Nov 012014

I post the same thing every year at this time.

Tonight is All Souls Eve, when traditionally we used to honour the memory of those who are gone by placing a candle in the window.

Candles are the most evocative things in the world, the closest thing to life in the sphere of the inanimate.

When I was a child, the old people lit  a candle on the eve of All Souls, in remembrance of those who had gone before, and it would be nice to revive that tradition.   It doesn’t have to be religious.  The tradition is ancient, long pre-dating Christianity, and it’s something we need to bring back, because we are a people who have forgotten their dead.

If we are to heal our society, we must recover our lost traditions, and regain a respect for things that are not simply material.

That’s why, tonight, as always, I’m putting a candle in the window.

It isn’t just for the dead.  It’s also for me, for those who pass my door, and for those I hold dear, because the continuity of life is all we have, and in this small way we can keep our departed friends uppermost in our hearts.

If we can do this for one night, maybe we can begin to make it part of what we are, as it once was, before we lost our way.


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