Who Wants a Terrorist for a Grandmother?

Maybe Islam is not so different after all.

When I was a kid, young and middle-aged women used to walk around veiled from head to toe.

We called them nuns.

Some very old women used to walk around veiled from head to toe.

We called them widows.

They had their reasons to wear the veil.

nuns voting


Men and women of my grandmother’s generation used to say With the help of God.

Men and women of my grandmother’s generation  used to say God is good.


By contrast, Muslim women are now walking around my town veiled from head to toe.

They have their reasons to wear the veil, but their reasons aren’t good enough, because their reasons are expressed in another language.


Muslim men and women in my town are saying in Arabic,  With the help of God.  In sha’Allah

Muslim men and women in my town are saying in Arabic,  God is good.  Allahu Akbar.

That’s bad, since they don’t say it in English, the only language God understands, even though my great-great grandmother would probably have said it in Irish: le cúnamh Dé.

Did God understand Irish, I wonder?


I’m glad my grandmother never said God is good in Arabic.  Who’d want a terrorist for a grandmother?




89 thoughts on “Who Wants a Terrorist for a Grandmother?

  1. Bock, I am sure your Granny, like my Granny, on occasion wore a headscarf, my

    Granny was more a little hat person, and on state occasions may have worn a

    mantilla, but they would never in their lifetime have worn a balaclava, and,

    they would never have had the barefaced cheek to turn up anywhere uninvited, if

    they were invited somwhere, it goes without saying, they would have had the

    good manners to dress appropriately and respect the generosity of their hosts.
    I know my Granny wasn’t a terrorist, but I am glad my Grandad was, as he helped

    us to gain the modicum of independence we attained in this country, before the

    so called “Elites” frittered it away, and, having gotten to know my Grandad

    well in the latter years of his life, I do know one thing, if as was his wont,

    he and his friends and colleagues of bygone days were taking their evening

    constitutional along the boardwalk outside the Claws, back then it was the

    Bedford Garage, and they met Ahmed and his heavily pregnant balaclava’d missus,

    heading up to Direct Provision, they would have wondered, they not being up to

    speed on multiculturalism and political correctness, what exactly it was they

    put their live’s on the line for.

  2. As you know, the great majority of Muslim women don’t wear a niqab and are not in the appalling direct provision system.

  3. “and they met Ahmed and his heavily pregnant balaclava’d missus,
    heading up to Direct Provision, they would have wondered, they not being up to
    speed on multiculturalism and political correctness, what exactly it was they
    put their live’s on the line for. ”

    You’re not too up to speed on multiculturalism yourself it would seem.
    You’d despair for the ignorance.

  4. Good man Grandad. He and his mates must have all been well over 100 when they met the Muslim woman on Direct Provision. While they were all out on their evening stroll.

  5. “the appalling direct provision system.”
    What is appalling about it?, 3 squares, a roof over your head, €19 a week and your chance to earn a few € stuffing unwanted domino’s pizza flyers through people’s letter boxes.

    “You’re not too up to speed on multiculturalism yourself it would seem.
    You’d despair for the ignorance.”

    Artemis, feel free to enlighten me

  6. Big Jim Dwyer, try reading it again, the time referred to in my comment was the late 1960’s believe it or not some of us are no spring chickens.

  7. The circumstances of the direct provision system are well documented. It won’t serve any purpose for me to repeat it all.

    However, I just want to clarify one point. Are you opposed to the presence of all Muslims in Ireland?

  8. Bock,
    Did I miss the point entirely – are you being satirical?
    is somebody a terrorist because they speak Arabic or have a different code of dress?

  9. Bock,

    Great topics covered recently but this one is a bit low of the mark for you. Bait really isn’t it?

    I’m with CHitch on this. None of it should be tolerated in any language.

    Multicturalism. Can be a double edged sword when it allows more and different religious poison in the door.

    Arabic sounds like a nice language to my ear though. Nice roundness to it.

  10. You’re right. People can be incredibly literal-minded. Sometimes you have to paint it bright colours and drape it in flashing lights before they get the point.

  11. “However, I just want to clarify one point. Are you opposed to the presence of all Muslims in Ireland?”

