Charlie Clarke Died

Article removed due to death threats from individuals claiming to be members of the travelling community.

All details recorded and reported.

15 thoughts on “Charlie Clarke Died

  1. C u bock wipe your mouth and stop talking shit, people like u r only brave behind a computer screen if u ad any balls u wud go n say that to one of the Clarkes u wud only of live to av a bit of the respect that charlie Clarke ad u fucking naker so leave he’s name out of ur Shitty mouth and let him rest in peace u dis respectful tramps barstard!

  2. See you ‘Bock’ wipe your mouth and stop talking shit, people like you are only brave behind a computer screen if you had any balls you would go and say that to one of the Clarkes you would only of love to have a bit of the respect that Charlie Clarke had you fucking naker so leave he’s name out of your Shitty mouth and let him rest in peace you dis-respectful tramps barstard! .. Can You Understand that now? :)

  3. Did I read the same post there as Clarke?
    I thought Bock was being respectful.

    Wasted on some people.

    Read it again. Slowly Clarke.

  4. That seems like a somewhat imperious sneer at somebody who is not as well versed in the English language as you are.

  5. Yeah you did read the same post as me ‘Artemis’
    And I Dunno how you find that in anyway respectful! ‘Bock’ sounds like a arrogant pig who needs to learn some manners AND RESPECT ! and I’d very much doubt it that any of the Clarkes would appreciate that post! The thing is as well ‘Bock’ sat behind the computer screen saying all that why not grow a ‘Pair’ and say it to the Clarkes! Shitty arse needs to sort it’s life out! Dis-respectful peace of shit! Scum that’s all what you are! Can you understand that ‘BOCK’? :) Maybe you need to go have a wash before you question or voice your opinion on anyone else you good for nothing naker! I can smell your bullshit from here! And just for the record ‘Artemis’ you are the ones who need to re-read the post, SLOWLY!:) #NAKERS Btw ‘patsy brunnock ‘why don’t you keep your big nose out of it you fucking nerd Yous know full well what I am saying :) use your brains I’d yous are so clever :)

  6. I’ll try to lighten the mood with a Charlie story. Returning to Ireland after some years away, my eldest daughter, 7 at the time was obsessed with getting a pony, I fobbed her off for a long time until one day she arrived at the door with a pony at the end of a rope she claimed she ” found “.

    Having reported this missing pony to the Gardai and usual channels, a few days later this man turned up as the owner, that was Charlie, I was perfectly happy to return his pony but I fell hook,line and sinker for the patter of ” Look how much the little child loves the pony “…..I bought the pony ! don’t recall how much but definitely too much.

    That pony was the Houdini of equines, nothing would keep him in, no wall, no fence, no door, I swear he could open door’s. I covered miles of Country finding him and bringing him back, my daughter called him Tricky Dicky. After yet another perfectly executed escape I found him in the next Village and I was done with this escapism. There was a man in that Village who I vaguely knew as a Horse dealer, I asked him if he could find a home or customer for the pony. He laughed at me for a full 5 mins and then told me that Tricky Dicky was Charlies best seller because he always found his way home !

    No harm done, we learnt a lesson, I always gave Charlie a wave when I saw him, don’t think he remembered me, but for all the walking finding that pony my daughter never forgot him and the memories have given us many a laugh down the years.

    A truly unique character RIP.

  7. If you’ve anything to say about knackers or thinkers say it to me because I am one he is my grandfather.soap and water haha you dirty smell bag would you be man enough to fight me and have the balls to say what you said there to me you wouldn’t know what soap and water was if it hits you in the face and your mother would want to go scrub her fanny she has a new man up on her every night you haven’t the price to put food on your table your only a corner boy your eating the snots out of your nose to keep yourself full your mother’s giving suckey suckey for free every night and where proudly thinkers and I won’t go hiding im anthony clarke !!!

  8. Ye Are sick bastards, charlie was a cousin of ours he was lovely old man who was respected by everyone traveller or settled. Ye will have no luck and when yer caught ye will have no teeth, cause no traveller in the country will let you disrespect charlie like that. And Ye Don’t no the meaning of thinker ye sad people Im sure if charlie was here today he would stand proud and say yes he’s a thinker and knacker no better man to say it proudly rip Charlie Clarke

  9. God yer big people talking about the dead that man and his family did nothing to you leave um alone man only dead a week today and ye slagging him man never harmed anyone sad cunt’ s . rip Charlie Clarke lovely man

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