Royal de Luxe in Limerick

Here’s a few pics from the weekend’s Royal de Luxe extravaganza in Limerick.


Royal de Luxe Limerick

Royal de Luxe Limerick 007


Royal de Luxe Limerick 002

Royal de Luxe Limerick 017



Royal de Luxe Limerick 021


Royal de Luxe Limerick 022


Royal de Luxe Limerick 025


Royal de Luxe Limerick 027




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11 replies on “Royal de Luxe in Limerick”

What an amazing weekend, glorious weather, hundreds of thousands of happy people and a vibe that I have never felt anywhere in the world before. This should be an annual event, We should be looking to have them back every year so if the Council get their act together this could be a possibility.

I thought the band were excellent with the granny.
Maybe the lazy hacks will do a nice write up about Limerick after the weekend? We’ll see.

What a fantastic last 3 days in Limerick, what a wonderful feeling of utter pride I felt today, as per the txt about, there was a fantastic buzz with everyone in the city.
I’ve never felt that buzz in the city, those last 3 days where better than any shitty St. paddys day.
They should come back every year,

But shame on RTE, fuck all coverage today (sunday) on either 6:00 or 9:00 news, on our final farewell to that Super Granny, but Fuckin typical, if it’s not within the M50 or in Galway, then fuck the rest.

Don’t hold your breath. Limerick hack Barry Duggan did an article in the Independent about the girlfriends of jailed criminals attending the Gay Pride parade.

Ah for fuck’s sake.
Because that’s what the parade is all about isn’t it?
How many people were there in total? How many were there who were ex-girlfriends of criminals? 2/3? You’d despair for the laziness of it.

Maybe it’s about time the likes of Mr.Duggan are challenged and informed about our town?
I’d write to him myself, but I’m not sure I would be too diplomatic about it.

There is quiet a bit of chatter about the “coverage” of this on social media, but what did we expect. The rebranding of the city cannot occur, on a National basis, without the support of the National Media, and they were the one’s who destroyed the “brand” in the first place… this was the big show case event and a lot of people outside of the city didn’t get the chance to witness what we all witnessed….it seems it is better to destroy the name of an Irish city than to even question the name of a particularly corrupt political party. (hope you can follow my train of thought, there is a chance I may be over reaching there)

The only place outside of Dublin that gets festival coverage is Galway (a piss poor racing meet and a jaded Arts festival) and Kerry (a piss poor beauty pageant/Dingle used to get it too when Charlie was about)…both Galway and Kerry are popular holiday destinations of the…you guessed it…South Dubs.

This was Limericks finest hour, the city, it’s people, the ambition of the City of Culture staff can take a bow.

That was a great weekend, well done to everyone involved. I followed Granny for 2 hours on Fri and about the same yesterday and enjoyed every minute of it. I’d say most cafe’s and restaurants and bars did well out of it. It was nice to see the motorbike cops who were encouraging kids to climb on their bikes and have pics takes.

Guys, I live in Sydney Australia and I read and heard about it the Royal de Luxe in Limerick through the INTERNET Fuck RTE.
RTE is like all other medical, educational, financial etc., structures of the Free State all the jobs for generations were filled by who you knew not what you knew and RTE is a classic example of the failure of nepotism (The term originated with the assignment of nephews to cardinal positions by Catholic popes and bishops. Nepotism is found in the fields of politics, entertainment, business and religion.) RTE failed as the National Broadcaster in so many areas and the reasons are glaringly obvious, the dark hand of the elite (Fianna Fail, The Catholic Church, Opus Dei and now its pup the Iona Institute) controlled content, we were the Iran of the 1920s to the 1990s and the tail is still wagging the dog. Brock as a leading thinker isn’t it time there was a national debate in Ireland on reform within RTE. RTE is full of the Jackie Healy Rae sons and daughter types who think culture died with the dance halls.

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