    I am not aware of any societal vacuum in modern Ireland that needs to be filled by Islam, are you?.

  12. your thread is irrelavent,i could have picked any.im just interested that you never even mentioned what mr dawkins said in any of your threads im sure if anyone or any organised religion had made such a statement you would have wrote a lengthy blog stating how wrong ,backward and intellectually inferior they are.do atheists not criticise fellow athieists.so tell me what is your opinion

  13. Honestly bock im not trying to hijack this thread .I am genuinely interested in hearing your opinion on this matter.i am not a troll.

  14. crystal clear.i think your afraid to answer my question and afraid to criticise your high priest Richard dawkins,you lot and the catholic church are quite similar after all.i have lost any respect I had for you.you are spineless

  15. James, I know it might be hard for you to comprehend, but you don’t set the agenda here.

    Your religious obsessions will just have to wait for another day. There will be no more discussion on your attempted hijack of the thread.

  16. James, do you have any idea how to stay on topic? You started here by saying you were not a troll, and yet all you have done is trolling. Has all your fundamentalist Christianity taught you no respect?

  17. No James. A troll is somebody who won’t stick to the point. That’s you.

    I’ve been very patient with you but I’m afraid from now on, you’ll have to go into the bold corner. Your comments will be moderated by grown-ups, since you’re not able to behave yourself.

  18. My point proven.ill save you the bother since i have lost all respect for you and you are well beaten this will be my last post.good day to you sir

  19. It will indeed be your last unmoderated post, since you have shown yourself unable to abide by the most basic rules of courtesy.

    James, you’ve tried to hijack a thread and when confronted on your behaviour, you’ve treated this site with contempt.

    Let’s be clear, James. You have no rights here. It’s a privately-funded site. You have absolutely no right to be published on this website.

    Please grunt once if you understand this.

  20. Apologies. I might not have been clear in what I said. I didn’t ask you what place Islam has in Ireland.

    I asked you if you were opposed to Muslims in Ireland.

  21. “I am not aware of any societal vacuum in modern Ireland that needs to be filled by Islam, are you?.”

    I’m trying to wrap my brain around the logic of that..
    Is there any circumstance where a vacuum would be present for Islam in Ireland?

    That’s completely irrelevant reasoning and is just racist hogwash.

  22. I’ve always wanted Bock’s opinion on Deepak Copra.
    Bock. What’s your opinion on Deepak Copra?

    How about Dr. Phil? What ya think of him?

    What you’re opinion on Pope Francis being an ex nightclub bouncer? The heathen. Go on.. Tell us..

    Booooock. Tell us. Come on.

    Sorry, James made me a bit giggly.

  23. Way to go Artemis, I was wondering when the racist tag would be trotted out, if you knew my attitude to the Holy Roman Catholic Church, Mormonism and Scientology you might think differently.
    Getting back to Mrs Balaclava, where do you see her fitting in, in Irish society, in the workplace, firefighter?, traffic warden?, maybe the customer service desk in Tesco?, these positions are currently held by Irish people and should any vacancies arise I am sure they will not be short of Irish applicants, so to satisfy your world view shall we create some position for her in keeping with her beliefs, or, as is most likely shall we subsidise her and her religious lifestyle forever.

  24. jbkenn — you have a lot of assumptions in that comment and yet you haven’t answered the simple question I asked you.

  25. What assumptions have I made Bock?, where do you see Mrs. Balaclava fitting in?, to answer your question I see no place in modern Ireland for Catholics, Mormons Scientologists, Sikh’s, Muslims, or any other brand of Sky Fairy chaser, can I make myself any clearer, perhaps you might take the time to explain to me why we need to import another brand of religion to an already oversupplied market.
    You have another post on the fact that the current Rose of Tralee is Gay, so what?, thankfully, we moved out of those dark ages long ago. being Gay is not a crime, on the other hand, being the Rose of Tralee….
    Hopefully no bright spark in Failte Ireland will come up with the bright idea of sending her to Iran to promote Ireland as a destination, hey, they know that already, but the happy clappy Muslim’s in Tehran have a penchant for hanging Gay people from the end of cranes, so, as I say perhaps you might explain what we need a gaggle of Muslims for.

