Rubberbandits New Song — Fellas

Just don’t frighten the horses

I see the Rubberbandits have a new song, called Fellas, which is unfortunately a song reminding some people that, shockingly, it’s ok to be gay.

rubberbandits fellas

I say unfortunately because we live in a world where so many people think it’s not.  And ironically, that would include a sizeable chunk of the Bandits’ followers, if the comments on the video are anything to go by.

Well done to the Bandits for moving on, although it’s a pity the song needed to be written at all but at least  these boys aren’t going to end up years from now  in a horrible music-industry time-warp where sad old bastards with shopping bags on their heads bemoan a lost world of musical greatness.

As for the fuckers complaining about the use of the word fuck in the song, well, fuck them.  They obviously never heard Tim Minchin’s Pope Song.

Hmm.   Now that I think about it, is there a vague family resemblance in those two ditties?

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