Speeding Charge Struck Out Against Religious Brother

According to a report in the Leinster Express

A Mountrath man at last week’s district court had a charge of speeding struck out after Judge John Coughlan learned the man was a Patrician brother.

That’s it.

I have nothing to add.


Patrician Brother speeding charge struck out

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Does this not contravene Irish law is some way? Could the same clemency potentially be shown to Patrician Brothers, or any other Brothers for that matter, facing more serious charges? Is Ireland considered to be a theocracy?

The District Court is not a court of record. Its decisions don’t create a precedent.

If this had been a case brought by the DPP, I have no doubt it would have been appealed to the Circuit Court, but as the Gardai have to maintain good relations with the judge, it would be very surprising if they chose to do the same.

District Judges are not answerable to anyone. They don’t have to explain themselves and they can’t be removed from office.

It would seem that members of religious orders in Eire have the same rights as Freemasons in England.

Yeah sure Bock. Hundreds of imbeciles go through the courts everyday and if they accepted the authority of the State, most wouldn’t be there in the first place. What I see is a judge who is supposed to be acting professionally regardless, acting like a fucking psychopath, shouting repeatedly like the deranged arsehole he is.

The judge certainly seems to be losing his head, but the defendant is refusing to recognise the court. Are you saying that the courts in Ireland have no legitimacy?

No, I don’t believe I suggested for one minute that courts in Ireland have no legitimacy.

I was just pointing out that the judge is acting like a cantankerous off-balance raving lunatic. This is the same guy who struck out a man’s speeding offence out just because he was a Patrician Brother. He’s part of a fucked up corrupt system that shows again and again gaping inconsistencies in the judiciary. That bothers me.

I was stopped for speeding today, would it worth my while telling the judge that I am a brother to three siblings? Would I have a defence?

No. 8, if one of those siblings is called Patricia, you could slur your words a bit and cough and say ‘I’m Patricia’s brother’. It might be struck out then.

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