  26. I don’t mean to be nitpicking, but do you mean Islam rather than Muslims?

    I’ll try to avoid the term balaclava since it’s both inaccurate and loaded with innuendo. Fortunately, only a very small proportion of Muslim women wear the niqab. Of those, do you have figures on how many are in receipt of public money?

  27. In western Europe 80% of Muslim males are unemployed and in receipt of social security.In Britain 53% of Muslim males are unemployed,half of them being disabled either mentally or physically.Having regard for our limitations here in Ireland,more Muslims would compound our national problems whether we want them or not.And yes,we do have more than our share of religious nutters.

  28. What a stupid post from another bleeding heart useful idiot like yourself. I suppose you are involved with the Doras Luimni morons.I don’t remember any Irish women wearing veils in public. Muslims want to live here but will never integrate with the Irish people.The niquab and hajib makes that perfectly clear. It amazes me that people who are so anti- Catholic/Christian can be so approving of Islam.Have tou any idea what is happening in Italy and Spain now?–more than100,000 migrants have landed in Italy so far this year,and million more are waiting to cross the Med..

  29. “I don’t mean to be nitpicking, but do you mean Islam rather than Muslims?”
    you got me there Bock, I have no idea what you mean.

    “I’ll try to avoid the term balaclava since it’s both inaccurate and loaded with innuendo.”
    True, you would see more of a persons face in a balaclava.

    “do you have figures on how many are in receipt of public money?”
    Of course I don’t Bock, and it isn’t for the want of trying to find out,
    FYI, in this country there are five states
    In education/Training
    but, as you may be aware it is practically impossible under our spancilled FOI Act for the taxpayer citizen to find out where the public service squanders our hard earned cash, if I can find a T.D. with a pair, I might get him/her to ask the question in the Dail, but as the man said, good luck with that one, do you have any figures for the number of balaclava wearing women employed in this country?, have you yourself ever seen one working anywhere?. can you think of any position that could only be filled by Mrs. Balaclava, and can you think of any reason she should get the job over some unemployed Irish born citizen?
    You still have not answered my simple question, what exactly do we need a gaggle of Muslims for anyway???

  30. jbkenn — the difference is that Islam is a religion, another delusion just like Catholicism, whereas Muslims are people, and they vary from the completely non-observant to die-hard believers. Much like Christians or Jews in other words.

    I can’t answer your question about balaclavas since I have never seen a woman wearing a balaclava.

    There’s no implication here that we need Muslims any more than we need people of other beliefs or none, so your question doesn’t address anything I’ve said. I don’t remember suggesting that we need anything in particular. This is more about why people are suspicious of one particular religion.

    When you get the figures regarding the money we’ll be able to discuss them, but for the moment it seems you’re working on supposition.

    Mike — when you learn to keep a civil tongue in your head, you might be taken seriously.

    Mad Dog — interesting. Do you have a link to how those figures work out in Ireland?


    A quick reminder. The post is about Irish attitudes to Muslims, not about asylum provision or social welfare.

  31. Hi Bock,I haven’t any up to date info for Ireland.Main reasons for Muslim unemployment are lack of education,generally lower i.q and disability.60% of all Muslims are illiterate,that is 800 million people worldwide.The problems of disability are largely to do with inbreeding.The prophet Mohamed recommended men to marry their cousins and 50 generations of this practice has seriously damaged most of their gene pool.

  32. The Irish were seen as having a generally lower IQ by uneducated and inherently suspicious racists in Britain for many years. This was largely as a result of a battery of ill suited IQ tests which the Irish were asked to complete in 50’s. The Irish who did complete them were quite often illiterate with an extremely poor level of formal education therefore the disparity in the results between the Irish and their British counter parts. Many even suggested that our gene pool had become severely disrupted due to inbreeding and alcohol abuse. The like s of Enoch Powell and similar hate mongers used these results for many years as sound evidence as to why the Irish were ill suited to any ‘societal vacuum’ modern Britian had to offer. He was wrong of course but it helped perpetrate many years of exclusion and hardship for many Irish in Britain.

