Isn’t It About Time The Monty Python Lads Just Stopped?

Old jokes and old tropes

All right.  I know.  It’s hilarious, that sketch from At Last, the 1948 Show.  The four Yorkshiremen are fucking hilarious, or at least, they were, 47 years ago but please, come on.  When I were a lad, my father used to come up from pit and kill folk who tried to tell Monty Python jokes.

What the fuck?  Arguments.   Silly walks.

It was funny.


It was funny, but what is it now?  Well, it’s gone far beyond undead since they achieved that status 30 years ago with the Secret Policeman’s Ball.   This must be the most successful formerly-groundbreaking comedy act in history.

I know what they did was great.  I know, but please, could they just knock it on the head now?

This comedy show is deceased.   This is an ex-act.

It’s sad to see what used to be a bunch of guys subverting the tired old norms becoming torch-bearers for tired old norms.

7 thoughts on “Isn’t It About Time The Monty Python Lads Just Stopped?

  1. You should never meet your heroes……………

    Also you you should never watch your heroes do a comeback tour just because they need the money.

    Disappointment is inevitable.

  2. Are they any different from Horslips, Kate Bush or the Rolling Stones in that they started years ago and people still want to pay to see them ? They sold their run of shows in London in about 40 seconds or something ridiculous so good luck to them. If they came to Ireland I would try to get a ticket but then I’ve bought tickets to see Van the Man in UCH despite Bock’s previous articles about him so what the fuck do I know.

  3. You’re comparing comedians to musicians.

    Songs don’t get tired. Jokes do.

    However, I do think some music acts should call it a day as well.

  4. B&W,
    Funny you should mention the Rolling Stones, they should have called it a day years ago, they have to be the worlds ugliest band, ever!
    As for Monty Python, It’s a pity that people with such comic talent couldn’t come up with something new, instead of a rehash of old and worn out material.

  5. My point was artists like the Stones etc can sell out concerts despite having not written anything new for a couple of decades. I was at a concert in the Big Top a few weeks ago where the newest song was about 35 years old and the place was packed ( Bock even wrote a piece about it) . On the point of comedy vs music, I laugh when I see old Tommy Cooper or Dave Allen stuff, despite having seen it many times, but maybe that’s just me. Average comedy ages but good stuff doesn’t ( in my humble opinion) As for being ugly, I think a 20 years old’s hair on a 70 year old’s head has a lot to answer for, the drugs wouldn’t have helped either.

    I have no idea how rich or poor the Python members are, I did read that John Cleese was broke but whether the rest of them are in a similar situation, I don’t know. What I do know is if I had the talent and there were enough people who wanted to pay to see me so I could make a lot of money for a week or so’s work, then happy fucking days.

  6. Im with Black and white on that. It s essentially a nostalgia show. People go to these things to re live a different time and in fairness its their choice as to how they want to receive their entertainment. If no one turned up for the shows then Id agree they should probably knock it on the head. I too will be going to UL for Van the Van if only because I checked his set list and he s doing both ‘In the garden’ and ‘queen of the slipstream’ at the moment. Im 10 rows from the front in the middle so to see him do those 2 songs alone from such close quarters has justified the ticket price already. The rest is a bonus.

  7. once heard Kieth Richards say when asked why The Stones still tour into their almost 70s’..something like..”a man has to get out of the gaf, and do a shift or two. out from under the old ladies feet”…and Lemmy on the same question..” I toured because that’s what I did, now I tour because it’s what I am”..both statements valid and simple..Nobody considers it odd for great or merely good actors, writers, playwrights etc., to carry and into old age…more power to them ll I say, hope I can knock out a days work when 70….as for Monty Pyton?…never found them remotely funny….if people want to go see them, well its only entertainment….

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