Germany 1 – Ireland 1

European Championships

It has to be a night for the pundits.

Lots of talk about de Jairminns, and to a man, Gilesy, Dunphy and Chippy deliver their laconic, weary, been-there-seen-that verdict on Jairminny but who could blame them?  After all, they had to endure 90 minutes of George Hamilton’s my word and goodness me, not mention his mangling of Gelsenkirchen, while the rest of us could walk away and pound our faces against a pebble-dashed wall when we needed relief from his inanities.  Half time, said George at the break, with the score 0-0, and the job is half done.


Little did George know that the job was far from half done, but in the second half Kroos left him in no doubt, with a savage drive to the bottom left when defender Quinn stood too far off.

Gutted, innit?

Who could have known that the man to rescue Ireland from disaster would be John O’Shea, only this week at the centre of much mirth when Roy Keane credited him with bringing Ronaldo to Manchester United by playing like a clown?  He’s not noted for scoring goals, but in true Man U style, O’Shea dragged the game out of the shit in the final minute of added time by slicing a killer ball into the net to destroy de Jairminns’ hopes of a home triumph.

They must be feeling sick as a parrot after a 2-0 defeat to Poland followed by the theft of two points by the Paddies at home.

As Kevin Keegan once memorably remarked, You can’t do better than go away from home and get a draw.

Well, actually you can, as Gilesy glumly pointed out.  If you can score one goal, you can score two and win the fucking thing.  It’s only if you’re beaten 7-0 like poor old Gibraltar, that you’re completely fucked, but at least Martin O’Neill has brought that sort of ambition back into Irish international football.  The last time an Irish player or official thought we could actually win something was when Roy Keane lost his head at Saipan, and look how he was treated for being so uppity.

It’s all good.  We have to applaud them.  We have to celebrate their guts and determination, especially when we remember that this is a mixed bunch, from the mid-range of the English league, playing against the country that won the World Cup not too long ago, even if Jairminny was missing many of its top players.

I can’t speak as somebody who knows much about soccer, except as an occasional follower, so I’m hardly in a position to offer a view on the technicalities of the game, but O’Neill and Keane certainly seem to have resurrected a team spirit from the shambles left behind by Trapattoni.

The proof is in the pudding, Trevor.  As Steve Lomas once memorably remarked, Germany are a very difficult team to play – they had eleven internationals out there today.


3 thoughts on “Germany 1 – Ireland 1

  1. Brill! Bock, you may not be fluent in the soccer technicalities, but you’re fluent in pure wit – we should retire Dunphs and get you in there!!

  2. As yer man down in Willum street might say: “what’s yer pint bud?”

    I think the Germans had five of the world cup team on? They weren’t great though. They were mannschafted!

    Dunphy, at half time said O’Neil was Trappatoni with a Derry accent.

    Might have been a bit harsh, but seemed to suggest Ireland got the tactics all wrong for the first hour or so. Giles and Brady thought the same.

    Kenny Cunningham, on later in the night thought everything was spot on. The man is unreal. He is worth listening to just for the clangers he comes out with.

    “When it gets to the 80th minute, they’ll be on their feet”.

    “Important for Ireland to get into their half, and keep possession, of the football” (possession of what else??)

    D’Albanian lad allegedly flying a drone onto the pitch in the Serbian game and the brawl that followed was much more entertaining.

    Imagine that happened back in Windsor when Ireland qualified for the world cup.

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