  33. There’s an awful lot of hypocrites in this country.
    So many people are forced to leave our shores in droves, yet so many Irish are just intolerant of other people of other cultures living here.
    There’s a strong current of xenophobia in this country.
    It’s terribly backward.
    It seems to me, even the blatant racists know it’s backward, referring to how their grandfather’s would feel on seeing ‘Ahmed and his misses’.
    On with the times folks. Broaden the horizons.

    Dublin is a bit more of a melting pot, than say the likes of Limerick.
    We’re no New York or anything, but I’d like to think people of other nationalities, different skin colour, would be welcome here.

    I welcome them and their culture, their food, etc.

  34. Mike you are probably to young to remember women wearing a mantilla,and also not saying that you are old Bock.I remember quite young girls dropping it over their eyes.So yes it was a shawl/veil that was worn over the head and shoulders of females.I’m not sure but I think it’s a Spanish thing.

  35. Mike, it goes without saying that you know the great majority of Muslim women don’t wear the niqab.

    You do know that, don’t you, as an educated, well-informed man?

    Of course you do.

  36. “By contrast,Muslim women are walking around my town veiled from head to toe”.Where did I read that?

  37. @Mike You seem to be able to read the words of the article above but are struggling with meaning intended perhaps the writing device used and the tone of the piece are confusing you. Im being as candid as I possibly can here and don t in any way intend to be condescending but you really do need to do some critical research around the Islamic religion, what it means to be a Muslim and the huge variety of opinions and practices that occur around the world in relation to this. To give you a starting point understand that in Ireland some people identify themselves as catholics but never partake in the service and live a secular existence then there are others who also identify themselves as catholics and go to mass every day and duly follow catholic teaching in their lives often handing over responsibility around moral issues to the priests and catholic doctrine. However they are both considered catholics. All religions are similar to this model and there are as many different strands to the muslem world as there are to the colours of the rainbow. Don t take my word for it do your research be a critical thinker life isn t that simple and people aren t one dimensional stock characters. Your comments on these issues are akin to someone who knows nothing about cricket/hurling/american footbal, whatever game walking around calling any of the above a shit sport…they are not qualified to talk about it and therefore you d simply have to ignore them. Don t be that guy Mike …Id say You re as well off staying away from the thread until you ve become informed. Otherwise you ll come across as a bit slow.

  38. Tommy,when I want your opinion about my knowledge of Islam I’ll ask for it. If you can point out where what I posted is inaccurate,please do so. And learn how how to use an apostrophe. If you think that the likening of nuns to burka clad muslims is valid,and that muslims do not self segregate here,then you are not only condescending but clueless as well.

  39. Just read up on it Mike but use knowledgeable sources peer reviewed journals preferably, there s a wealth of credible objective information available online. Im sure you have knowledge on a lot of subjects [correct use of apostrophes for example] and have much to offer on same… but from your posts so far, multiculturalism isnt one of them.

    PS I didnt say anything about nuns.

  40. Tommy, please point out the inaccuracies in my post. Bock’s original post likens nuns to fully veiled muslim women.

  41. It doesn’t, Mike. That’s just how you choose to read it.

    Everybody knows that Irish nuns and old widows did not wear face-coverings. Stop being silly.

  42. Bock–“When I was a kid young and middle-aged women used to walk around veiled from head to toe. We called them nuns”. And “By contrast, Muslim women are now walking around my town veiled from head to toe”.Any Muslim woman veiled fom head to toe will be wearing a burka or niquab,but I’m sure you already know this.

  43. “Muslims want to live here but will never integrate with the Irish people.The niquab and hajib makes that perfectly clear.”

    FAO Mike.
    Can you clarify what the criteria for integration are and what exactly the niqab and hijab makes perfectly clear?

    Also, if you’re capable, can you identify the motivations and attitudes that enable the manifestation of ethnic cleansing and genocide?

  44. I don’t want to go down that road. As everyone knows, the majority of Muslim women don’t cover their faces. This is simply a crude attempt to lump all Muslims into one stereotype and we’re not going to play that game.

