Joan Rivers Dies

Joan Rivers has died peacefully.


While Joan Rivers was ill, thousands of Palestinians died violently.


Neither Joan Rivers nor the Palestinians deserved to die.

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Awe, and she was only 81 too. I thought she was in her late 90s at least.
Now that she’s dead, her body is being recycled into plastic tupperware apparently.

I found her to be quite funny on occasion and on occasion dreadfully ill-informed and not so funny.

Bock can you please explain what this is supposed to mean.

Joan Rivers has been ill for a week. There were not thousands of Palestinian deaths in the last week, there have been 1,400 since the beginning of the year. At least 38 of these were executed in the street without trial by Hamas. Hamas has fired 3,000 rockets into Israel since the beginning of the year.

Meanwhile thousands people have died violently in Syria (28,000 in 2014) , Iraq (10,000) , Ukraine, Egypt, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan.

Also two American journalists were publicly beheaded in the past few weeks by terrorists.

Joan Rivers died of an illness. Most Palestinians in Gaza died as a result of bombs dropped by the Israeli air force and shells pounded at Gaza by Israeli artillery ground forces. There is no equivalence between the death of an American celeb and the victims of a war.

In what sense did Joan Rivers not ‘deserve to die’? We all die anyway and in different circumstances. Getting our deserts isn’t the issue.

no doubt Joan River got very close to the edge of good taste on many occasions, but she also showed great courag e in both her professional and her often tragic private life, all which made her the most original female comedian of her generation….as regards the Palestinian comparision?…I’m with Rainman on this one,I don’t get it either…whats the point,…what ”context” should we look into?…

Joan Rivers was in hospital in a coma for a week before she died— but she was ill for a lot longer before she collapsed. The process which ultimately killed her was well advanced when she uttered her unfortunate remarks about Palestinians deserving to die. The vast bulk of the Palestinians who have died were innocent victims. The remarks attributed to this woman were crass and insensitive and perhaps worse.
She is reputed to have suffered personal tragedies in her life– who doesn’t?– most people would draw the line and zip their mouths when thousand of civilians perish in a conflict but not Joan. It wasn’t in her DNA. Palestinian children blown to pieces in their school deserved better than the ill tempered dismissal of plastic chops Joan. She didn’t deserve to die but personally I won’t miss her brand of brash vulgarity.


Joan Rivers had her thee score and ten which is more than many of us get and by God’s mercy her exit was peaceful. I have seen many people die and some of those perfectly natural deaths were pretty grim and for me personally I would prefere to be burnt at the stake. Being beheaded or bombed isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you.
We all wil die someday without exception and irrespective of how, where or when we die the supreme detail is that we have made our peace with God, our maker. All else will pass.

After reading Gombeenman’s comments on the circumstances of the American celeb’s death I wish to state that I too was unaware of her asinine remarks about the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza. In fact I never heard of Joan Rivers until a couple of weeks ago. I realise now that Bock’s comment about her not deserving to die was meant to be ironical.

I think celeb culture is an emotional fetish of our time and I wish the deaths of celebs didn’t have to occupy so much front page space in the media when there is so much more important news to be reported and digested.

In that case I refer the question in my initial response above. In what sense does anybody not “deserve to die” when death – whether by accident, illness, homicide or old age – catches up with us all anyway?

If this philosophical question is off topic, perhaps you could transfer it to a new post sometime in the future.

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