Big Gay Gaelic Football Weekend in Limerick

The GAA and The Gay

Today in Limerick we have the All-Ireland Gaelic football semi-final replay and the Limerick Pride march.

This means the town is full of big freckly-headed Mayomen, not a bit happy after an enforced long drive because the GAA stabbed them in the back, a gang of Kerrymen from just south of the border, and a throng of raving homosexuals in leotards and dresses.

What could possibly go wrong?

Not much, as far as I can see.  It just means the town is even more festive than usual this weekend and if we can persuade some of our visitors to remain for a night or two, we can look forward to massive partying no matter who wins the knockabout they call Gaelic football.


The Mayo supporters have a point when they complain about holding an All-Ireland semi final replay in Limerick.  As somebody said today, what kid grows up dreaming of playing in the Gaelic Grounds?  No-one, obviously, but for some reason, the GAA completely screwed up its schedules and contracted to host an American Football game instead.  Not being a GAA follower, I don’t quite understand why the semi-final could not have been played on Sunday instead, but no doubt someone will enlighten me.

Unfortunately for the Mayo crowd but happily for the Kerry bunch, the scoreline went the way of the southern visitors after a closely-fought bout of pulling and dragging, and so it happens that two hordes depart our home town, one to the north and the other to the south, each of them leaving a trail of destruction in the form of half-eaten ham-sandwiches, bottles of tea, Tayto bags and crepe-paper hats.

But of course, they’ll leave a residue of boisterous young foot-soldiers to inspect a town they’ve never in their lives visited, thanks to dire warnings from the Dublin meeja ( most of whom have likewise never set foot in our town).  What happens when the Kerry and Mayo hordes meet the gay wave, I simply cannot say, but it won’t  be pretty, and that’s why I’ve retired to my mountain redoubt for safety.

What a result.  The gays and the gaas.

GAA Pride.  You can’t beat it.

9 thoughts on “Big Gay Gaelic Football Weekend in Limerick

  1. Would you believe, the Sunday World are running a Limerick Gangland special in this Sundays edition…..this will be the 9th story (between the Indo/Irish Mirror/Sunday World, relating to Limerick gangland/Crime THIS WEEK…

    And they call us paranoid?

    It’s been nearly 4 years since the last Gangland murder in this city….the week before 3 murder investigations were launched in Dublin….

    This is beyond ridiculous….how many more years are we going to have to put up with this shit?

  2. Eric, that says more about the standards of “journalism” than it does about Limerick. Do we really care what the readers of those rags think of Limerick?

    The City of Culture has thus far been a great success despite the Dublin media ignoring it.

  3. No 8, you are spot on on both counts.

    I just find it hard to swallow, next week will be curious, not only have Royal De Luxe never performed in a city of this size, they have never performed in a city as stigmatized as this.

    The City of Culture has been outstanding so far….couldn’t agree more.

    Sorry for hijacking a piece that has nothing to do with my point, but I was online last night looking for reports of the multiple shooting in Dublin, to my surprise I counted 3 gangland Limerick stories on the Sunday World (owned by INM) website…and they are now claiming an 11 year old boy “superthug” is being bred in Limerick…I didn’t read the article but apparently he has bazookas for arms and according to a yet to be broadcast RTE “Documentary” he is being linked to 25 unsolved gangland murders in Dublin…Paul Williams has been quoted as saying “This scumbag could potentially murder 2,350 people before he is 20!!!…obviously I am kidding but publishing stories about an 11 year old boy and the crimes he might commit is beyond irresponsible…

  4. It seems the Sunday World has moved on from taking cheap shots at the Rathkealers.

  5. Eric, I used to react to every negative hreadline about Limerick, then I thought, Why should I? If someone chooses to write shite about here then let them. Reacting only gives them attention. Thousands of rugby fans visit every year, the majority of whom leave with a positive impression. Real experiences count far more than some hacks tirade. It is up to us to us as citizens and residents of Limerick to promote our city in a positive fashion, to welcome visitors, to accept others to our city, in short to be ourselves and fuck the begrudgers.

    Some of the local culture projects this year have been excellent. If we can nourish this creativeness for arts, music etc in the same way we mourish our sports people and make Limerick an all inclusive accepting class 1 city to live in, then we will have won. Let yesterdays Pride march be one closer to the final one. No one should need to parade to remind others of their right to co-exist.

  6. As many business owners will tell you, especially those in the hospitality trade, the problem is that stupid cynical hacks like Eamon Dillon can prevent visitors ever exploring the town in the first place. That’s why it’s important to challenge such lazy journalism.

  7. ‘…..half-eaten ham-sandwiches, bottles of tea, Tayto bags and crepe-paper hats….’

    That Pride crowd are a bit retro, aren’t they?

  8. I agree with Bock to ignore it is tantamount to accepting it. If someone is spitting at you as you try to get on with your life the responsibility is on you to tell them to stop.

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