  45. Got it.
    I just fail to see why everyone has to assimilate to be acceptable. That’s the hidden meaning behind ‘integrate’ it seems to me. I’m trying to challenge that.

    Regardless of who wears what I’m acknowledging there are differences, but asking so what.
    Why are differences so intolerable for some?
    I just can’t wrap my head around it sometimes.

  46. People will come up with all sorts of spurious criteria to bolster their essentially xenophobic position, including the arbitrary criterion of integration.

    The nice elderly Asian lady (unveiled) who serves me with a smile in her Pakistani foodstore is fairly integrated as far as I can see. So was the courteous doctor who treated me for a minor discomfort some time back, as was the taxi driver who took me home recently.

    The Irish in Britain and the USA took an awful long time to integrate, largely thanks to the same bigotry we display towards certain foreign immigrants, although we seem to be happy enough with others.

    Folks will see what folks want to see, because they’re already pre-programmed to be suspicious of that which is not the same.

  47. And isn’t it a great thing to be able to get the different food you want from an ethnic foodstore?
    I like the staff and food in Universal Food in Dooradoyle myself.

    A Nigerian taxi driver once went to turn off the music he was listening to, when we got in his cab. I asked him to leave it on.
    Loved it!
    He even wanted to give me the CD..
    Kind Sunny Ade and His Africa Beats.
    It’s jazz, it’s reggae, it’s afrobeat.. it’s really good.

    Fela Kuti, Fema Kuti also good.

    Maybe our grandfathers would have appreciated it all.

    Personally, I tend to think xenophobes are a little dumb.
    They haven’t really thought through what it is they’re afraid of, or else it’s to bolster their own weak sense of identity, and they’re not self aware enough to realise that.
    They just show how limited they are, to me.

  48. I was reading this recently –

    ‘Irish fair skin can be traced to India and the Middle East’
    A major new US study at Penn State University has found that Europeans’ light skin stems from a gene mutation from a single person who lived 10,000 years ago.

    I’m sure the scientific study this article is based on could be found also.

    Terribly upsetting for the xenophobes I’m sure.

  49. Hi Artemis,I don’t doubt your experiences.My experiences are different.My daughter and her friend were attacked and robbed by a Nigerian taxi driver.But I don’t think that reflects on all Nigerians.Most Irish dislike Nigerians because they are generally rude ,belligerent ,demanding and bullying,not because they are black.
    In Britain,3% of the population are Pakistani Muslims but 30% of all congenitally mentally or physically disabled people are Pakistani.This is because of inbreeding.In Denmark ,64% of all Muslim children leaving school after 10 years are illiterate.Of all street-rape convictions in Sweden in the last 10 years,100% of convictions have been Muslim migrants/refugees.The rape wave by.Pakistani taxi-drivers is so bad that single women are seeking white or female driver
    I personally have nothing against Muslims or devotees of any cult,but something is horribly wrong in the Muslim world and I would prefer if they stayed in their own beknighted countries and tended to their donkeys and goats..

  50. You have nothing against Muslims but you’d prefer if they tended their donkeys and goats? Right. Not a bit prejudiced then.

    Let’s begin with your first assertion, that 30% of children with congenital disabilities in Britain are Pakistani. What study did you read that in? A link will be fine.

    It would also be helpful to have sources for your comments about Denmark and Sweden.

  51. I believe what we are witnessing there from Mad Dog is the insidious psychological process of scapegoating.
    There will be all sorts of justification for the scapegoating.

    Here’s an interesting article on it from the Dept of Sociology UL, looking at it from a societal level –


    Irish society continues to reel in the aftershock of the 2008 global financial crisis,particularly since the government socialised the massive liabilities of private banks.
    Sensitized to antagonistic social relations using group conflict theory, frame analysis and Marxian informed critique, this paper reflects on some of the corrosive social consequences of the crisis. In particular, we interrogate hegemonic discourses which scapegoat various targets, such as public sector workers and social welfare recipients.
    While scapegoating is understood anthropologically as the ‘transference of evil’ our
    sociological interest is in the transference of blame and privately accumulated debt
    as part of a class project that has served finance capital and its representatives so

  52. I think I know where he got them..

    He doesn’t really have a bull’s notion of what he’s talking about, so he plucked what he thought was convincing, out of the back end of the nether reaches of arse.
    He’s gone back up to there again to see if he find something – anything more convincing this time. He may be some time there.

