Gay Pride Festival Reaches Out to Bigots

Severe shortage of homophobic protesters

Limerick Pride Festival organisers today spoke of their disappointment at the absence of homophobic bigots in recent years.

It’s a bit much, said Kieran Langers, PRO for the festival.  I mean, we put all this effort into being out and flamboyant.  You’d imagine they could at least get into character and maybe wave a placard or something.  Jesus, it’s not much to ask!

Amid reports of a big fall-off in bigotry, festival bosses are worried that they might fall foul of the Broadcasting Authority, following their recent decision on the Derek Mooney Show, covering same-sex marriage.

Who’s to say that we’ll get coverage at all? asks Langers.  If RTE can’t find any bigots in Limerick, there’s every chance the BAI will knock it for lack of balance.

He has a point.  In the last few years, there have been no protests at all during the Pride March, despite the presence of hundreds of  flaming homosexuals, drag queens, transexuals and fag-hags.

Limerick Gardai With Pride Flag
Limerick Gardai With Pride Flag

I’m very worried, confides Stephen Solitaire (not his real name).   I’m a District Court judge so I shouldn’t really be here in this very fetching basque and heels, talking to you, but I’ll tell you this.   If any of those bigots come up in front of me, they’re getting off.  The Pride march is nothing without a few lunatics to give it some colour.

Stratton McKinnechy,  a tourist from Portadown, happened to find himself in Limerick during Pride Week, distributing bibles.

What did he think of Limerick Pride?

Ach, ’tis fine, he said.

Mrs Queenie Transom (92) was equally untroubled.  Sure wasn’t all my brothers  gay?, she chuckled.  Only for me, we’d have no grandchilder at all, but I used to be mad for the mickey so that was all right.

In an unprecedented move, Limerick Gardai, who are all gay, announced a moratorium on prosecuting bigots.

The more bigoted protesters the better, said Chief Superintendent Dave Vehicle.  A Pride week is just not the same without lunatics holding placards.


5 thoughts on “Gay Pride Festival Reaches Out to Bigots

  1. Oh Please, This is the end the world… Same sex mariage isn’t allowed in many religion…

  2. Why are some people so afraid of same sex marriage?

    Who said that family has to be Mam, Dad and 2,4 children?

    Live and let live.

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