Contributions Welcome


Guest contributions have always been welcome on this site.  Indeed, in the last week or so there have been two posts by other contributors and the hope is that this will continue as it has in the past.

As always, the pages are open to anyone who wants to write about interesting things.

Articles can be about anything and they certainly don’t need to agree with me.  If anyone would like to write something expressing an alternative point of view, that’s fine.

There’s only one rule.  It can’t be shite.  It has to be well-written and it has to be logical if it’s arguing a point of view.  But equally, it might just be a post about a forthcoming garden fete or it might be a recipe.  That’s fine too.

As any regular reader knows, there’s no shortage  of material to fill these pages, but it’s always good to involve people where possible, so if you’d like a soap-box, feel free to throw something in and if it’s of a decent standard, it will go up.

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