  53. I think I know where he got them..

    He doesn’t really have a bull’s notion of what he’s talking about, so he plucked what he thought was convincing, out of the back end of the nether reaches of his arse.
    He’s gone back up to there again to see if he find something, anything more convincing this time. He may be some time there.

  54. Hi lads.A Danish academic called Jyllands has done in-depth study of the Muslim condition following his experiences as a psychiatrist employed in the Danish prison system.The problems of mental and physical disability shown in the Muslim population became so obvious and exaggerated yhat he felt duty-bound to carry out further study.The results are not pc,not popular and people are reluctant to face up to this.However,Jyllands work is verified and peer reviewed.
    With regard to Pakistani taxi drivers,The problem in Melbourne particularly,is publicly accepted as a Muslim rape-wave.
    Artemis,I haven’t made any reference to your arse.
    The reason I make reference to goats and donkeys is for a genuine reason.Since 1905.the Jewish community has earned 258 Nobel prizes,mostly for science and technology.The Jews unfortunately number about 15 million.The entire Muslim world of 15 Billion have only achieved 9 Nobel prizes,5 for peace ,4 for science/technology,2 of which were based in western universities.
    India,with a similar population,boasts 8500 universties.The entire Muslim world ,57 countries with 15 billion population,only have a total of 500 universities.The jewel in the crown of Islamic education is the main Uni in Cairo where 60% of students study the Koran which is very big on donkeys and goats.
    The infamous Ayotallah Khomeini in Iran pronounced that more people should drink camel’s piss as recommended by the prophet Mohammed.

  55. Mad Dog, You haven’t provided the link I asked you for. You made a very shocking statement about congenital disabilities in the UKand you’ll have to back it up. Produce the name of the study now please.

    I’m aware of a figure for illiteracy in Denmark of 68% for Arabic speakers. Is it just a coincidence that you quote the same figure for Muslims?

  56. news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/newsnight/4442010.stm
    I have posted a previous reply but it doesn’t seem to be working.I have many other crossreferences proving my claim,however unpopular this may be .

  57. It’s not a question of popularity. It’s a matter of determining what claims are correct and what claims are not.

    The Born in Bradford study determined that genetic defects among Pakistanis are nearly twice the British average, which is what one would expect with a closed group. Consanguinity is a problem among all closed groups and is not confined to Pakistanis. For example, Ashkenazi Jews also suffer from genetic defects due to cousin marriage. Would you exclude Ashkenazi Jews from Britain on the same grounds as Pakistanis, given that they have similar genetic problems?

    Secondly, you still haven’t addressed your assertion that 68% of Muslim children in Denmark are illiterate. Where did you read that?

  58. That’s a very poor response.

    It’s the sort of thing I’d expect a drunk in a bar to shout at me.

    You’re better than that.

  59. You are a gas man Bock.The reason I know so many Muslims are illiterate is because so many Muslims are illiterate

  60. Do you find that easier than responding to rational questions? I did my best to put clear queries to you and you are responding in a way that I can only regard as a deflection. People will draw their own conclusions about that, as I do myself.

    What is it about my questions that makes you so defensive?

    What would be wrong with responding in a considered way? As a long-term contributor, you must surely know that juvenile schoolyard jibes cut no ice here, so why not just respond in a reasonable way instead?

  61. That link doesn’t work. Did you type it by hand? If so, I recommend parking this for the night, since your fingers are clearly not obeying the signals.

    We’ll talk again tomorrow.


