Kaufman, MP, comparing Israel’s actions to those of the Nazis.  Listen to him comparing the action of the Gaza resistance to that of the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto.

Why do I speak of Nazis?  Only because Bibi Netanyahu has defined Israel as a Jewish state.

Israel can’t have it both ways.   If you behave like the people whose actions defined your nation, you can hardly complain when people call you out on it.





Israeli MP calls for genocide of Palestinians

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40 thoughts on “Israel. The New Nazis, Still Murdering Civilians in the Name of Self Defence

  1. I’ve been following your blog for many years now and I’m not surprised to read your response to the Israeli REACTION to the hundreds of rockets fired into their territory on an almost daily basis. I have no intention of trying to refute your arguments, simply because they are so much an entrenched part of your persona that it would be futile. I’d just say that maybe you should try to look at the whole picture, going back to the foundation of the Israeli nation instead of concentrating on the Israeli reactions to constant harassment from the Palestine dissidents. Oh and don’t bother I’ll just sign myself,

  2. Have to agree with you Bock, and I don’t think it’s taboo at all. I’d go further and suggest a ‘master race’ mentality is present.

  3. ‘ The Palestinians are beasts walking on two legs’ From the mouth of Menachem Begin, 6th Prime Minister of Israel.

    ‘The Palestinians are like crocodiles, the more you you give them meat, they want more’ Ehud Barak, former Prime Minister of Israel.

    ‘The Palestinians are like grasshoppers whose heads should be smashed against rocks’ Some other Prime Minister said that.

    The language is very similar to what was said in Germany about the Jews, Gypsies and other undesirables before world war 2.

  4. Sadly, the Israelis will continue to act in defiance of United Nations resolutions as well as the Geneva Convention whilst they have the support of the USA. They have this support because American politicians are afraid of antagonising the substantial Jewish vote in their country. I had hoped that, in his second and final term, President Obama would have acted differently, but alas this is not so.

    We must not forget that many of the present troubles in the Middle East are due to the way in which, after both world wars, Great Britain and other european countries divided up territories along straight lines without regard to tribal and ethnic boundaries.

  5. How should Israel respond to the over 500 rockets launched against them from Gaza?

  6. In the way they have done. By using their enormously efficient anti-missile system and their extensive defensive structures which have resulted in nobody dying. Unlike in Gaza where three-quarters of the deaths have been civilians, including 21 children.

  7. It’s been a curse my whole life, but getting back to the subject, have you anything useful to contribute?

  8. Somebody once said that “war is hell”, and so it is in the Middle East!

    Berating one side over another just because they are stronger, or have a lower body count just perpetuates a conflict.

    BOTHS sides (and yes the Palestinians have their “defenders”) are wrong!

    ALL killing has to stop!

    That is the message you should be sending, rather than these rantings!

  9. I think that the Palestinians should desist from firing indescriminate rockets into Israel,that way Israel would also cease fire.The Israelis are backed into a corner with enemies on all sides and this makes them vicious opponents.

  10. Israel will accept a ceasefire but Hamas won’t…so we had a chance of the killing stopping, but…

    How is that Nazi analogy going for ya then Bock?

  11. Ah I see that farcical bullshit about the Egyptian ceasefire proposals worked on someone Toff!

  12. Any basis for that comment Tommy? I’m just limited to reading the media – have you a better information source you can share with us?

  13. a ceasefire results from all parties to the conflict making an agreement. How could a ceasefire be negiotated without the involvement of any of the Palestinian side? However from a PR perspective it may appear that Israel made valiant efforts to stop the bobardment and Hamas gave them the two fingers. Viewers of Fox news will have that analysis I would imagine. The Israeli Dror Kheninwho was hit by a rocket has , thats one. 222 Palestinians are dead, including mny women and children, since Operation Protective SLEDGE has started. The siege of Gaza brings Shame on the state of Israel, this together with the occupation of the Palestinial terratories and the planting of Israeli “settlements” prevents peace being achieved, and the Israeli Govt know it. Incursions into Palestinian Territory and the re-capturing of Hamas members are all violations of the last ceasefire. The only good thing about this PR excercise by Israel is that it gave the residents of Gaza a few hours of respite.They have now agreed to a short lull requested by the U.N. as the hospitals in Gaza have not medical supplies to deal with the mounting casualties.

  14. There is more out there than CNN and Fox, try aljazeera! Even CNN, who ran with the story all night, confirmed that none of the Official Palestinian Sources had been contacted. The Israeli Govt jumped on the opportunity to get some more “justification” for their actions. How would a ceasefire be brokered when one side becomes aware of it through the Media?

  15. “The first casualty of war is the truth” someone said.

    Until ALL killing stops on both sides, NOTHING will be achieved, it’s as simple as that.

    Arguing either sides case just perpetuates a conflict.

    Arguing who’s right doesn’t work – admitting and accepting who’s wrong usually does.

    This tragic episode is just another in the long history of each side arguing their case – and neither (Hamas or Israel) REALLY care about the Palestinians.

  16. From both sides this morning:
    “I think that the most important thing vis-a-vis Gaza is to ensure that Gaza is demilitarised from rockets and from the attack tunnels that Hamas is building into Israel,” he said. “Israel has to take the actions to defend its citizens as any normal country would against terrorists who are committing double war crimes of targeting civilians and hiding behind civilians.”

    Hamas was proposing a 10-year ceasefire to boost the economy. The proposals include a sea and airport built under UN supervision, lifting the blockade and opening of the Rafah crossing with Egypt.

    SO, IF these are REALLY what both sides want, AND that they trust each other enough to enter into negotiations, then we might have something.

    BUT, it probably won’t happen any-time soon, for lots of reasons….none of them acceptable.

    Will taking sides like only seeing innocent Palestinians not being involved in firing rockets at Israel, or calling Israel Nazis, REALLY advance the situation – NO CHANCE!

  17. Yes the truth is suppressed by both sides, its up to us to seek out a variety of views. That involves a bit of searching. However it does not involve too much analysis to decide who is the victim here and who is the aggressor.

  18. Since January 2005, the conflict has killed 23 Palestinians for every one Israeli.

    How’s that for balance?

  19. Bock, where did u get the idea that a war must have balance?

    The point of a war is to win, by shifting the balance in your favour, in other words, kill more people than the other guy.

    Don’t u think that Hamas would like to be killing more Jews?

    Get real, war is war, and horrible.

  20. Toff, I’ll just ask you to do me one favour, if that’s all right.

    Could you please stop telling people to get real? It’s the sort of thing I’d expect from a loudmouth drunk, and I know you don’t belong to that category.

  21. No Toff, you can disagree all you like. I’m just asking you to avoid using that expression. (And also ridiculous textspeak like lol) Is that too hard for you?

  22. Of course there isn’t any balance Toffy, they’re not on an equal playing field.

    You can say a genocide is a war all you like, but that doesn’t deal with the atrocity. Doesn’t highlight the injustice. Doesn’t highlight the wrong doing of the oppressor, when they clearly are oppressing a minority.

    It’s not a case of all bets are off calling it war.
    You’re either being wilfully ignorant or stupid saying otherwise.
    Stick your head up your arse and leave it there, but the rest of us are seeing the reality. Get real.. ffs.

  23. Tommy, thanks for the serious points made in response to my argument.

    Bock, why do u frequently move into the realm of personal comments, and set the tone for others?

    Its disappointing, sometimes ur blog is outstanding, but then….

  24. Hey Toffy, no one sets the tone for me.. get real dude. lol
    If you can’t deal with others’ opinions, no point in blaming Bock for it.. fa reeaaal.

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