Down With Vertical Video

The curse of the upright phone video

Televisions are horizontal.

Computer screens are horizontal.

Why do people with phones make vertical videos?

Please.   I beg of you.  Turn the phone sideways.  It’s much better.  Trust me.

casablanca vertical video


7 thoughts on “Down With Vertical Video

  1. Sideways, with that sort of thing.

    I suppose people can see what they’re recording. If they’re happy enough with their rubbish…

  2. Well that’s a coincidence, I’m reading this on an ipad and the top says “Bock the Rob” the rest of the title is missing. Anybody know how to get a proper desktop view on this thing? I’m using Chrome…

  3. My eyes are horizontal at the moment,ie side by side. When they are vertical,ie one above the other I would like vertical videos.In the meantime all you “arty” types use your brains.

  4. Being an old fart of 72, I cling to to the quaint belief that phones are phones and cameras are cameras, which use film. My son bought me a so-called ‘smart phone’ that had all the cyber-personality characteristics of a union between Marvin and Eeyore, with a soupcon of Kryten, and I carried on using a basic Nokia. Don’t blame us arties.

    In the GP surgery one day I was using my basic phone to call a cab. A young woman of that type of religious, or at any rate cultural, persuasion that caused her to cover her head and body with a shapeless, brown sack (and I don’t mean the Sisters of Divine Retribution) asked me, loudly, to stop because “I don’t want my picture taken”. I said I wasn’t taking her picture. She then asked aggressively, “What ARE you doing then?” “Using the telephone, idiot,” said I. A heavy silence ensued. I now regret the eejitry, it kind of slipped out, but what with silly use of phones and stupid assumptions, ’tis enough to cause an old one like me to fall into the fire…

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