  62. Hi Bock,my apologies for last night.I am an old poitin distiller and the last batch has a kick like a mule,hence my incoherence and rudeness.
    Anyway,if you put “Muslim inbreeding” into your search engine a world of info comes up. Some of it is hate sites but you will find newspaper reports,tv and radio reports and academic papers.
    With regard to the report of 68% illiteracy among Arabic speakers in Denmark,I haven’t heard that but it broadly fits in with overall illiteracy rates in Arabic/Muslim society in general.
    By the way,I am aware consanguinity exists in other communities and I haven’t suggested any of these people should be banned from anywhere.However unpopular and non pc this info is,it does go a long way to explaining some of the apparent insanity going on in the Muslim world.Many ,but not all,suicide bombers have been found to have had various disabilities.

  63. Hi Mad dog just catching up on your last few contributions to this thread. Its clear that you have a very childish view of life but you should be keeping some of that stuff to yourself or those in your circle who won t challenge you. On a site like this you might actually be challenged and if you haven t an answer for these challenges you are as well off re thinking your philosophy or staying the fuck away. Religion is all about beliefs and philosophies that are swallowed whole and usually taught to children before they have the intellectual capability to discern for themselves and NEVER stand up to scientific or rational scrutiny. Racism and bigotry is also all about beliefs and philosophies that are swallowed whole and usually taught to children before they have the intellectual capability to discern for themselves and NEVER stand up to scientific or rational scrutiny. With all due respect Id doubt very much you grew up in a house who were accepting of those that were different. If Im wrong about that I apologise but I ve never met a narrow minded person who wasn t as a child guided by narrow minded guardians.To be honest Id prefer to live beside somebody who believes in whatever dogma they are presented by their religion than I would a bigot or racist.

  64. Hi Tommy,what is childish about facts?If you find out knowledge is it childish because you don’t like it?
    By the way I was brought up on a farm in rural Ireland,good,honest folk,However,many people hate farmers too,is that childish?
    I have found out most Muslims are illiterate.OK you don’t like this,does that mean we can’t talk about it?
    The rape wave in Rotherham,where 1400 girls were raped ,is proven to be a Muslim set-up.Should we not discuss this just because you are offended ?Would you prefer if we called them some other name to protect your sensibilities?
    70% approx of Muslims worldwide are inbred and you don’t want to hear this,why does this appear childish just because you are offended?

  65. Mad Dog, now that you’re sober, I’m going to insist that you answer my questions.

    I mean that. I’ve put up with quite a lot of drunken carry on from you that I wouldn’t normally accept.

    The only comment you put up from here on will be a thorough reply to my questions. If you don’t know what those questions are, read back through this thread. I won’t repeat them.

  66. Literacy and/or illiteracy rates among groups of people co relate with socio-and economic factors not intellectual or genetic. Countries such as the UAE which in a country no than 40 years old will have achieved 100% adult literacy in the next 10 years. A native population which is 78% sunni and 22% Shia muslim….. how have they escaped the nonsense you speak of ?

    Hint because they are rich they can put a social structure and an education system in place to teach their citizens so they won t be illiterate. And latest news is that all the little Muslim boys and girls seem to be picking it up really well. Gas isn t it, and they all inbred?

  67. Hi Bock,Danish psychologist Nicolais Sennels has studied and written extensively.Please look him up on nicolaisennels.dk
    I will come back to you with more detailed links on the UK situation.

    Tommy,I applaud the fact that UAE countries are improving their education system.Most people can certainly benefit from education regardless of their IQ,and even the slower ones can at least learn to read and write.This improvement,however laudable,doesn’t mean they are all ok,just that more education is better for everyone,and that is a good thing in itself.

  68. Mad Dog — Don’t give me homework. Give me references.

    What is the paper you refer to in relation to literacy in Denmark? Name it.

    What is the paper you refer to in relation to congenital disabilities? Name it.

    Can I be any more explicit?

    Your next published comment will contain the names of these two documents.

  69. Mad Dog I ve said what I need to say. The black and white extremist approach you are taking towards an ethnic group has been used as a precursor to legitimising the demonisation of specific groups since time memorial. This leads to social discrimination and exclusion at best genocide at worst. Racists such as Nicolais Sennels and their spurious findings have always been used by the extreme right to fool the gullible such as yourself who know absolutely nothing about reliability, and validity which are key aspects to any research study. I ll check in again to see whether you respond to the moderators repeated requests for links but other than that I wish you the best with your simplistic view of your fellow human being.

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